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Lucky Lobster

Sun, 11th Nov 2001

Part of the show How Drugs Affect the Body

A Cornish lobster had a lucky escape on Wednesday when the head chef of a Mayfair restaurant declared it was "too beautiful to cook". At 3 feet 1 inch long, the lobster, nicknamed "Barney", is one of the biggest catches ever landed in European waters. Experts say he is around sixty years old. William Cooper of the Caspia restaurant told reporters he couldn't bring himself to cook the majestic creature, which had been around a lot longer than he had. Barney was packed off to the London aquarium where head diver Jamie Oliver (no relation to the chef) escorted him back to the sea at Wembury, near Plymouth. Experts say Barney might live another ten years or more- if he avoids lobster pots.


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