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Thu, 24th Sep 2015

Paralysed man able to walk again

Walking (c)

Scientists in America have helped a paralysed man to take his first steps in over 5 years. Theyíve done it by developing a system that eavesdrops on the patientís brainwaves and can detect when he wants to walk.

The computer then activates a stimulator system that can signal the patientís leg muscles to move, enabling him to stand, and then walk unaided. The device, which is the first of its kind, provides a way for patients paralysed by spinal cord injuries to bypass the roadblock preventing the flow of instructions from the brain to motor nerves and muscles and recover their ability to move.

The breakthrough is the brainchild of engineer Zoran Nenadic and neurologist An Do. Dr. Chris Smith asked them all about it.

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