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It is not possible to see any detail on planets around the nearest star let alone millions of light years away its not a matter of super human alien technology but basic physics

The latest upgrade 14931 seems to really have loused up IE11 also windows live essentials has become unusable it seems they are pushing you towards Edge   

In recent years car speedometers have become considerably more accurate but they are still influenced by tire inflation pressure and the desire of the car makers not wishing to sued by people who trip speed cameras thinking that they are within the limit.
GPS readings are influenced by altitude to a small extent but will generally more accurate than speedometer readings.


There is probably little difference but you would be in grave danger of a medical negligence suite.
Considering the high cost of a medical procedure that employed the suturing blood vessels any attempt at money saving would be misguided as those who used industrial grade silicone for breast implants found out

General Science / Re: Why is mains electricity 240v AC?
« on: 26/09/2016 14:54:20 »
It would seem to be a simple matter to install an auto transformer on the MRI machine to boost the voltage to the cooling motor or to demand that the manufacturers install a motor appropriate for UK mains supply, I understand that making a modification to the machine would require dispensation from the makers but if they had any sense they would get one of their technicians over double quick if you explained why it was out of action and you were losing money because a unsuitable motor had been fitted.
This would seem to be a much less drastic response than what you had suggested.
it is my experience with the Germans that they consider all non German speaking countries as primitive and third world so if have any telephone discussion of this problem it would be best to find a native German speaker to assist.     

General Science / Re: Why is mains electricity 240v AC?
« on: 25/09/2016 19:05:17 »
The reason why auto transformers to boost the supply from say 220v to 240v are small because the need to supply only the additional 20v with the remaining 220v coming directly from the mains.
Hence a 18KVA transformer needs only a core size appropriate for 2KVA

General Science / Re: Why is mains electricity 240v AC?
« on: 25/09/2016 17:04:18 »
I apologise for bringing politics into a technological discussion and have removed my strongly held views on brexit.
I worked for Perske Price Services that provided large picture processing Systems from Hell GMBH in Kiel, these were always supplied with multi tap 6 KVA transformers to allow for power supply variations.

The devices mentioned had a very narrow bandwidth and as far as I know there was never confirmed detections

I have read suggestions that the Electron is a composite particle hence my question

In the strange 4 dimensional universe in which we exist is not every one at the centre

General Science / Re: Why is mains electricity 240v AC?
« on: 22/09/2016 22:57:03 »
One of the reasons for employing a series connection and a constant current supply was because arc lamps have a negative dynamic resistance and must be supplied from a constant current source (as I found out at the age of ten when I shorted out the feed resistor!) probably when filament lamps were installed the original wiring was retained.

I think it would be very little of a problem although more than that from the indigenous population

General Science / Re: Why is mains electricity 240v AC?
« on: 22/09/2016 20:29:53 »
The street lights were not 120 V but originally consisted of many arc lamps wired in series that is why such a high voltage was employed.
Although domestic supply is rated at 120 V many houses have a 2 phase supply giving 240 V for higher power loads
One of the problems with DC supplies is that arcs persist try taking a running lamp out of its socket !

Is it the accepted view that the electric field is not quantized, I do not like to see terms such as infinite and infinitesimal in a scientific discussion.

Hearing occurs due to the excitement resonant structures  in the inner ear that do a frequency analysis of the incoming sound and pass it onto the brain.
To narrow the band width of these resonators there is a degree of positive feedback in each and it is believed that tinnitus occurs when the degree of feedback gets out of control and oscillation occurs.
If a microphone is placed in the ear of a tinnitus sufferer the sound generated by the oscillating resonators can be heard so it has a real existence and it is not generated by the brain.
the only remedy that I know is to inject white noise into the ear

Until recently sewing together was the only way either by hand or with a stapling machine.
This required great skill and patience and often failed to make a leak proof joint but of late a method has been devised where by the receiving end of the blood vessel can be plugged with a substance that can be solidified with a modest amount of heating and the source part of the vessel over lapped and glued onto it.
I do not know if this technique has reached the clinic yet but it seems very promising.

Physiology & Medicine / Re: Why Do Blokes Have Nipples ?
« on: 22/09/2016 06:57:05 »
Evolution cannot help unless men without nipples produce more surviving offspring than men with them.
If an intelligent designer created human kind there were other more important details he/she could have dealt with.
I am often surprised that the American TV can display half naked men displaying prominent breasts and nipples while if a woman's nipple is shown the whole nation trembles 

You may simply have a driver problem download the free version of Driver Booster 3 or some similar driver clean up program and see if that helps
The next test to make is to attach the printer to a different computer and see how it behaves, if no other computer is available create an additional partition on the existing computer and try either a new operating system or a reload of the present one this will let you decide if you have a haunted printer or a software problem in your computer.
If it runs fine then try running anti virus programs and DISM to clean up your operating system

I find the actual spin rate of the Gravity Probe B gyroscopes quoted as approximately 4000 rpm I would expect it to be much higher than that of millisecond pulsars.

I made the mistake of assuming the rate of evaporation of a black hole was linear whereas one should assume that it happens at an ever increasing rate.
I leave it those better versed in mathematics to calculate at what mass the final conversion of mass to energy will take place but no doubt Hawkins knows better than me   

Ignorant people are for ever questioning Einstein I dare to question Hawkins, how can 22 micrograms explode with the force of millions of Hydrogen bombs
Is there an extra hot part of Hell for such heratics

I have always been unhappy with they simplistic answer that they do I have now found an article where the more subtle aspects of the question are discussed


Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / Re: Is black a colour?
« on: 20/09/2016 19:17:38 »
In the 4 colour printing process 4 colour separations are produced Y,C,M,K(black)  and the black separation is printed with black ink and referred to as one of the 4 colours

In the early ages of the solar system there was a lot of interaction between the planets including collisions ,the other anomalous one is Uranus that spins on its side

Presumably a shrinking black hole would explode when its mass fell to the Planck limit 22 micrograms about one hundredth thousandth the energy of the Hiroshima bomb nothing like Hydrogen bomb levels

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