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Sun, 23rd Oct 2016

Gender equality in STEM

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We all know that men arenít really from Mars and women arenít really from Venus, we are both from Earth and there are more similarities between sexes and genders than there are differences.   But, even after many decades of campaigning there are still issues with gender equality across many areas of life from equal pay for equal work to shared parental leave or even just differences in ways of working. One topic thatís really important to us here at the Naked Scientists is the balance of men and  women in STEM research, thatís Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths, so to delve into this a bit further Kat Arney was joined by Dame Barbara Stocking,  president of the women only Murray Edwards college at CambridgeÖ

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There is a vital difference between the sexes. Boys cannot have babies, but girls have a choice.

There is no way we can bring about equality by legislation or persuasion: by definition, males cannot bear children. So, like every other species, we devote our time to doing other things. Indeed, society expects us to.

As for equal pay, I've never heard an answer to Enoch Powell's question; "If you can pay a woman less for doing exactly the same job, why does anyone employ men?" alancalverd, Mon, 24th Oct 2016

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