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Can robotic sailing developments be applied to submarines?

Tue, 18th Sep 2012

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Ben asked:

Can robotic sailing developments be applied to submarines or is attenuation of radiowaves in water a big problem?


Colin -   Attenuation of radio and water is certainly a problem, but a lot of the control theory that goes into making a surface boat work can also apply in the submarine, and certainly, the issues of getting things waterproof is even harder in the submarine because you’ve got added water pressure.  And actually, a few of the groups who are here are also into submarine stuff.

Chris -   What do you guys think?  Paul?

Paul -   Absolutely.  I think that field in many ways is more advanced than the robotic sailing because you’ve got that somewhat simpler case of, you're under power and so, you don’t have to worry about what the wind is going to do to you.


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