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Wed, 25th Jun 2014

UK government bans 'Qat'

Qat cropped (c) A. Davey

As of midnight on Tuesday, the herb “qat” became a Class C drug. Users chew the leaves of this east African flowering plant to achieve a buzz which, some say, is similar to caffeine. The ban is surprising because the UK’s Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs have argued that there isn’t sufficient evidence that qat causes health problems to justify a ban.

David Nutt is professor of neuropharmocology at Imperial College London and spoke to Chris Smith about the stimulant.

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Utterly bizarre. The purpose of criminal law should be to protect people from third-party harm, not from their own stupidity. There is no law to prevent you from banging your head against the wall or even killing yourself (unless you are disabled, in which case you can't ask anyone to help you). Who really cares what you stuff up your nose or in your veins?

Police time and public money spent on preventing people taking drugs just increases the profitability of the industry. Which government minister has his nose in  the Qat trough?  alancalverd, Fri, 27th Jun 2014

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