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How often do you find something unusual in a dissection?

Sun, 9th Jan 2011

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Roger Rowe asked:

How often do trainee doctors examining a body finds something unusual?


Chris -  Well I can tell you Roger, that there are differences from one person to the next and sometimes when you do these dissections, you do find these slight differences from one body to the next in terms of the anatomy that some people have additional accessory blood vessels, some people have a different structure in certain places, some people have complete reversal of their internal organ so-called situs inversus or dextrocardia, that kind of thing.  So they do crop up, although rarely.  Also, someone has got a very significant disease and sometimes that can be a reason that the body can't be used for dissection purposes because the disease means that the person can't learn the normal anatomy or architecture of organs because their disease is meant that they're not normal anymore.


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