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Thu, 23rd Sep 2010

Malaria - The Gorilla's Gift

Western Gorilla (c) Ryan E. Poplin

Where did malaria come from? Analysing over three thousand samples of faeces from gorillas, bonobos and chimpanzees, scientists have found an answer to the origins of a disease that plagues millions of lives each year.  But this answer stirs up new questions - why did it jump from the gorilla into us?  And will it continue to do so? Smitha Mundasad talks to Professor Paul Sharp to find out more...

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  • The Gorilla's Gift - Malaria

    Malaria is responsible for over 1 million deaths a year, and the parasite that causes the majority of cases –Plasmodium falciparum– is thought to have been transferred to humans when we diverged from our closest ancestor, the chimpanzee. New research suggests however that chimps...



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