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Will having my mobile phone in my trouser pocket affect my sperm count?

Sun, 26th Feb 2012

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Paul Herrington, Facebook asked:

Will having my mobile phone in my trouser pocket affect my sperm count?Ē


Chris -   [Researchers have done] studies on laptops.  They did a study looking at menís sperm counts and trouser temperatures and found that if you put your laptop on your lap, as nature intended you to use it, or at least the manufacturers intended you to use it, the elevation in temperature in the trouser area is of the order of several degrees.  This was sufficient to cause a decrement in sperm count because sperm gets made most optimally at a lower temperature, maybe 1 degree lower than other areas.

So, mobile phones do cause a heating effect because of the microwaves donít they?

Dave -   But probably much less than a laptop.  Probably least a 10th as much, so Iíd thought you'd have difficulty heating that particular region from your side pocket unless you have a very strange pocket.

Chris -   And also, the intensity must be lower.  The actual heating intensity of the microwaves coming out probably wouldnít be enough to put the temperature up.

Dave -   The microwaves, even when itís running and you're actually talking on the phone, are only a couple of watts whereas a laptop, just the heat which is coming straight out could be up to 100 watts which is far, far larger.


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