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Once you have located the target volume you wish to destroy how do you keep the brain still while you blast it ?
The assumption seems to have been made that the storage of one memory is stored in just one location this seems very unlikely to me to take the similar case of a computer if you accidentally load a rogue program  it can be very difficult to remove it completely as little bits and pieces of it are stored all over the place often with numerous copies I have an uninstalling program that hunts for remnants and often finds hundreds !

Walking on water is no big deal I have done it often when its frozen, for a women to give birth when she does not know what caused it happens all the time and for a crowd to be convinced to share out their food when the preacher suggests it is not surprising or for someone to survive for a few months after being crucified for a few hours has often been reported.
Religious people think these things only happen due to a supernatural being intervening but there are more common explanations

the only thing I can think of to which you could measure your relative motion would be the CMBR.
We are not allowed Aether any more.

I think that there is a misprint in the Wikpedia article
"Alpha racetracks had produced 88 kilograms of product with an average enrichment of 84.5 percent, and the Beta racetracks turned out another 953 kilograms enriched to 95 percent by the end of the year"
Should this have been 95.3 kilograms ?
I know that at least ten "little boy" bombs were constructed but never used perhaps this figure was leaked for political purposes 

The squeak comes from the drum or disk being set vibrating and the pitch is determined by the dimensions of the drum or disk.
the fundamental frequency will remain constant although the harmonic content may well vary with the degree of braking

As RD said!

I believe they were the source of the U235 used in the Hiroshima bomb

General Science / Re: How does a gyroscope work?
« on: 23/08/2016 10:37:04 »
Early radars used cavity magnetrons to generate the transmitted pulse and as these are not partictually frequency stable devices the tuning of the receiver had to be adjusted to follow the transmitted frequency as well as to compensate for any Doppler shift 

It is a matter of size the strength of gravity depends not only on the mass of the objects but upon the distance between them.
there are a lot of unknowns about black holes with talk of singularity's so let us consider their close relatives neutron stars in these although the mass may be only about twice that of the sun the matter is so compressed that the radius is about 10Km whereas a normal star of the same mass would have a radius of 500,000Km therefore a body on the surface would be subjected to gravitational force 50,000 times as great due to its proximity to the centre of gravity.

General Science / Re: How does a gyroscope work?
« on: 21/08/2016 20:05:05 »
The rotation of the toy gyroscope in a horizontal plain when supported at one end is due to friction in the bearings if would not happen with a professional device with quasi frictionless bearings.

Technology / Could a sword slice thru an anvil ?
« on: 21/08/2016 19:52:42 »
In Wagner's opera Siegfried reforges the magic sword Nothnung and to demonstrate its power slices thru the anvil with a single blow.
If the technology such as is used for anti tank shells was applied would this be possible?

What is the effect on the diamond miners of all these X Rays ?, are they expendable ?

What are the tomato like fruits that grow on potato plants ?
I have been told they are pretty poisonous
My Latin is weak did you miss out cannabis ?

Another massive update today we are now up to 14901

The amount of energy produced each time a vehicle traverses the ramp is very small and the idea that it could be fed into the grid in real time would be a horrendous technical problem.
the best you could do is to store it in some way ,gravity, chemical or flywheel and feed it into the grid when the value of power is high.
The cost of the equipment to do this would be out of all proportion to the monies raised by selling the power.

There are plenty of articles on the internet telling you how to do it such as

but the secret seems to be that you must press three buttons simultaneously which take about ten attempts then a drop down menu appears on the screen.
You must register it with a password that Gmail approves of then you are in business.
You must do this in a location where there is a good WIFI signal which as my computers are all hard wired to the LAN that was not easy to find.

General Science / Re: What constitutes evidence?
« on: 10/08/2016 10:24:43 »
One man or two woman according to the Koran

Someone threw a Galax A5 into my yard as part of an insurance scam ,I recharged it and found it ran OK despite being a little battered but it had so much offensive trash on it that I did a factory reset but cannot now get it back to life!.
No "apps" come up only a tinny voice talking to me that I can hardly hear being a little deaf.
I well understand PC,s but this is the first time I have touched a "smart phone".
PS I have downloaded an operating manual.

There seems to some confusion about using a capacitor to reduce the voltage of your domestic supply , a capacitor in series with the supply will certainly do this but the reduction will vary with the load, what is required is a transformer the output voltage of which will vary little with the load but will in its self consume some power in iron losses.
In theory this would also require a capacitor across the line to correct for the magnetising current but domestic power supplies are metered in such a manner that that the power factor is of little consequence.

Apologies to Geezer I seem to have repeated largely what he had already said but his was the only mention of transformers in all the replies and I missed it

The temperature of a newly formed neutron star is much higher than that

Apologies for bad grammar I missed out on the grammar school exam due to poor health and was shuttled off to the technical school instead , I try to improve but it is a slow process.

Why pour, poor, pore just to confuse the uneducated ?

Is Led the correct American spelling for the element Pb we in the UK call it lead

I have an unfortunate tendency to act as the devils advocate and put forward unlikely scenarios just to see how thoroughly they will be demolished I know all abought Lorenz transforms and how weak gravity is and also about the word not being flat despite what I was taught at school about parabolic moving missiles.

Although it is not practical to measure whether two passengers sitting side by side in a spaceship approaching c experience an increased gravitational attraction it is possible to observe a bundle of Quarks called a Proton at high speed in the LHC where we are told it losses its spherical shape and becomes more like a pancake.
Is this due to increased gravity between its parts or is there another explanation ?

Is there a definite answer, when two particles are moving on parallel tracks at a velocity near c is there a greater gravitational attraction between them than when they are moving at a more modest velocity.
My own humble opinion is that there is not.

Until the growth of farming cows milk was indeed harmful to humans but evolution has lead to us adapting to it and it now can form a useful part of our diet, it is a pretty poor substitute for babies instead of human milk but if that is not available it is better than nothing.
Many mammals can digest the milk of other species for instance dogs feeding kittens, humans feeding dogs and pigs and hedgehogs sucking from cows.

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