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Is it possible to alter genes on an orgamism-wide scale?

Sat, 29th Oct 2011

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Martin Moxon, Facebook asked:

Is it possible to alter genes on an orgamism-wide scale?


Maria -   Potentially, if you were to go about some work that Simonís been doing in terms of going in prenatally.  So we know for example that if you go prenatally with certain animal models and you inject a virus in systemic circulation, it will go everywhere so we can get transduction, positive expression of a particular gene in liver and the brain, and the lung Ė every single organ.  But again, you have side effects associated with that depending on the gene and where itís expressed.  You donít want to be expressing a gene in a location where it wasnít supposed to be expressed in the first place.  But the technology is available to do something like that based on animal data.


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