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  • The Turing Test

    Thu, 12th Jun 2014

    This week a computer reportedly passed the ‘Turing test’. But what does this actually mea...

  • World's Largest Dinosaur

    Thu, 22nd May 2014

    This week, a farm worker in Argentina stumbled upon a bone belonging to the largest dinos...

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    Forensic archaeology

    Thu, 15th Aug 2013

    New research suggests that the soil around ancient human remains has much to tell us abou...

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    Earliest grave flowers found

    Thu, 4th Jul 2013

    The first example of humans using flowers to mourn has been uncovered by Israeli archaeol...

  • 7000 year old cheese

    Tue, 18th Dec 2012

    Cheese-making got started at least 7000 years ago, a new study from Poland has shown...

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    The First Lumberjacks

    Sat, 11th Aug 2012

    Scientists at Tel Aviv University have discovered and analysed some remarkable stone age ...

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Other News


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