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Did dinosaurs and humans coexist as creationists say they did?

Sat, 2nd Oct 2010

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Justin MacGregor asked:

Did dinosaurs and humans coexist as creationists say they did?


That old can of worms.  I believe, no.  This question always reminds of that film 1 Million Years BC, the one with Rachel Welch, but dinosaurs are known to have become extinct about 65 million years ago.  Humans turned up well, all sorts of varying dates, but sort of very early humans, maybe 2 million years ago then more modern humans maybe 200,000 years ago, so no.  Not much of an overlap at all.  In fact, none.


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Justin MacGregor asked the Naked Scientists: Did dinosaurs and humans coexist as creationists say they did? What do you think? Justin MacGregor, Fri, 1st Oct 2010

I don't think any paleontologists have found evidence for the coexistence of some of the more spectacular dinosaurs and humans. However, the dinosaurs didn't all become extinct. Some of them evolved into birds, so, in a sense, you could say that they are still here. Geezer, Sat, 2nd Oct 2010

Im no apologist for the creationists, but Im not sure they necessarily claim humans and dinosaurs coexisted, but that they were both were created, (clue in the title) , by an "intelligent designer",  aka God, rather than came about by evolution.

If there was a God he could have created the dinosaurs, wiped them all out, then created humans.

RD, Sat, 2nd Oct 2010

"Creationist" is a good label for these people, since they create all manner of utter nonsense. Don_1, Sat, 2nd Oct 2010

The creation museum in Kentucky does have an exhibit with dinosaurs coexisting along with humans.  I think the strain of creationists that are literalists think that the Earth and all creatures were created in 6 days, so that includes the dinosaurs. 

All of this basically throws the fossil record out the window.  Fossils are "a test from god" according to some evangelicals. The idea of a god that is trying to trick you and asks you to put reason aside is kind of disturbing to me personally!  Jessica H, Sat, 9th Oct 2010

jpetruccelli, Sat, 9th Oct 2010

Urrm, which creationists? The "young earth" people, who believe in the literal truth of a 6 day creation certainly do believe in the co-existence of people with dinosaurs (I think the dinos are supposed to have died out in Noah's flood). And there are an awful lot of them, according to wikipedia ( ) depending on the survey it's been estimated at between 10 and 45 % of American adults. They also tend to be profoundly anti-science. I find it kinda worrying. rosy, Sat, 9th Oct 2010

What has facinated me is that every culture around the world has a dragon in its history. Including the Australian Aborigine and the rainbow serpent. echochartruse, Sun, 10th Oct 2010

In Australia the "myth" may have basis in fact ... RD, Sun, 10th Oct 2010

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