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With the two recent cases of two apparently mentally disturbed pilots deliberately crashing passenger aircraft it seems that the measures to prevent access to flight decks by terrorists are counter productive suggest improvements.

It is believed that the mass of galaxies is largely made up of "dark matter" hence we are immersed in the stuff are we right in assuming that the speed of light outside this sea of "dark matter" is the same as that which we measure locally

Geek Speak / How can I start my minidisk from software
« on: 12/02/2015 17:39:51 »
I record weather satellite pictures automatically on my minidisk recorder and with my new computer everything that is inputted to it is date stamped so when I wish to reproduce the pictures I have to reset the clock on my computer so that it thinks it is playing them at the correct time.
There is a program available (Wxtrack) that tracks the satellite and outputs a bleep at AOS and LOS that tells me when to start the play back from the recorder.
I would like to automate this is there any simple way I can get the computer to output a logic signal (thru the coms port ?) that would start recorder directly.
I am contemplating adding a tone detector to the recorder to generate this logic signal from the audio output of the computer but it would be more elegant if I could do directly.

WWII showed the need for secure voice communication between the UK and the USA to this end the 55 ton 30kW SIGSALY system was developed to scramble speech via a radio link.
Was a consideration given to using the telegraph cables between the UK and USA ? The better cables had a bandwidth of 100Hz and speech compressor's (Vocoders) had been developed in 1939 so it at first sight it would have seemed to be possible.

Technology / Air speed data from engines
« on: 02/02/2015 10:57:31 »
Several aircraft crashes have been attributed at least partially to failure of air speed indicators.
Their must be a strong correlation between the airspeed and the pressure in the cowling behind the fan and the rotational speed of the fan, the pressure increase should be little affect by icing due to the high speed of the fan.
I take I am not the first to think of this so what is wrong with the idea ?.
There are normally at least two engines working so a check could be made between their indications and that of the regular air speed indicator 

Analysis of radar sightings and black box recordings seem to indicate that the air Asia plane QZ8501 got into a stall condition that the pilots were not able to control after attempting a too steep climb to avoid turbulent weather.
Could a computer have done better ? could there be a switch for the pilots to throw saying "we can't fix it you have a go"!
The pilots could well be reluctant to throw such a switch could there be some mechanism to take the decision out of their hands?

Geek Speak / How to crack a nut with a sledge hammer
« on: 17/12/2014 08:23:27 »
I have acquired a second hand computer with Mathematica10 and would like to use it to solve the childishly simple linear simultaneous equation as follows, any idea how to set it up


I have always believed the black body temperature of the earth to be -18C too cold for liquid water although of course our water vapour and CO2 atmosphere pushes this up.
Is probability of an atmosphere considered when defining the habitable zone.

Geek Speak / Has anyone tried Windows 10?
« on: 15/11/2014 20:45:44 »
Has anyone tried windows10 9878 some things are improved in the GUI but my version has an annoying thing the caps lock and number lock lights do not come on on the keyboard  although the function are OK.

I should not presume to tell the ESA team how to operate their comet lander but I am surprised that if it is receiving maybe 20% of the anticipated sunlight needed to maintain its batteries charged could not all scientific programs could be shut down leaving enough power to maintain communications until the comet gets closer to the sun.

Geek Speak / Can anyone explain these printing anomalies?
« on: 11/11/2014 22:18:19 »
I have a rather antique printer 1995 (LaserJet 4 M Plus) vintage that normally serves me well but today I tried to print out a 29 page PDF document using Acrobat 10.0 and ended up having to print one page at a time with missed portions and many strange error messages.
So I hunted around and found a free and simple PDF reader Sumatra PDF that worked like a dream.
I only have windows 8.1 and Windows 10 systems maybe it would have been OK with an older system.

PS I Tried with Puppy Linux but could not get the usb printer to connect

Technology / How are lotto numbers devised
« on: 06/11/2014 19:13:28 »
I would not dream of buying a lotto ticket or even filling in a number on an un entered one in case by some mischance it proved to be a winner.
Out of curiosity I listened to the spiel of a conman selling books for $99 telling you how to win and got curious as to how the numbers are computed.

