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Do psychedelic drugs generate synesthetic experiences?

Sat, 6th Oct 2012

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Kevin Hoover asked:

How do psychedelic drugs generate synesthetic experiences such as seeing the colours of music?


Duncan -   Well, we donít know exactly how that occurs, but we do know that it does occur.  It also can occur through brain accident or injury as well.  I think itís An assortment of drugsan unknown question.  I mean, what we donít know is if itís the same mechanism or whether itís a completely different mechanism.  What we do know is it can occur through taking LSD or Ďacidí that people do indeed experience something very similar to synaesthesia.

Chris -   So there you go, if you want to know what itís like, you have to take some LSD, but donít do that, not a good idea. 


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