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Sun, 27th Feb 2005

Part of the show Dinosaurs, Ancient Diets and Fossilised Crocs

An Egyptian girl underwent a 13 hour operation earlier this week to remove a spare head. Ten month old Manar Maged was suffering from a birth defect called craniopagus parasiticus. The condition results from the same embryo-splitting process that gives rise to 'Siamese' or conjoined twins in which the two developing babies fail to separate from one another. The head removed from Manar had failed to develop a body, and whilst it could blink and smile it was not capable of independent life. Members of the 13-strong team of doctors who carried out the operation in Benha, north of Cairo, have confirmed that the operation was a success, and there were no signs of paralysis following the procedure, but they expect the girl to remain in intensive care for at least a week.


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