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How do we get samples from the deep sea?

Sun, 27th Mar 2011

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@jimi_kate asked:

How is it going: to get living samples from the ocean bottom and to keep it up in natural conditions (t, light and P)?


We put this question to Paul Tyler, Southampton University...

Paul -   The traditional methods have been to collect with trawls and things called box corers, but if you're working on something like hydrothermal vents, we go down in a submersible which dives for anything between 8 to 20 hours on the seabed.  More recently over the last 10 years, there's been a massive development of what we called remote operated vehicles and these are vehicles, some the size of a large car, with a battery of cameras, connected to the mother ship via a fibre optic cable, so you get images in real time from the seabed, and you can collect samples with the manipulator arms and then everything’s brought back to the surface.


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@jimi_kate asked the Naked Scientists:

How are living samples retrieved from the ocean bottom kept in natural conditions (t, light and P)?

What do you think? @jimi_kate, Tue, 29th Mar 2011

You leave them there, other wise the conditions are not natural.

I assume in some kind of containment boxy thing with no light or limited light, and alot of pressure, and one of those little diver men you always see(you know with the treasure chest).

Wiybit, Tue, 29th Mar 2011

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