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Will solar activity eventually dissipate the Earth's atmosphere?

Tue, 3rd Apr 2012

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Geoff, Great Massingham asked:

With the recent solar activity pummelling the Earths atmosphere, will this dissipate our atmosphere?


Eventually, yes it will in about a billion or a couple of billion yearís time.  The Sun is very slowly warming up and expanding.  Itís mostly in a steady state balanced between pressure pushing the Sun outwards and gravity pulling the Sun inwards.  But over time, the pressure is winning ever so slightly and causing the Sun to expand and get brighter. 

In terms of the oceans boiling, that's about a billion years away.  In terms of the Earth losing its atmosphere, thatís a couple of billion years away and itís 5 billion years until the Earth will actually fall into the Sun and we will be burned to a cinder.


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