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Thu, 11th Aug 2016

Why does female fertility fall with age?

Pregnancy (c) Margus Kulden

It’s a well-known fact that, as a woman ages, her chances of falling pregnant drop. And this seems to be driven by a fall in the quality of the eggs that she produces. Why this happens though, in an otherwise healthy individual, is a mystery. Now Francesca Duncan, who studies female fertility at Northwestern University, has discovered that older ovaries contain large amounts of fibrous tissue produced by inflammation, and this appears to be harming the ability of the ovary to nurture healthy eggs…

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I do not know of any human attribute or conditions that improves with age. Perhaps concerning human reproduction decreasing with age, it is biology's way of ensuring that a child will have its parents to raise it while they are still young and healthy, as opposed to being old, decrepit and ready for death. Evolution does not make for deliberate mistakes nor prejudice, it merely prepares a given species for the environment for which they exist and will need to survive. Only humans posees and express the arrogance that their will, desires and beliefs are greater than that provided by nature. Edmund, Sun, 21st Aug 2016

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