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By definition a point has zero dimensions so whatever you multiply it by you still get zero

Once I see words like god, creator, blasphemy etc I feel the paper is in the wrong place despite 60 pages of elegant mathematical reasoning.

Technology / Re: Scanning Images
« on: 18/12/2014 01:42:52 »
There are two more lossy picture compression formats BPG and Web P on the Horizon that provide better quality and smaller file size than JPEG although there are copyright problems and the difficulty of getting them into general use.

Geek Speak / Re: Has anyone tried Windows 10?
« on: 17/12/2014 17:21:58 »
I think I have a cure for the frequent dropout problem with IE11 ,go to Programs and features remove IE11 restart then put it back this seems to have cured it.

The problem with gravity is that you need such a large mass to generate any appreciable field, if I wished to counter balance the pull of the Earth assuming it is a point mass 6441 Km away by a point mass 1 Km away it would need to be a mass of approximately 1.4396*10^17 Kg and the size the space of quasi zero gravity zone would be very small and one could easily zoom off to the closer mass.
I don't see we are going to get anti gravity belts any time soon. 

I sometimes think Green peace who say "make peace not war" have got it the wrong way around it would be better for the world if humans killed themselves off.

Geek Speak / How to crack a nut with a sledge hammer
« on: 17/12/2014 08:23:27 »
I have acquired a second hand computer with Mathematica10 and would like to use it to solve the childishly simple linear simultaneous equation as follows, any idea how to set it up


I seem to have confused myself somewhat the body of anti mass materiel would not have to be above pulling me up ordinary materiel such as that of which our moon is made will suffice for that if the spacing is correct.
If I wish to use anti matter materiel to push me up against the Earths pull it must be below me.
This poses  problems if I try to bury it in a deep shaft it will surely be ejected.

Sorry about that but I felt phase velocity should be mentioned.
Such oscilloscopes are available but my one is more modest

I have a good quality oscilloscope an the little spot on the screen will certainly move faster than the speed of light !

Can't we call them applications or programs "apps" always seems a rather un-necessary abriviation

It takes a body of 6*10^24 Kg to pull my 85Kg down to the ground would it not take a similar mass of negative mass materiel to pull me in the opposite direction ? or could this problem be overcome if it was of black hole density and could be much closer to me.
I foresee problems with hawking radiation and spaghettification.

It is well known how antimatter interacts with normal matter but is anything known as to how negative mass would interact with positive matter and for an anti gravity device would there be any problem keeping them separate.

Although the magnetic would no doubt work it would be rather inconvenient having to lug around a large 20T magnet and having to keep clear of any magnetisable metal objects, I think I will wait for the belt to be developed.

Why do you think that you would float at a height of 1 meter ? if the belt annulled the Earths attraction you would float at an in determined  height unless there was some servo mechanism that was controlling your height.
If there was no auto height control you would end up leaving the Earth! 

The Environment / Re: Ideas for population control?
« on: 10/12/2014 19:23:30 »
I think that what keeps the birth-rate down in the UK is the price of houses and the constant social pressure to turn them into mini palaces.
It is not possible for one wage earner in most parts of the UK to earn enough to buy a house so both man and wife must both work and take great care not to have children.

Technology / Re: Scanning Images
« on: 08/12/2014 19:58:28 »
I did a quick test and found that an OCR copy needs about half disk space than a png uses but unless you get very clean scans OCR can produce some strange results and unless you need to edit the text it is best avoided

Here is a link to a recent paper on this subject

I have always believed the black body temperature of the earth to be -18C too cold for liquid water although of course our water vapour and CO2 atmosphere pushes this up.
Is probability of an atmosphere considered when defining the habitable zone.

Geek Speak / Re: Latest windows update
« on: 05/12/2014 07:30:56 »
Version 9888 of windows 10 is now available and the print spooler drop out problem has been cured but still no keyboards lights, all the available printer drives come up immediately you do not have a ten minute wait while they trickle in !.
I am sure there are other improvements but I have not found them yet .

I think we should distinguish between perpetual motion which is pretty common on a human time scale i.e  planets going around a star, sub atomic particles orbiting and jittering and machines that can extract useful power indefinitely from such motion.
satellites can draw power from the motion of planets via a sling shot technique but it is only a transfer of energy not its generation.

I apologise for drifting too much off track


I get the impression that you are in the medical profession, Do you find it frustrating and wish that like we who only work with computers you could do a complete reformat and start again on the patients ?

A Moscow to Beijing and on to Alaska high speed rail line is already in the planning stage and will get built if wars don't intervene

Do you have a good solid wired internet connection fibre optic to be preferred, have you tried any other operating systems  such as windows 7 or even olde worlde XP and have you reverted to a wired keyboard wireless ones can be a bit eccentric.
How about an on screen keyboard is that any better.

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