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How do we develop a hydrogen distribution network?

Sat, 8th Oct 2011

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Jason Wallace, via facebook asked:

A hydrogen car? Hell, yes! What's stopping me? The fact that there is one filling station - in Swindon - and the fact you cannot find any for sale...


Mark -   Well absolutely.  Itís a chicken and egg dilemma and itís well recognised.  The way that itís being addressed is that you're starting off with nuclei, foci of hydrogen production and from there businesses will get their fleets running off hydrogen.  And those will grow from nuclei and eventually be connected.  And there are hydrogen highways Ė the famous one is in California and there are some coming up in Germany now.  I've forgotten the numbers but Germany already has quite a lot of hydrogen filling stations and if you look at what they've got planned for the next 10 years, they're really serious about moving on to a hydrogen transport system.


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