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Geek Speak / Does anyone have Samsung PC studio working?
« on: 08/02/2016 15:05:57 »
I have tried about 20 different ways with no success

The remains of a group of people with abnormaly small heads were found and refered to as Hobbits could it of been caused by the zika virus

The normal minimum orbit time for the Earth is about 84 minutes so to orbit it in 40 would require the continuous expenditure of energy , how much kilowatts per Kg of pucks mass.
possibly Puck being an ethereal being he might have zero mass which would of course reduce the energy required !

Geek Speak / What does building a computer entail?
« on: 08/01/2016 20:20:48 »
I rather resent people claiming they haves "built a computer" when what they have done is purchase a commercially built mother board and plugged a few circuit boards into it and loaded commercially available software.
Any one who has built even a calculator from TTL to their own design knows this is a task of much greater magnitude than "building a computer".

Geek Speak / Why do I get this text distortion
« on: 07/11/2015 11:08:36 »
What is blacklisted here

I my dining room I use a Samsung 22" monitor both for TV and computer display.
recently I had a strange problem with the screen colour on computer use with everything glowing red.
Like most nerds I assumed it could be cured by software but got nowhere, eventually after trying a different NVidia card that was OK in another computer which stopped the computer working completely by disrupting the BIOS I thought to test the BIOS back up battery and found it down to 1 volt.
Replacing it cured all the problems !, should I have tried this earlier (the computer is of 2008 vintage rescued from the town dump)

My neighbours children love to play "KIZI" games on my computers and I have always emphasised to them that they should make a software shut down before cutting the power.
This seems to be a sensible precaution with HDD drives but is it needed with SSD drives ?

Geek Speak / How do I startup the Edge in windows 10
« on: 15/07/2015 14:53:14 »
I find the edge browser superior to IE11 but have difficulty starting it up, what I have to do is open some URL that naturally reverts to Edge (the default browser) and then with the favourites imported from IE11 get the URL I want.
I would be nice if I could open it from the taskbar as I di IE11.

Geek Speak / How do I delete unwanted files
« on: 07/07/2015 07:23:10 »
After a system update one is left with a large block of unwanted files labelled Windows.old if one wishes to reduce the amount of stored data to use expensive SSD drives it is desirable to get rid of this.
No normal method of deletion works I have tried using Linux that only relabels it as $recycle which does not show up in windows but can be viewed with CMD but not deleted ! 

Geek Speak / Why are connectors so poor
« on: 06/07/2015 16:29:55 »
If the devil played any part in the design of modern computer systems the RJ45 connector must be one of his proudest achievements this vital connector that enables our connection to the outside world is held in by a plastic clip 1mm by .2mm in size which seems designed to break off allowing it to fall out.
I shudder to think what this has cost in technician time over the years.

While staying in a friends house I Indianapolis I came across an 8 year old Samsung cell phone as I have a charger for these phones I thought I would try and revive it for use when I stay there.
The camera worked fine so I looked round for a Bluetooth dongle to get the pictures off and found one for $2.00  at a nearby garage sale and it worked fine with both the old cell phone and my 3 year old one.
When I returned I brought it with me but not the dongle thinking it would work with my regular Bluetooth but no luck.
The dongle that I left in America was supposed to work version 4 so I bought a new CRS dongle from Amazon but no luck with that either.
Bluetooth is rather a work of art but I can normally get it working and with the new dongle it is quite easy. 

Geek Speak / Nostalgia
« on: 05/06/2015 00:39:03 »
I really miss my Siemens R30 (IBM360 clone) of 1975 vintage it might have cost 100 times as much as a pogoplug box and only had a 10 MHz processor and 256 KB of RAM but at least it had proper connectors that bolted in with gold plated pins.
I have had 2 hours of agro because one USB socket does not work as well as another.

Equivalence theory tells me I should not be able to distinguish between acceleration and gravity but when my tall space ship is sitting on the earth I can measure a difference in G whether my instrument is on the floor or near the ceiling.
Presumably this would not happen when I was away from the Earth and accelerating in space.

As a result of taking tablets to reduce blood pressure I suffer swollen legs and feet would diuretics help.

