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World's Most Flawless Diamond a Cut Above the Rest

Sun, 10th Sep 2000

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The cutting of one of the World’s most flawless diamonds has been completed by a London jeweller. Laurence Gaff of Bond Street have spent 1 year cutting the 90.97 carat diamond, reputed to have been purchased for 12 million pounds by an anonymous Arabian buyer. A spokesman for the jeweller said ‘it was a long risky an ardous process which could have ended in ruin with every cut’. The stone comes from a 338.4 carat diamond unearthed in the Premier Mine in South Africa last year. Whilst larger diamonds have been found in the past, none have been flawless like this one. The largest of all known diamonds is the Cullinan, given to Edward VII by the Transvaal government in 1905, for his birthday !


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