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I have an unfortunate tendency to act as the devils advocate and put forward unlikely scenarios just to see how thoroughly they will be demolished I know all abought Lorenz transforms and how weak gravity is and also about the word not being flat despite what I was taught at school about parabolic moving missiles.

Although it is not practical to measure whether two passengers sitting side by side in a spaceship approaching c experience an increased gravitational attraction it is possible to observe a bundle of Quarks called a Proton at high speed in the LHC where we are told it losses its spherical shape and becomes more like a pancake.
Is this due to increased gravity between its parts or is there another explanation ?

Is there a definite answer, when two particles are moving on parallel tracks at a velocity near c is there a greater gravitational attraction between them than when they are moving at a more modest velocity.
My own humble opinion is that there is not.

Until the growth of farming cows milk was indeed harmful to humans but evolution has lead to us adapting to it and it now can form a useful part of our diet, it is a pretty poor substitute for babies instead of human milk but if that is not available it is better than nothing.
Many mammals can digest the milk of other species for instance dogs feeding kittens, humans feeding dogs and pigs and hedgehogs sucking from cows.

The resistance of the element in tungsten lamps is very temperature sensitive (varying by a factor of ten between hot and cold) and the thermal inertia is quite low so if one draws a graph between voltage and current it is not quite what you would expect and could well have the effect of the lamps not having unity power factor.
As a higher current flows into the lamp at the start of the cycle I think that to some extent it would look like a capacitor

Most of the shocks you experience in a car are due to the generation static electricity built up by your clothing rubbing on the seat it has no relevance to external lightning

Physiology & Medicine / Re: Are house flies dangerous?
« on: 19/07/2016 15:34:56 »
I have just opened a window and let one out, should I have killed it ?

If there is no external field no current can be generated

Why do you run such old software as XP ?, if you want to run an old system why not the much superior windows 7 ?

I think the authors deserve a joint unnoble for all these ingenious calculations 

Almost every day Redmond send me a new update for windows 10 which puts the computer out of action for about an hour and necessitates me re-installing various drivers that go missing, I know the answer is to move to the slow lane but then you feel you are missing something.
The stock answer is to move to Linux I tried putting columbine in a new partition but it was a bit of a disaster having Linux and windows on the one drive

I don't think in "cave man times" men thought much about wives and took any opportunity to reproduce that was available.
A twenty year old today would be considered more capable of producing and rearing live offspring but I do not think the difference is very large 

Physiology & Medicine / Are house flies dangerous?
« on: 17/07/2016 20:22:27 »
When I was a boy living in north London house flies were a great source of annoyance and possibly danger as they bred on the horse droppings that were common on the roads.
Now the horses are long gone and most of the flies with them do the few that remain carry any disease. 

I think there are many things against it being regarded as a true planet, it orbits in an elliptical orbit that brings it closer than Neptune well outside the orbital plane of the other planets not to mention its small size

The only way we going to get a look at balls of anti matter higher up in the periodic table is to visit a planet in an anti matter galaxy (if such things exist) when we would have considerable problems landing and getting around

I wrote and almost identical reply but an errant computer wiped it out before I could post it !!!


"through survival of the fittest and other processes formed apes which then further evolved to become humans. But those humans would still be in their present, not ours.  "

This is not the modern view of evolution it is thought that humans and apes both evolved from a common ancestor not apes into humans.

Although the flow of electricity in a wire is often referred to as the movement of electrons actually they move relatively slowly what moves fast is the electromagnetic field that is guided by the wire that moves at c.

I notice Leningrad/Petrograd lies on a confluence was this accidental or a whim of Peter the Great

Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / Re: Is the earth flat?
« on: 10/07/2016 11:30:23 »
I would like someone skilled in math's to work out what the difference in range would be for a large gun such as was developed in WWII with a range of say 45 miles if the landing point was calculated using either parabolic or elliptical parameters.

Geek Speak / Re: what happened to the web site ?
« on: 10/07/2016 11:18:46 »
signing into "" works OK at the moment !

Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / Re: Is the earth flat?
« on: 10/07/2016 06:48:24 »
The best evidence that the world is flat is the way projectiles move under the influence of gravity, it is widely reported that they move in a parabolic path which only happens because the world is flat and of infinite extent.
if the earth was spherical they would take an elliptical path

Geek Speak / what happened to the web site ?
« on: 09/07/2016 17:06:50 »
Why could I not sign in for 36 hrs ?

Although earth based telescopes cannot provide enough resolution to detect moon landing artefacts those mounted on lunar orbiting satellites certainly can and numerous pictures of landing vehicles, rover tracks etc have been published.

There is some evidence that Hitler had some Jewish ancestry that by Nazi standards would have lead to his classification as non Aryan.
This would explain some odd facts such as how his Chauffer could seduce his first mistress yet survive!

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