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Where's the best place to put a heater to warm up your house?

Sun, 19th Dec 2010

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Ellie Liversidge asked:

Where's the best place to put a heater to warm up your house?


Chris - Well it depends what you actually want to do because itís not just as simple as saying, ďWell we just want to heat the house.Ē  Because yes, heat rises by convection and convection currents will carry the warm air upstairs in your house.  So if you want to warm upstairs, itís actually better to just take the fire upstairs and warm your bedroom if you're going in there.  If you want to be downstairs and have the downstairs part of the house warm, put the fire downstairs and close the doors off, so that you're just heating the room that you're in.  Thatís probably the most effective way to do it. 

If you want to heat the whole house, then open the doors, put the fire downstairs, and what will happen is that the warm air will flow up through the corridors and things to the upstairs, displacing down the cold air which will fall because itís more dense down to the ground to get heated up and it will all circulate around the house, and given enough time and a more powerful fire, you could heat the whole house, assuming that the fire can put enough energy in to outcompete the cold which is basically coming in through drafts, and the heat that you're losing through the roof and so on because your house is radiating energy.


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