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Sat, 22nd Nov 2008

What is National Pathology Week?

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In this National Pathology Week Podcast, we find out what the week was all about and discover the varied and vital role of pathologists.  We speak to Professor Adrian Newland, Ruth Semple and Dr Suzy Lishman about the events taking place throughout the week, and the driving forces behind it.  Plus, we celebrate the success of CamPath, a drug developed by pathologists which is the first drug shown to reverse the effects of MS.

You can find out more about National Pathology week here: www.nationalpathologyweek.org, and visit the Royal Society of Pathologists here: www.RCPath.org

Theme music - There Is Science In This Child - Tim Donderevo/Intercontinental Music Lab - superheroesofscience.blogspot.com

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