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Technology / Re: renewable energy??? any ideas?
« on: 22/10/2014 20:07:08 »
On a recent tourist trip down the Rhine I noticed a small tidal generator similar to those in use in Iraq I do not think it was a very economical source of power only a tourist attraction.

Technology / Re: renewable energy??? any ideas?
« on: 22/10/2014 20:00:10 »
I think you will find the 5kW Russian device was actually a fission reactor not a thermo electric generator, as Alancalverd points out the only PU isotope that provides a useful amount  of heat is U238 which is extremely expensive and difficult to produce to the extent that designers of satellite PSU,s are planning to use the more efficient Stirling engines rather than Peltier junctions


Such talk is going to depress the value of the shares in the company I intend to set up to sell heat pump-sterling engine systems.

I have always believed that the energy in radiation and that locked up in matter is counterbalanced by the negative gravitational energy so that the net sum is zero.

If it is thermal insulation that is required there are many light weight foam like materials that will provide a comparable degree of insulation to that provided by a vacuum.

A few submarines have been built to carry aircraft but generally it is not a very happy combination.
Many submarines can launch cruise missiles while submerged I guess they are aircraft of a sort.

Technology / Re: renewable energy??? any ideas?
« on: 17/10/2014 21:15:58 »
The 120 tons of Plutonium that the USA has is not the highly radio active isotope that can be used in thermoelectric generator but the more mundane variety that needs to be used in specialised fission reactors

No structure is required if an area of water is facing the cold of space with no cloud cover and no incoming heat from the ground it will freeze.
no heat sink can extract heat from water unless it is cooled in some way that would make the building of a much longed for perpetual motion machine child's play 

My 30,000.00 BMW that I purchased 12 years ago that has not yet done 50,000 miles but the SSG gearbox keeps playing silly and dangerous tricks that no one seems able to fix to the extent that I am contemplating a new cheap car.
I had two BMW,s previously with regular gear boxes that ran over 100.000 miles with little trouble but although a SSG is sweet to drive when every thing works properly I miss my old 1300 cc VW beetle

I was hoping that someone with better than "sub O level maths" would tell me why my estimate is so different from the WIKI value.

We know that the 6000K radiation from the sun deposits approximately 1.2KW per square meter at 1 AU from this can we derive how much power per square meter we could obtain from the CMBR ?.
My sub "O" level maths says .004nW !

WIKI says 3 microwatts !

I often wondered what the object of all the anal probing was that is inflicted on those abducted to alien UFO's , now we know

If you spin a magnet it generates electromagnetic radiation this radiation carries energy which has mass the source of gravity.
The effect is rather small!

I think that intelligent life must exist but the distance would be so great that no interchange of communication would be possible considering the speed of light and the size of the universe

I do not see why there should be any problem recharging the batteries of a pacemaker via an induction loop, mobile phones can be charged by this method and they have a much larger power consumption

"Students at Cornell College have come up with an electrostatic motor. "

Our 1920,s vintage school physics primer pointed out that Wimshurst machines could be run as motors but suggested removing the belt to reduce friction

Technology / How much would a Hindenberg ticket have cost?
« on: 18/09/2014 19:26:22 »
I would dearly have loved to travel to America on the Hindenburg Hydrogen not withstanding but I fear the cost of the trip would have been well outside of what I could afford.
What would the cost have been in terms of 2014 money and how would it compare with a Concord trip or a Virgin Atlantic third class trip..

During the occupation of the UK by American troops during WWII they were forbidden to drink English milk and had the powered variety shipped in from the USA as English milk was considered too contaminated.

Valves are another case in point when all glass valves were introduced in the fifties we had three decades of TV,s that had to be banged on top to make them work due to corrosion on the valve pins, the only ones that were reliable were the Russian ones that had gold plated pins.

Technology / Re: Why do connectors keep getting worse
« on: 13/09/2014 06:24:17 »
If I compare the cable and connectors that connect the monitor to the computer with the cable and connectors that connect the motherboard to the drives the comparison is ludicrous yet a monitor connection coming loose will only cause a moments annoyance while a loose HDD cable can result in hours of work to undo the damage.

Seventy years ago when I was making my living fixing radios one of the chief sources of annoyance was faulty valve sockets that were laborious to replace and good quality ones were difficult to obtain so one often resorted to soldering the valves in !.
In the present hi tech world where semiconductors and valves are reputed to last up to 50 years and disk drives to run 50,000 hours between failures  connectors seem to get poorer and poorer , I have just spent about a day sorting out disk drives that got corrupted by loose connections.

Far be it for me to recommend this form of treatment but this article may be of interest.

« on: 11/09/2014 06:34:59 »
The piston type internal combustion engine has had at least 130 years of development with the recent introduction of electronic control, Turbocharging and the re-introduction of variable valve timing I do not think any revolutionary developments have been missed.
Every few years a radical new design is proposed but apart from the opposed piston layout and the Wankel few if any have got into production

Technology / Re: purely electrostatic magnetless dynamo
« on: 10/09/2014 19:29:37 »
What other antique power schemes will be dug up will we have slave rowed liners or horse powered corn grinders ?

The Wiki article on magnetar,s gives all the answers, for a typical field of 10^10 T the energy density is 4*10^25 J/M^3  , converting with e=mc^2 gives a density 10^4 times that of lead.


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