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Could we use gene therapy to enhance cognition?

Sun, 30th Oct 2011

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Ryan Chown, Facebook asked:

Is it possible to use gene and/or stem cell therapies to enhance the thinking capacities of the brain?


Simon -   I think that would be a very exciting idea and I think there's been a film about it recently, Planet of the Apes.  But really, even in the simplest of genetic diseases, what weíre learning is that we don't understand everything about the pathology and how the genetic mutation makes the disease.  And so, as I mentioned about glucocerebrosidase deficiency [Gaucherís disease] we find actually that itís a very complex disease even though itís just one gene missing.  And so therefore, there are many, many different genes that are contributing to different aspects of thought and I don't think weíd even know where to start in terms of enhancement of thinking.


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