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Tue, 9th Jun 2009

World Hepatitis Day at Birmingham University

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This special podcast celebrates the World Hepatitis Day events held at Birmingham University.  We find out why World Hepatitis Day is so important, hear about the latest clinical and scientific developments, and find out how it feels to live with the disease.

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  • 15:54 - The Science of Hepatitis

    Professor Jane McKeating takes us through the science of hepatitis, from it's discovery in the 1980s through to her groundbreaking work in Birmingham...

  • 25:16 - Living With Hepatitis - A Patent's Perspective Part 1

    The scientific developments by Professor McKeating’s team don’t just help us with treating the diseases; the more we understand the virus, the less fear we hold. This is especially true for those who are suffering from the disease...

  • 29:47 - Living With Hepatitis - A Patent's Perspective Part 2

    At the end of World Hepatitis Day, Jules - a hepatitis C patient for over 20 years - regarded the researchers as the unsung heroes of hepatitis treatment. I found out what had attracted him to the event in the first place...



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