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Tue, 10th Sep 2013

British Science Festival 2013: Self-Healing Concrete

The Humber bridge (c) Ranveig @ wikimedia

Inspired by biological systems that can self-repair, Diane Gardner is working on polymer 'ligaments', micro capsules of regenerative fluid and even embedded bacteria that can help concrete to repair itself when it cracks. The technology has the potential to dramatically increase the lifespan of concrete instillations, reducing their carbon footprint and maintenance costs, as she explains to Matthew Burnett...

http://nakeddiscovery.com/scripts/mp3s/audio/Diane_Gardner_self_healing_concrete.mp3Listen Now    Download as mp3



  • http://nakeddiscovery.com/scripts/mp3s/audio/Diane_Gardner_self_healing_concrete.mp3Listen Now
  • Download as mp3

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I've just demolished part of an old farm building. The last thing I want is for the damn thing to reconstruct itself!

Meanwhile I have a (blockbuster?) screenplay for sale: "Terminator Shed - the Pigsty Returns" alancalverd, Fri, 13th Sep 2013

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