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Geek Speak / Re: popcorn time
« on: 18/04/2014 08:14:45 »
Many things that scientist do are illegal or immoral by normal standards such as designing nuclear weapons or planning how to burn tens of thousands of people to death in a city air raid or synthesizing plague viruses.
These things have to be done in a controlled environment where all the moral and legal implications are taken into account.
When I write to a scientific forum I assume that the readership take these matters into account and do not assume I am trying to incite the readership to break all copyright laws I feel I have been stamped on rather unjustly

Physiology & Medicine / Re: Bad Breath?
« on: 17/04/2014 19:18:16 »
How do I know if I have bad breath ? should I be able to smell it myself or do I have to see if people cringe and back away from me ?

The image in the mirror is looking out whereas you are looking in that is where the reversal has occurred

It is because you have turned your head around relative to what you are viewing what you are seeing with your right eye is what you should be seeing with your left and visa versa.

No answer to the question what does Tritium cost but I have seen suggestions that it should be mined on the Moon but knowing what it cost to collect a few kilo's of rocks I would think quite a lot.
As far as I can tell about $100m/Kg although nano grams can be useful

I would be interested to know what does Tritium cost I can well imagine that it would be a very expensive source of power.

You are talking about really trivial amounts of money your mobile phone charger would cost you at the most if left running for a week 0.50 as for charging during driving the most minor variation in driving technique would far exceed in cost the cost incurred in charging.

I may be a luddite but I fully agree with the data slow down scheme proposed by CliffordK

My only concern would be that radiation sterilisation would be used to try and hide the spoiling of food stuffs prior to its use although these should be easily detected.
I feel that its use would be much better than processes such as adding salts or nitrates many of which may well be carcinogenic.
As for nutrition the only doubts that I have are the possible loss of vitamins but this is much less than normal cooking.

Up until the 1990,s British TV,s had the most crude power supply systems with the mains supply connected directly to the chassis of the receiver and no isolating transformer.
Isolation for the aerial cable was provided by a capacitor unit near the aerial socket but these frequently became damaged, all was just about safe if the TV was connected to a non reversible power socket in such a manner that the chassis was connected to the neutral side but the arrangement tended to get disturbed by owners extending the lead or wiring plugs incorrectly.
It was not unheard of for the aerial to be at live mains potential and aerial riggers had to keep this in mind

Technology / Re: Voyager 1 thermal control
« on: 09/04/2014 08:11:23 »
I don't think anything could be saved by switching loads on an off the amount of electric power available declines at a steady rate if you don't use any of the power available it does not affect the rate of decay of power available this falls due to the decay of the radioactive Plutonium, nothing can be conserved.
The only thing that can be determined by experiment is whether the system can be kept running for a longer time with less power.

Technology / Re: Voyager 1 thermal control
« on: 08/04/2014 10:31:06 »
I understand that experiments are to be made to test what heaters can be switched off without impairing the performance, it takes a very brave technician to do experiments on a 40 year old $3 Billion piece of equipment one must have a very good arrangement for buck passing if something gets destroyed !!

There is already a vast amount of radiant energy coming in from space if one uses a expensive system to concentrate it it can be collected over a smaller area but it is far more economical to increase the collection area.

Technology / Re: Voyager 1 thermal control
« on: 07/04/2014 18:33:24 »
It seems logical considering the problems that would arise with any direct heat transfer scheme that inefficient as it maybe the use of electrical heating was the best solution.
it seems that back in the cold war days much more plutonium was available and the electrical system could be designed for greater output than would be possible today.

Technology / Voyager 1 thermal control
« on: 07/04/2014 12:24:19 »
I have been reading the New Scientist discussion as to whether or not Voyager 1 has left the Solar system and one point about its power consumption surprised me that was that most of its electrical power is taken up by heaters used to keep its instruments at an appropriate working temperature.
This seems a very strange system as the electrical power is derived from thermo electrical generators that are probably less than 10% efficient so there must be a great deal of waste heat available why was some of this not diverted for thermal control ?

Technology / Re: Tyre inflation pressures
« on: 05/04/2014 13:55:02 »
That sounds a good simple idea (like the Hindenburg venting Hydrogen to reduce altitude) but a problem arises when the race is slowed by a safety car and the tyres cool how do you bring the pressure back up.
I do not know if the regulations permit a computer controlled auto inflation system probably not .   

The performance of the modern F1 car is much influenced by the ride height and tyre inflation pressure.
Next season tyre warming blankets are to be banned, tyres are normally inflated by dried air or Nitrogen the pressure of which increases as the temperature rises, is there any thing that can be added to reduce this tendency ?.

My neighbours Nissan SUV has a camera system which displays a box on the screen for reverse parking I could certainly do with it on my old BMW you can see little in the mirrors when you reverse park and have to rely on the bleepers.

Geek Speak / Re: Using a digital camera as a webcam
« on: 01/04/2014 06:39:24 »
Web cams are very cheap and normally you don't need a high end camera for this job.
I have a little Logitec webcam that does a very good job.

If I open a .txt file with Adobe acrobat, notepad, WordPad or I.E 11, it works OK but not surprising not with Paint or Photoshop

I works for me, have you tried the mouse adjustment in the control panel and has the appropriate driver for the mouse been loaded ?.
I have a LOGITECH M205 mouse.
You could try running this it seems to fix most problems.

Geek Speak / Re: Using a digital camera as a webcam
« on: 31/03/2014 21:18:26 »
Some can some can't check your cameras instruction book or spec on the internet. my SONY Cyber-Shot  DSC-W320 is one of those that will not work

Geek Speak / Re: What do you think of Windows 8.1?
« on: 30/03/2014 14:05:06 »
I love windows 8.1 spring update, I use it with start8 which means it looks much like windows 7 only faster.
I am using outlook 2013 express to write this and have no problems with most of my regular programs and with the 32 bit version I can even run the 16 bit software for my 25 year old scanner and printer (with SCSI connection).
suggest a program you can't run and I will make a test with it.
You only need a password if you have a home network then it can be a single letter (my 4 year old neighbour has no problem working it) !

They would be very slow compared to regular elevators that are a very mature technology that cannot easily be improved on.
They would also take up a great deal of room!

if you drive around listening to MW broadcasts you will find spots where the synchronised transmitters interfere and block each other out, this was the basis for a war time aircraft navigation system.
When photons are considered as waves this is easy to visualise but when they are considered as particles the matter becomes much more complex and QM must be invoked.

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