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Will my cat allergy get worse with time?

Sat, 21st May 2011

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@AfricanABC asked:

I'm allergic to my cat. I take antihistamines. Is it likely the allergy will get worse/more severe with time?


Pam -   No, I don't think that would make it worse.  So it would be fine to carry on with antihistamines, but cat allergy can get worse if you constantly expose yourself to cat, providing your allergy is on the severe side.  So, it can get worse and worse, so its best to minimise exposure.  But the opposite of that is that people with very mild cat allergy can actually be okay, providing they have constant but low exposure to their own cat.



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Personally I would be concerned about the need to chronically take antihistamines because of exposure to your cat.

There is a portion of people with cats as pets and cat allergies that develop asthma which would be a potential serious chronic effect of your situation.

There are hairless cats that are less allergenic than ordinary cats.  They look a little funky, but are also somewhat unique.  If you like cats, you might consider giving yours to a friend, and getting one of the hairless varieties. CliffordK, Tue, 24th May 2011

bathe the cat once a week...........& good luck CZARCAR, Wed, 25th May 2011

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