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Fish Communicate By Farting

Sun, 18th Jan 2004

Part of the show Autism & The Difference Between Men and Womens' Brains

Dr. Doolittle may have been able to talk with the animals, but could he fart with them too ? That's what he may have had to do if he wanted to chat with a herring. Researchers at Canada's Bamfield Marine Science Centre have discovered that herring make noises by expelling air out of their anal duct from their gut or swimbladder. They've called it Fast Repetitive Tick (FaRT for short) and conclude that it may have a social function since herring seem to do it more when they are hanging out in big groups. But herring aren't the only animals with meaningful farts. 2 species of snake in North America use flatulence to ward off potential predators !


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