As a boy we were taught that the nucleus of an atom consisted of protons and electrons, Neutrons like radar were military secrets we did not want the Germans to know about.
After the war we were told that this was nonsense and the nucleus consisted of Protons and Neutrons, with the discovery of Neutron stars it was postulated that Electrons could be forced into Protons by gravitational pressure so the first theory was not that far out.
how does this happen Protons and Electrons and are of different classes of particle I would have thought that any union would be impossible.   

Geek Speak / Why is loading linux-Kali so complex
« on: 22/04/2015 09:34:09 »
On the recommendation of Chris I thought I would try Kali to which end I made a 50Gb partition on my spare drive and downloaded a compressed ISO version from the internet which came in in 7 minutes.
I thought this won't take long ,decoded to my regular loading USB dongle , selected with the BIOS but the only result was "no system".
selected the drive on which to load it clicked on setup and the answer was not compatible had another go and it eventually let me start.
There was then a procedure putting in passwords and what not then at last it asked me to make a restart and tell it which partition to put it on.
it then insisted that it did a forensic clean up of the empty partition that looks like taking about two hours .

More later

Geek Speak / How do you revive a dead computer?
« on: 20/04/2015 08:43:36 »
If I am presented with a serviceable computer with an internet connection available but is dead because the drive has been formatted is there any way I can bring it to life not having any software to hand.
I would like to experiment but do not have a spare drive to hand

It is all to easy to end up at a remote airport with no cash or papers to this end I have put scans of my passport and bank cards onto my PogoPlug cloud account so that if I can get onto the internet I can book into a hotel and hopefully get back to this blessed land.
I need access to a computer and need permission to download the PogoPlug software and print out my cards etc.
if permission was withheld could I access my cloud or any other bearing in mind the computer might have old software like XP32 ?.

With the two recent cases of two apparently mentally disturbed pilots deliberately crashing passenger aircraft it seems that the measures to prevent access to flight decks by terrorists are counter productive suggest improvements.

It is believed that the mass of galaxies is largely made up of "dark matter" hence we are immersed in the stuff are we right in assuming that the speed of light outside this sea of "dark matter" is the same as that which we measure locally

Geek Speak / How can I start my minidisk from software
« on: 12/02/2015 17:39:51 »
I record weather satellite pictures automatically on my minidisk recorder and with my new computer everything that is inputted to it is date stamped so when I wish to reproduce the pictures I have to reset the clock on my computer so that it thinks it is playing them at the correct time.
There is a program available (Wxtrack) that tracks the satellite and outputs a bleep at AOS and LOS that tells me when to start the play back from the recorder.
I would like to automate this is there any simple way I can get the computer to output a logic signal (thru the coms port ?) that would start recorder directly.
I am contemplating adding a tone detector to the recorder to generate this logic signal from the audio output of the computer but it would be more elegant if I could do directly.

A new theory about the origin of the universe seems to give us back the ether sorely missed by we old timers

WWII showed the need for secure voice communication between the UK and the USA to this end the 55 ton 30kW SIGSALY system was developed to scramble speech via a radio link.
Was a consideration given to using the telegraph cables between the UK and USA ? The better cables had a bandwidth of 100Hz and speech compressor's (Vocoders) had been developed in 1939 so it at first sight it would have seemed to be possible.

Technology / Air speed data from engines
« on: 02/02/2015 10:57:31 »
Several aircraft crashes have been attributed at least partially to failure of air speed indicators.
Their must be a strong correlation between the airspeed and the pressure in the cowling behind the fan and the rotational speed of the fan, the pressure increase should be little affect by icing due to the high speed of the fan.
I take I am not the first to think of this so what is wrong with the idea ?.
There are normally at least two engines working so a check could be made between their indications and that of the regular air speed indicator 

Analysis of radar sightings and black box recordings seem to indicate that the air Asia plane QZ8501 got into a stall condition that the pilots were not able to control after attempting a too steep climb to avoid turbulent weather.
Could a computer have done better ? could there be a switch for the pilots to throw saying "we can't fix it you have a go"!
The pilots could well be reluctant to throw such a switch could there be some mechanism to take the decision out of their hands?

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