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Can 2nd Life Avatars be controlled by thought?

Sun, 21st Nov 2010

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Archivist Llewellyn, Second Life asked:

Can 2nd Life Avatars be controlled by thought?


We put this to Dr Smitha Mundasad:

Smitha -   Yes.  From the Neuroscience Conference I went to just this week, I think there’s been a lot of success actually working with brain-machine interfaces;  that’s translating brainwave activity into a digital form so you can then actually control a machine using your brainwave activity.  So it wouldn’t surprise me if people have been working on that kind of issue.


Researchers in Japan actually demonstrated a device back in 2008 where a user could control a 2nd life avatar by thinking about performing particular movements.  That work was led by Assistant Professor Junichi Ushiba of the Faculty of Science and Technology of Keio University.


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