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This rather nullifies the argument about different mass cannon balls dropped from the leaning tower of Pisa taking the same time to fall, due  to the mutual attraction between the Earth and the cannon balls the heavier one will take less time to reach the ground than the lighter one assuming they are dropped at separate times.
The difference is very small and would be difficult to measure but easy to calculate. 

I don't know about silver or platinum in spark plugs but platinum is very useful for contract breaker points if you have a pre transistor ignition system.

General Science / Re: Is "organic" food safe to eat?
« on: 02/09/2015 23:22:03 »
The only time I would buy "organic food" is when the supermarkets sell it of cheap because they can't get rid of it.

Countries with atom bombs such as North Korea and Pakistan don't get invaded by the Americans that's why they want them. 

I would like to make a copy of the Portland vase

Geek Speak / Re: Has anyone tried Windows 10?
« on: 25/08/2015 20:47:07 »
If you read my posts from the last year you can see how it has evolved from something rather useless to something brilliant

Technology / Re: Which route is more fuel-efficient?
« on: 20/08/2015 15:05:06 »
There are several factors to consider, the overall thermal efficiency will generally in terms of MPG will be lower when driving in a lower gear but you must bear in mind how the lengths of the different routes compare.
How long is a piece of string ? 

All though there much glib talk about putting 100 watts into speakers I am sure that speakers which are only about 1% efficient would soon go up in smoke if the voice coils tried to dissipate 99 watts.
the actual power in sound waves is very low I recall reading that a symphony orchestra puts out about 1 watt

I remember a car running at Brands Hatch in the early sixties with a pulse jet engine similar to those in the V1 flying bomb, one disadvantage (amongst many !) was that it would not operate at less than 100kph

I think we are putting too much blame on programmers surely many crashes are due to transient hardware glitches otherwise things would not run after the reboot if you attempted the same operation again.

When servicing TV,s many years ago I found in one house the line voltage had dropped to about 130 volts and varying wildly which I diagnosed as a disconnection between the neutral connection of the local distribution transformer and the neutral line.
connecting the neutral line to ground at the house made a temporary fix so that I could check the TV

When I first encountered it I found the USA system rather confusing they use a delta three phase system with one output winding centre tapped and grounded to supply either 117 or 234 volts for domestic use.
the result is if you check the voltage of the delta lines relative to ground you find two of 117v and one of about 160v which rather puzzled me !

I too thought such efficient mirrors were available but could not find a supplier, it would be interesting to set up an experimental system in one of the long tubes used for gravity wave research a possible IG noble project

Even with a 1mm hole and a 1m beam width the loss of energy would be trivial compared with the losses incurred by real world mirrors, it seem that the best available have a 0.1% loss at each reflection so making the box long is the best solution.

Physiology & Medicine / Re: How does acupuncture work?
« on: 21/07/2015 07:38:05 »
Placebo effect

Bored Chemist
I assume your long light storage box would have slightly curved mirrors so that the light beam would stay on centre and not spread out.
Rather like the Spectra Physics lasers with which I used to work, your 12882 Km long device should have a quite high "Q" factor with only 23.28 reflections per second.
Assuming otherwise perfect mirrors the loss at each reflection the would be in proportion of the area of the hole compared to the beam width area

It would be interesting to know how much power is expended per cubic meter to maintain the near perfect vacuum in the LHC
As far as I can ascertain the refrigeration system of the LHC consumes 170 KW to maintain 9000 cubic meters of vacuum which equate to about 19w/m^3 of course the initial pump down from atmospheric pressure would have required a considerable amount of energy.

Geek Speak / Re: Has anyone tried Windows 10?
« on: 18/07/2015 10:33:14 »
We are up to version 10240 which it no longer lists as experimental so that should be the "final" one.
It can be downloaded from file sharing sources free of viruses (checked with three different AV software) and loaded preserving all your programs even if you are not a member, it is activated but I do not know for how long or whether it can be legally used for commercial purposes.
Windows 10 is rather perverse as regards video card settings my GS8400 cards require version NVIDIA 310 for the video processing programs to run in accelerated mode but windows 10 does not like this and as soon as an internet connection is available alters in back to 341 !

I don't know to what extent it applies to aircraft but there is an old adage "if it ain't broke don't fix it"

Geek Speak / Re: How do I startup the Edge in windows 10
« on: 16/07/2015 22:04:34 »
I have found a partly obscred  blue blob on the taskbar that does the job and can be moved into  a more conspicuas position

To condense every last particle of gas in a one cubic meter chamber a cold sink would have to be maintained for an indefinite time and or a getter fired as in CRT,s  despite thermal leakage.
To remove EVERY particle would take an infinite time and energy.

If we take light as a general term for electromagnetic radiation we have the example of the resonant cavity used at radio frequencies, these are defined by there Q factors this being the ratio of stored energy verses that which dissipates.
Presumably one with a Q factor of 1000 would have the stored energy reduced to 1/e in one millisecond and pro rata.
Cavities where it is desired to store a great deal of energy such as in LHC are constructed of super conductive materiel.

The simple answer is by making the charge carriers move which generates a magnetic field.

Geek Speak / How do I startup the Edge in windows 10
« on: 15/07/2015 14:53:14 »
I find the edge browser superior to IE11 but have difficulty starting it up, what I have to do is open some URL that naturally reverts to Edge (the default browser) and then with the favourites imported from IE11 get the URL I want.
I would be nice if I could open it from the taskbar as I di IE11.

Geek Speak / Re: How do I delete unwanted files
« on: 13/07/2015 18:47:01 »
The answer it is not high tech there is a built in facility called disk clean accessed from C drive/properties that does the job, all that is required is that the unwanted folder is correctly labelled and directly on the C drive

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