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The zeroth commandment to mankind was "go forth and be fruitful" and is the only one to which much attention is paid.

Except for a few rare and expensive isotopes the amount of heat given of is too little to use as a viable energy source.

It is my experience that work in new technologies tends to be well paid for about ten years then fizzles out , I worked with the early crude monochrome and colour TVs which needed a lot of skilled maintenance now they are considered throw away items when worn.
I also worked with scanners both large and small for the print industry but now they have been killed off by digital cameras.

If you want a really high flashing rate you could use a laser or any other source of polarised light and a Kerr cell.
These were used in pre war projection TVs and the early HELL film recorders with which I used to work.

During WWII the signals used by the Luftwaffe to guide their bombers was interfered with so that they bombed the wrong target

An electromagnet running on AC will repel a conductive metal sheet (The London science museum has such a demonstration setup in the children's section) 

You get very nostalgic about what it was to be virile young lad 70 years ago

Physiology & Medicine / Re: body bacteria
« on: 11/07/2014 11:45:01 »
There are some very strange viruses that alter a creatures mood such as those that make mice attracted to cats ! so that they can be eaten.
It is thought some even make humans take more risks than prudence would dictate.

Technology / Re: Why aren't there tesla chargers?
« on: 10/07/2014 17:01:26 »
Cordless chargers are very useful for implanted devices such as pacemakers and cochlea implants but generally speaking a wired connection will always work better if practicable.
I believe some use has been made of charging coils for busses at bus stops but they are a rather special case.

Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / Re: radioactive decay?
« on: 10/07/2014 16:53:49 »
some nuclear "waste" contains valuable elements such as Polonium our uranium 294 but the cost of extraction is very high and would not justify extracting elements such as Radium or trying to use the heat generated by the waste en mass to generate electricity.

Although it is necessary to feed a much higher voltage and current into a sub wavelength antenna this should only result in loss of radiated power due to the resistive loss in the materiel.
I superconductive materiel is used for its construction it should be possible to achieve higher radiative efficiency

Although Plutonium oxide thermal power generators are very reliable the plutonium is exceedingly expensive and there is a worldwide shortage to the extent that research is ongoing to use Stirling engines that have a higher conversion efficiency and can produce the same power using less Plutonium.   

Because your eyes are separated in a horizontal line, lie on your side and you will think you have an up-down reversal.

Geek Speak / Re: communication loss
« on: 25/06/2014 20:28:46 »
Mystery solved ! They have changed the name to 

But why four systems responded to the old URL but not the Windows 8.1 system on my regular computer is a mystery.

It could be that this system is from a different source than the others .

Geek Speak / communication loss
« on: 25/06/2014 19:15:27 »
I have two computers making 5 systems available i:e two windows 7 64 bit one windows 8.1 32 bit and two windows 8.1 64 bit.
My main computer running win 8.1 64 bit will not let me access the nature magazine with IE11 although all the other publications' I have listed are available and Nature is available with Google Chrome.
It is only on this computer with this system and browser that this happens !!
DISM and reloading IE11 via features does no good !

Just a simple arithmetic question such as I could solve at the age of seven , hardly cutting edge technology

Technology / Re: How do gyroscopes work?
« on: 22/06/2014 21:44:13 »
Proper gyroscopes with frictionless bearings do not be behave same way by precessing that toy ones do   

To see an optical image delayed by 0.72 seconds you would need a light path of about 214,000 km, the best available telescopes would have a resolution of hundreds of meters per pixel at this distance so its not on apart from considerations of attenuation if mirrors are used.

what got me thinking along this line was the history of the infamous countess Elizabeth Bathory who is reputed to have killed 650 young girls to drink or bathe in their blood.
Research has recently shown infusion with young blood has a rejuvenating effect so presumably the countess was onto something.
Religious people talk of being washed in the blood of the lamb so the idea is of great antiquity it would seem that what at first are crazy ideas must have some small basis in fact could it be that the vaginal fluids of young women could have some antibiotic effect.

I realise that pondering on his subject may be considered unethical and would in not be offend if you remove it from the record. 

To generate the required superheated steam for the turbine pure distilled water is required trying to use sea water would quickly destroy the whole plant

Physiology & Medicine / An unethical syphilis treatment
« on: 15/06/2014 15:06:08 »
Prior to the development of modern treatments sex with a virgin was considered a "good" way to get rid of various STD,s with the light of modern knowledge of bacteriophages and antibodies could this of had any effect.

I have the same problem if I crank my head back to look at something high up, when I climb a ladder I have to be sure to keep looking down and tie myself on if I am working (also the same problem using the maximum acceleration of my car).

I have always understood that the loss of performance of vacuum tubes over time was due to the build up of resistance between the cathode and the emitting surface the special tubes used in the TAT cable used Platinum cathodes to overcome this effect and ran for 25 years without failure.
The Magnetrons in microwave ovens always run at full power variable cooking effect is achieved by switching them on for variable times.

It is a pretty simple process to produce humans at least to start it of, I can never understand the enthusiasm for cloning.

Untold millions died as the result of the trivial three mile island nuclear accident not directly of course but due to the destruction of the nuclear power generation industry that resulted.
This led to the continuing use of fossil fuels with the attendant pollution, wars and industrial accidents that this entails

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