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Mon, 24th Nov 2008

National Pathology Week - Self-testing

OraQuick HIV test (c) Marcello Casal JR/ABr

Self medical testing is a controvercial topic - some believe we should be free to monitor our own health, while others are concerned about the risks of inaccurate results and the strain that this can put on the NHS.  The Royal College of Pathologists assembled a panel of experts from medicine and industry to ask the question - is self-testing safe?  In this podcast, we examine the issues so you can make an informed decision.

You can find out more about National Pathology Week here:  www.nationalpathologyweek.org, and learn about the Royal College of Pathologists here: www.RCPath.org.

Theme music - There Is Science In This Child - Tim Donderevo/Intercontinental Music Lab - superheroesofscience.blogspot.com

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