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Technology / Re: will this clockwork design work ?
« on: Today at 06:55:07 »
I trust you have read the last part of the Wikipedia article entitled "Failure processes that limit energy storage"

Technology / Re: will this clockwork design work ?
« on: 04/12/2016 21:51:15 »
"what about using weight at high heights instead of spring"
As I pointed out in an earlier post some domestic lighting systems used this method of power storage in the 1890,s.
I am glad you found a chart listing the energy storage capacity of various substances with steel springs right at the bottom , perhaps if you had found this earlier you would not have embarked on developing a spring powered car

Does the medical profession really talk about "baby Aspirin" I would have thought that mg/Kg made more sense.

Although people survive crucifixion if they are cut down fairly quickly I would expect them to succumb to blood poisoning pretty soon

It costs very little to charge smart phone batteries from the mains only pennies not worth worrying about!
If you leave the computer on to get the USB sockets live that is wasteful but of course running the car just to charge the phone is a ridiculous way of doing it but if you are running the car anyway the increase in fuel consumption is to small to measure.

Technology / Re: What is a jet fuel surrogate?
« on: 04/12/2016 00:29:24 »
I might be reiterating what has already been written in this long running discussion but the simplest way to inject more sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere would be to ease the regulations against burning high sulfur diesel fuel by ships, to do it by modifying aircraft fuel would be vastly expensive whereas the latter would cost nothing.   

The LIGO device only works because the gravity wave travels at c if it traveled faster the received frequency in the detector would have been higher and would not have corresponded to that calculated for merging black holes.

Technology / Re: will this clockwork design work ?
« on: 03/12/2016 00:45:08 »
I think the designers of clockwork cars had all this worked out 100 years ago and abandoned their projects, this was before magical gearboxes were discovered with efficiencies of 10000%

PS the famous windup radios were quickly redesigned to incorporate batteries, the only success story for windup motors was for gramophone turntables where they were in use for about 80 years.

Until 29/07/2014 the figure chosen in the UK was 160/100 then it was reduced to 140/90 I don't know if has been reduced since as I have a job to make this reading

"we certainly don't all have hypertension".
The goal posts as to what defines hypertension are constantly lowered so that most people do have hypertension, I think there is big money made selling pills to the NHS.
I take amlodipine and suffer swollen legs but for the memory of my father of dying of stroke at 67 I would gladly give them up

Technology / Re: What is a jet fuel surrogate?
« on: 01/12/2016 13:22:04 »
At least you acknowledge that climate change is happening even if you have a bizarre idea as to its cause instead of the more wildly accepted explanation that it is due to the large quantity of carbon dioxide introduced into the atmosphere due to human activity. 

Technology / Re: will this clockwork design work ?
« on: 30/11/2016 14:41:41 »
Storing energy in compressed steel is rather like storing electrical energy in a capacitor which has the problem that the rate at which the energy can be recovered varies with the quantity of energy remaining (as the capacitor is discharged the voltage drops) This is not such a problem with electrical energy as the capacitor can feed into Variable pulse width PSU that can output a constant voltage.
This problem was overcome by the makers of mechanical chronometers by a device called a Fusse which was in effect a continuous variable gear but more weight and complication for your car.

Technology / Re: Can I harvest energy from overhead wires?
« on: 30/11/2016 09:43:12 »
You are not going to get anywhere with small structures , low frequency's require large structures look at the antennas at droitwich or those used by the military to communicate with their submerged submarines.   

Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / Re: Big crunch?
« on: 29/11/2016 22:11:04 »
No at the present time the Universe is still expanding and until recently it was thought that the rate of expansion was increasing but the most recent measurements throw doubt on this but as yet there is no evidence that it is slowing down.

Technology / Re: will this clockwork design work ?
« on: 29/11/2016 10:32:46 »
I think that patents have already been taken out for a clockwork car I recall seeing an illustration in Arthur Mees children's encyclopedia you are in effect storing energy by compressing steel and it can easily be shown that in terms of Joules stored per kilogram this is a pretty pore storage medium.
I think the best medium to store energy by compression is Helium gas and this has been used in some weapons all this talk about gear ratios is pretty irrelevant

General Science / Re: What is centrifugal force?
« on: 28/11/2016 21:18:52 »
I think it wrong to say that the gravitational waves emitted by a large planet such as Jupiter orbiting the Sun are to weak to be detected not by LIGO like devices of course but they certainly influence other planets and pull them into resonance.

Technology / Re: will this clockwork design work ?
« on: 28/11/2016 15:15:05 »
I am surprised that anything can be patented in the eighteen nineties large wind up clock like mechanisms were used to power small generators for domestic lighting (it was the job of one of the grooms to wind them up).

Beware of new version 14971 useful programs have been removed and a source of frequent crashes introduced.
Be Shure and keep a backup of the millennium version handy.
I have been cursing how difficult IE11 has become of late, there is a simple solution run it as administrator.

Go into the shortcut that opens it and modify in properties.

I think god really loves viruses and mankind was only created as a medium for them to flourish in.

I live in a district where the water has a lot of dissolved calcium, when the water is boiled in the kettle a certain amount of this is deposited on the heating element where as when the water is heated in a stainless steel pan on the hob this all stays in solution.
this may account for some difference in taste .

Technology / Re: Are video games really bad for teenagers?
« on: 21/11/2016 20:13:47 »
Reading carefully  it seems that you are convinced to the extent that you would place a bet on it that he interferes with children, you are only quoting your own opinion not stating that your opinion is fact .
Although this may not legally be slander because we are all permitted to have our opinions as long as we do not publish them as fact but I still think you are sailing close to the wind

Technology / Re: Are video games really bad for teenagers?
« on: 21/11/2016 18:52:54 »
Although no lover of USA president elect I feel this is verging on slander and should be removed

"plays all sorts of video games when he isn't interfering with children."     

Saint Augustine when asked "what did god do before creating heaven and Earth" replied "creating hell for those who asked to many questions".
I don't think physics has any better answers than theology my personal view is either nothing or the big crunch. 

I posed this Question to an egg producer during the war who hatched his own his birds who said he had done this and two normal small birds hatched out

Technology / Re: Are video games really bad for teenagers?
« on: 21/11/2016 11:29:02 »
I think that video games are good for young children as they give them an incentive to learn to read and write much as the wireless in the thirties made me learn to read the Radio Times.
I think the problem with Video games for young adults is that the consequences of violence are not made sufficiently clear with people surviving being blown up or being in crashes

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