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Technology / Re: Is there a working quantum computer?
« on: 17/05/2016 20:16:44 »
I don't think we will have to wait till 2020 progress is very fast, is it possible to run a simulation of a quantum computer on a large conventional computer if so is there any gain ?

This is a very simple arithmetic problem rather out of place in a forum discussing Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology.

American homes are normally supplied with single phase 220v with a grounded centre tap to supply low power devices with 110v.
What is the KVA rating of the local transformers and how many homes does it supply or does each home have its own transformer ? 

Thunder storms produce Nitrogen compounds that could well act as a stimulant for the milk souring bacteria.

Technology / Re: Is the Tesla turbine "better"?
« on: 03/05/2016 22:28:15 »
I believe that spark transmitters were employed in some German anti aircraft radars in the 1940,s

Planets are considered to be capable of supporting life if they orbit their star within the goldilocks zone where liquid water can exist.
By my reckoning the Earth lies outside this zone with a black body temperature of 250K where water can only exist in a solid form.
Would alien astronomers write it off ?

Up until 1965 most British TV,s had very crude power supplies that injected 0.3A back into the mains, I have of6ten wondered if this had a bad effect on the transformers.

I think Alan underrates the severity of the English law in a recent case a defendant accidently killed a police officer trying to stop his car  in a case where the charge would normally have been one of causing death by dangerous driving was charged with murder and despite the disagreement of the jury the was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 21 years imprisonment.


If the problem was acute the pilots direct view could be replaced with a television system where only one of several redundant cameras each incorporating different filters would be the only things risking damage.
I would expect such a system to introduce additional dangers and only be used if the problem became acute.

Geek Speak / Re: Anyone got an m.2 PCIe SSD drive?
« on: 20/04/2016 14:45:46 »
Sadly it seems that my motherboard does not support them ,what I thought were the appropriate sockets are only for extra USB.

Although at present it does not seem possible to shield against gravity does it not depend on whether or not the Graviton has mass ?.
The graviton is postulated to have a mass vastly smaller than that of the Neutrino and its hard enough to shield against that but if the Graviton has non zero mass there is at least a theoretical possibility that it can be screened against

Colliding black holes emit a vast amount of energy in the form of gravitational waves for a few milliseconds  ,What would be the effect of this on one or would other forms of radiation pose a greater threat

On one rare occasion I did find myself at the end of a rainbow surrounded by multicolored light for a few seconds , I looked aro0und for the "pot of gold" but found none

I Victorian times it was believed that it should be possible to obtain a picture of the killer by dissecting the eyes of the vivtim

One of the limitations of obtaining information from brainwaves is that it is unethical to insert probes directly into the brain this of course would not apply if the person being interrogated had what the authorities regarded as information of value to the military

Geek Speak / Re: Anyone got an m.2 PCIe SSD drive?
« on: 15/04/2016 21:42:08 »
I am contemplating buying such a SSD for my ASUS late model computer, it will of course run the latest windows 10 14316 and I will report how I get along with it.

General Science / Re: What is God?
« on: 14/04/2016 11:23:34 »
I always thought god created mankind as a growth medium for viruses that are his real interest

It's been on the drawing board for as long as fusion reactors!
I think the Icelanders have a love/hate relationship with geothermal power that causes a lot of contamination they like their warm apartment's and swimming pools but are not keen to have too much of it

One underwater transmission line that should be built is Iceland to the UK to tap the abundant geothermal power that can be generated there

It is well known by intelligent people that torture is pretty unsuccessful at extracting reliable information even the GESTAPO knew that but on film and TV it is always displayed as very effective.
My interest was whether reliable hi-tech methods are being developed.

I recall seeing such a machine illustrated in in a pop culture scientific science magazine in the thirties has technology court up with science fiction yet.

Could we get some idea by comparing the strength of the nuclear force to that of gravity and the distance over which it operates ?.

Geek Speak / Re: What is the FBI asking Apple to do?
« on: 30/03/2016 00:26:03 »
I would be interested to know whether the FBI have actually generated a password and accessed data in the phone or simply found a way to bypass the self destruct system.
For a brute force password generation to work you need a way to input trial passwords rapidly you cannot do it by pressing buttons !.

I think that the decision to invade Poland and intensify the persecution of the Jews was prompted to some extent by the withdrawal of American loans. 

If the Graviton has a non zero mass its range is no longer infinite but how much is its range limited if it has a mass close to the maximum established by the LIGO results.

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