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Mon, 28th Jul 2014

Do you own a jealous dog?

Dogs - Social animals (c) Adam.J.W.C.

Dog owners might think their pooches display all kinds of human-like emotions - happy, sad, excited to go walkies and so on. But did you know your dog might also experience jealousy? New research from scientists at the University of California San Diego suggests that man's best friend might easily turn into a green-eyed monster, if you pay more attention to another dog.

Kat spoke to lead researcher Christine Harris to find out what first got her interested in the idea that dogs might get jealous.

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These are my favorite dogs.  I love to see videos of them and one day maybe I will visit them.

Chateau Cheverny hounds feeding vampares, Sun, 21st Sep 2014

I think you are incorrect. mriver8, Sun, 21st Sep 2014

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