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How environmentally friendly is this new type of steel?

Tue, 10th Jul 2012

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Raheem Campbell, via Facebook asked:

How environmentally friendly is this new type of steel?


Alan -   The immediate reaction from all our commercial people was, “Oh my goodness!  That’s never going to work.  We can't heat things up in a pizza oven – or in a furnace for 2 weeks!”  We do do some extended heat treatments, but most of our heat treatments would be less than a day.  But Harry’s point of, you do all this at pizza oven temperatures is an interesting one.  Normally, heat treatment is much higher temperatures than that and both the cost of a pizza oven is relatively low, and the heat loss at that temperature is relatively low, so although you're holding things for a long period of time, the energy loss could actually be a lot less.  

Ben -   So obviously, it needs quite a long period in order for that structure to evolve, but because it’s so much lower temperature, it’s altogether a more efficient process.

Alan -   It could be, yes.


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