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Geek Speak / Re: Has anyone tried Windows 10?
« on: 30/01/2015 19:44:12 »
The reasoning is that Win 10 will be free to owners of licenced versions of Win 7 onwards but OEM,s will have to pay for it.
Windows are making it readily available to enthusiasts provided they report back problems to get the bugs out before the official release.

I will cancel my order to Harrods for a piano!

Geek Speak / Re: Has anyone tried Windows 10?
« on: 26/01/2015 21:01:36 »
Windows 10 gradually keeps improving, in the 9926 version the keyboard lights have been fixed at last but IE11 has rather a problem with google toolbar but it can be coaxed in with some low cunning and is quite stable now.

Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / Re: matter/anti matter
« on: 24/01/2015 20:04:47 »
If in the early universe a vast amount of matter/antimatter annihilation occurred what has happened to all the resulting gamma radiation produced, has it degraded into the CMBR ?

Analysis of radar sightings and black box recordings seem to indicate that the air Asia plane QZ8501 got into a stall condition that the pilots were not able to control after attempting a too steep climb to avoid turbulent weather.
Could a computer have done better ? could there be a switch for the pilots to throw saying "we can't fix it you have a go"!
The pilots could well be reluctant to throw such a switch could there be some mechanism to take the decision out of their hands?

In the UK there is an ideal site for a tidal hydro system the estuary of the river Severn and its development has been discussed for at least a hundred years during that time there has been innumerable deaths and loss of habitat due to coal burning that would have been reduced somewhat if this site had been utilised

You cannot do anything in the UK that impacts on wild life we would rather get our electricity from coal burning plants than have some sand eels or wading birds inconvenienced.

Where does the energy come from ? The initial rotational energy was in the gaseous cloud from which the solar system condensed which had a degree of rotation relative to the rest of the universe.

See Mach, Einstein, Newton, ether etc rotational energy is a big puzzle

General Science / Re: When Pool Balls Collide
« on: 16/01/2015 19:10:26 »
Although simple theories such as the conservation of momentum work fine in an idealised case the collision of pool balls in the real world is much more complex.
The balls are not of zero size upon collision some of the kinetic energy converts to a wave of compression within the ball which reaches the centre then in a slightly weakened and delayed form bounces back out to the surface during which time the balls may have moved to some extent or had some spin imparted to them.
There is always some spin imparted to the first ball due to friction between it and the table although a skilled player tries to pre-empt this.
A robot snooker playing computer would be quite difficult to program !

A decade ago I used to get my internet connection via a 28Kb/s dial up modem but now I get 50+Mb/s so there has been some progress.
I find motherboards to be the parts that crumble to dust I have recently had to send two perfectly good AMD CPU,s and associated memory chips to the trash as each generation of motherboards seems to use different sockets.   

Anti personal land mines are designed to be as near invisible as possible, the best solution I know is to get herds of sheep or some similar animal roaming the area but unfortunately the "animals" are often children.
Stalin's generals used to use prisoners of war or criminal battalions but these methods are frowned on today

I do not really understand the concept of computers getting old provided you do not have memory defects or a hard disk with defects reformatting the hard disk will restore the virginity of your computer.
What operating system are you using ?
Do you have the original setup disk ?
May I suggest that as long as you have at least 1Gb of memory you upgrade to windows 7 which includes its own anti virus.

I think that the nuclear accidents in the Ukraine and Japan caused very little damage on a worldwide scale but the minor accident at Three mile island will be the cause of an untold number of deaths due to delaying the introduction of nuclear power with the contamination caused by fossil fuel continuing.

I find this talk of "being in space" as rather nonsensical if we are not in space where the Hell are we, Do they mean that do the laws of thermodynamics only apply in a gravitational field at least as strong as that of the Earth ?.
I am put in mind of the "Brits" who talk of "going to Europe" as though they where not already there.

Geek Speak / Re: Has anyone tried Windows 10?
« on: 12/01/2015 21:07:04 »
Version 9901 is available now if you know where to find it , the browser IE12 ? is more stable but the lack of keyboard lights has not been fixed which I would have thought was trivial.
It seems only to be an update not a new load and takes about 2 hours to get going.
It now includes Contana which I don't understand !!

My son has a high apartment on the east coast of Australia near Brisbane providing the building is well built the best thing he can do when he gets a tsunami warning is to lock his front door.

Technology / Re: What's your take on smart meters?
« on: 09/01/2015 22:35:02 »
electric storage heaters are one of the most useless devices ever developed they heat up slowly overnight when it is cold and release their heat during the day when it will be warmer anyway and the house may well be empty.

I recall German researchers had an accident due to Hydrogen evolution during WWII Which probably reduced their chances of producing a weapon

The tsunami that damaged Fukushima nuclear power plant killed at least 15000 people yet all we hear is about the radiation from the damaged power station which does not as yet have caused any deaths.
The effort would be better spent in educating people how to respond to tsunami and installing warning systems instead of worrying about radiation.

Geek Speak / Re: Why does my ac adaptor not charge?
« on: 04/01/2015 17:24:47 »
PSU devices often start out with a bridge type rectifier feeding into a large capacitor which then feeds into the chopper type electronics, bridge rectifiers have a nasty habit of partially failing and putting out a reduced voltage with a greater ripple.
The chopper electronics "bravely" try to cope with this but the end result is that the PSU outputs less than its rated output voltage that may well be enough to get the computer going but not enough to charge the battery.
It is quite difficult to measure the actual voltage the PSU is putting out without dismantling but if you do you will probably find it is about 10-15% low with some mains frequency ripple on it.

Smooth running for 320Km at 50 KPH would be a pipe dream in the UK if you could find an early morning weekend near empty highway you could not legally drive that slow.
I recall a figure of 17 BHP being quoted for a Volkswagen beetle at 100Kph so 50 KPH should only need about 2 BHP for 50KPH and a figure of 70MPG being quoted for this speed and the 34BHP engine would be running very un efficiently at this output

It is a misnomer that the internal combustion engine is only 25% efficient large Diesel engines such as used in ferries and British aircraft carriers can achieve55%. 

The processing speed of Graphic cards varies in the ratio of about twenty to one according to how much you are prepared to pay.

Around the turn of the century large windup electric generators similar to a grandfather clock were installed in some country houses

Although silicon semiconductors require 0.7v to get going Germanium devices are available but less common that only require 0.2v   

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