Technology / How much would a Hindenberg ticket have cost?
« on: 18/09/2014 20:26:22 »
I would dearly have loved to travel to America on the Hindenburg Hydrogen not withstanding but I fear the cost of the trip would have been well outside of what I could afford.
What would the cost have been in terms of 2014 money and how would it compare with a Concord trip or a Virgin Atlantic third class trip..

Seventy years ago when I was making my living fixing radios one of the chief sources of annoyance was faulty valve sockets that were laborious to replace and good quality ones were difficult to obtain so one often resorted to soldering the valves in !.
In the present hi tech world where semiconductors and valves are reputed to last up to 50 years and disk drives to run 50,000 hours between failures  connectors seem to get poorer and poorer , I have just spent about a day sorting out disk drives that got corrupted by loose connections.

In a recent discussion of gravity and magnetism it was noted that a magnetic field stores energy that has a mass equivalent.
I am weak on units but would like to know how much energy is stored per M^3 in a 1T field and whether in the intense field around a magnastar  the mass equivalent of the energy could approach that of water 1000kg/m^3

Some forms of virus affect the behaviour of the infected creatures such as those that cause mice to be attracted to cats so that they can be eaten ! or those that cause ants to climb up stalks.

The sound of running water seems to promote the urge to pee. Is this caused by a virus wanting to get into the stream to spread ?

Geek Speak / communication loss
« on: 25/06/2014 20:15:27 »
I have two computers making 5 systems available i:e two windows 7 64 bit one windows 8.1 32 bit and two windows 8.1 64 bit.
My main computer running win 8.1 64 bit will not let me access the nature magazine with IE11 although all the other publications' I have listed are available and Nature is available with Google Chrome.
It is only on this computer with this system and browser that this happens !!
DISM and reloading IE11 via features does no good !

Physiology & Medicine / An unethical syphilis treatment
« on: 15/06/2014 16:06:08 »
Prior to the development of modern treatments sex with a virgin was considered a "good" way to get rid of various STD,s with the light of modern knowledge of bacteriophages and antibodies could this of had any effect.

Lots of interesting streams offered but none ever appear

Technology / Can normal cars jump bridges
« on: 30/04/2014 15:11:23 »
It is a common theme in action films to have cars jump across opening bridges I enclose a picture of such a bridge as illustration.
In the film "The Blues Brothers" a rather ordinary looking saloon car accelerates from stationary about a 100 feet from the start of the half open rising section (that is at 45 and makes a perfect landing on the other section).
Is this possible and what acceleration would be needed.
Sorry no SI units as this is a rather old bridge.

Traditionally Silver has been considered to be the best electrical conductor, has any recent research found anything better ?

Technology / Voyager 1 thermal control
« on: 07/04/2014 13:24:19 »
I have been reading the New Scientist discussion as to whether or not Voyager 1 has left the Solar system and one point about its power consumption surprised me that was that most of its electrical power is taken up by heaters used to keep its instruments at an appropriate working temperature.
This seems a very strange system as the electrical power is derived from thermo electrical generators that are probably less than 10% efficient so there must be a great deal of waste heat available why was some of this not diverted for thermal control ?

The performance of the modern F1 car is much influenced by the ride height and tyre inflation pressure.
Next season tyre warming blankets are to be banned, tyres are normally inflated by dried air or Nitrogen the pressure of which increases as the temperature rises, is there any thing that can be added to reduce this tendency ?.

Geek Speak / popcorn time
« on: 20/03/2014 16:45:48 »
According to the media this easy to operate pirate download application is going to ruin the film industry , it is not easy enough for me I cannot make it do anything although I know many ways to download films for free if I was sufficiently lacking in morals to do so.
Simply as an academic exorcise can anyone make it work.
if you do not think it should be published contact me privately I assure I will not use it to make illegal downloads   

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