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Are farmed fish any less tasty or nutritious than wild caught?

Sat, 14th May 2011

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Titus Theseira, via Facebook asked:

Are farmed fish any less tasty or nutritious than wild caught?


Kenny -   Well, if we talk about salmon, I think taste is probably too subjective a thing for me to talk about.  Nutrition, I think probably in terms of crude nutrients, there's probably not much difference.  Maybe farmed ones are a bit fattier perhaps, but then maybe the fat is good for you.  I think the interesting thing for human health though is the whole story about contaminants.  We heard earlier about the contaminated sediments.  Unfortunately, the marine environment is contaminated with all of these plus things like mercury, and they just walk the way up the food chain.  So, these have got in to all the fishery products that we eat and also, they get into things like fish oil.  The good thing about fish farming is that you can clean them out.  You can actually take the oil and strip out these chemicals so you could argue that a farm fish has a potential to have much lower contaminant burden than a wild fish.


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