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Fizzy Drinks Make Youngsters Behave Badly !

Sun, 3rd Mar 2002

Part of the show How the nose works, what is a smell, and how is smell important for sexual attraction

(Daily Telegraph 28th Feb)
Most people know that fizzy drinks can ruin your teeth - but did you know that they can also ruin your concentration? The Charles Burrell school in Thetford has put this to the test. They carried out an experiment where 120 pupils were only allowed to drink water and eat healthy food - so no fizzy drinks, crisps and chocolate. The experiment was only a day long so you don't have to feel too sorry for them! At the end of the day there was a definite improvement in the childrens' behaviour. Two weeks ago the school replaced all the fizzy drinks in its vending machines with still water and installed drinking water fountains in the toilets. Teachers say that the atmosphere is much calmer already!


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