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How do web companies keep up with data storage demands?

Mon, 9th May 2011

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Alan Freeman, via Facebook asked:

How do companies like Google & Facebook keep up with all the data storage space their users need. Is it just a matter of permanently adding servers all the time.


Chris -   Weíre all nodding our heads here. Yup, thatís basically it!

Dave -   The difficult bit is connecting them all together in such a way that if one of them dies it all carries on as if nothing happened.

Chris -   And I think itís worth re-iterating the words of Professor Andy Hopper from Cambridge University Computer Sciences who was in this studio a little while back.  His stat was that the internet produces almost as much CO2 as the airline industry around the world.  Thatís just data centres running to supply us with all the data that we are demanding.


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