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What's the healthiest way to extinguish a Christmas candle?

Sun, 18th Dec 2011

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Hella Riede, Facebook asked:

What's the healthiest way to extinguish a Christmas candle?


Dominic -  I guess that if you cover it then it becomes smothered in carbon dioxide and that means itís going to go out very quickly.

Chris -   What about the pinch technique?  I suppose that's slightly unhealthy if you burn yourself in the process.

Dominic -   You want to be quite careful doing that, yes.

Dave -   But probably quite healthy in terms of what's been given out by the candle.  The bad thing for you is if you have partially burned things, you get carbon monoxides and nasty hydrocarbons and things.  And so, if you can get it going from burning cleanly to being out as soon as possible, that's probably the most healthy.  But, unless youíre doing it every day, all the time, I don't think itís going to kill you.


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