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Geek Speak / Re: How can I reset my CMOS?
« on: 23/05/2015 13:09:44 »
I can understand why some large organizations hang on to a long obsolete OS such as windows XP but not while a private user would not have upgraded at least to windows 7 which is superior although it is to approaching obsolesence 

General Science / Re: Theory of Evolution?
« on: 21/05/2015 17:12:50 »
I am staying in Indiana for two weeks and pius church members look at this strange atheist creature and ask "do you believe in evolution !"

I don't think that the scientific community will ever consider that they have built the largest machine that is required to do all the research that they would like to do but I believe that at Cern the largest machine that it is possible to finance has already been built.

I to have gone supersonic in a 747 flying back to LHR from south Korea we had a ground speed of 760 MPH and were able to miss out a stop at FRA (the only trip I have had a second meal).

I think the women that report this are usually pretty fat and attribute the normal signs of pregnancy to other things, often they are taking birth control pills and are convinced they could not possibly be pregnant and think this is why they have no periods

What about oysters that are normally eaten alive should we device some way to kill them first ?

Equivalence theory tells me I should not be able to distinguish between acceleration and gravity but when my tall space ship is sitting on the earth I can measure a difference in G whether my instrument is on the floor or near the ceiling.
Presumably this would not happen when I was away from the Earth and accelerating in space.

Rather what I thought but the tablets I had in mind were dandelion stocked by a reputable pharmacy

As a result of taking tablets to reduce blood pressure I suffer swollen legs and feet would diuretics help.

Technology / Re: Wireless Power is it possible?
« on: 08/05/2015 13:28:16 »
In pre war days armature radio transmitter enthusiast used to have loops of wire laying around with miniature light bulbs soldered into them to impress the uninitiated

"What stories are those? What moral principles? What cultural values? Ghastly rubbish with talking animals? What have they got to do with culture or morality? Flat people who can slide under doors? Same question. Someone eating and drinking things and getting bigger and smaller? "
This would seem to be an allusion to the stories of Alice in wonderland and thru the looking glass, when you remember they were written by an university mathematics lecturer at a time when a lot of new ideas were coming into  mathematics who would have been familiar with the halucigenic drugs used by his students they begin to make sense.
Some of the mad hatters party people are thinly disguised real people.

Geek Speak / Re: How can I record TV with my computer?
« on: 06/05/2015 20:22:54 »
The picture quality produced by my DTV300 is excellent and I often watch motor racing events on my computer monitor rather than my regular TV so that I can get additional information from the internet simultaneously and push the TV to a small area of the screen.   

Crookes Radiometer's are available for about $12 I suggest that if that is all that is holding up this superluminal space ship project he starts crowd funding 

if I use AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro Edition 5.5 to make exact copy of a HDD to make a backup when I run this drive everything appears the same but when I look into System it says its not activated.

The military want its personnel to kill whoever they want killed if they are brainwashed into believing its no different from killing people on the screen the less likely are they to disobey.

Geek Speak / Re: Has anyone tried Windows 10?
« on: 30/04/2015 22:04:06 »
We are now up to version 10074 , it has a facncy new browser "Spartan" in which money manager does not work (it works OK in IE11) the input list is not too bad but not as good as Start8 which can be added.

The answers to most of the questions asked here are in the Wiki article "Quark"

Another strange thing about the Neutron decay to a Proton is the vast amount of time it takes when nuclear reaction times are normally measured in femto seconds rather as though gravity was playing a part rather than the normal nuclear forces

During the 1939/1945 there was a deal of censorship radar was supposed be a secret British invention and publications such as Wireless World could not publish details, surprisingly just after the war a great deal was published about the design and construction of atom bombs some of which quickly became secret again.
I know of course that Neutrons had been discovered three years earlier but our school textbooks were seriously out of date.

As a boy we were taught that the nucleus of an atom consisted of protons and electrons, Neutrons like radar were military secrets we did not want the Germans to know about.
After the war we were told that this was nonsense and the nucleus consisted of Protons and Neutrons, with the discovery of Neutron stars it was postulated that Electrons could be forced into Protons by gravitational pressure so the first theory was not that far out.
how does this happen Protons and Electrons and are of different classes of particle I would have thought that any union would be impossible.   

Did our universe begin with only protons, anti protons, electrons an anti electrons ?.
I have the very nave view that the neutron is a proton that somehow has an electron forced into it that only survives when it has proton companions otherwise ejects the electron after 15 minutes or so. 

PS if it all began as a soup of quarks where did the electrons come from that are apparently not built from quarks but a different type of particle ?

Geek Speak / Re: Has anyone tried Windows 10?
« on: 24/04/2015 06:30:43 »
Windows 10 have downloaded a new update to version 10061 both Google toolbar and money manager now run OK !, it's almost as good as XP32 now.

Geek Speak / Re: How do you revive a dead computer?
« on: 22/04/2015 22:23:15 »
My current computer is built from an 2014 ASUS mother board bundle but in a dusty corner of the attic I have this this old one with an 8 bit processor 64kb memory and CPM/Basic software I wondered if that could be of any help to get my hypothetical formatted computer going   

Geek Speak / Why is loading linux-Kali so complex
« on: 22/04/2015 09:34:09 »
On the recommendation of Chris I thought I would try Kali to which end I made a 50Gb partition on my spare drive and downloaded a compressed ISO version from the internet which came in in 7 minutes.
I thought this won't take long ,decoded to my regular loading USB dongle , selected with the BIOS but the only result was "no system".
selected the drive on which to load it clicked on setup and the answer was not compatible had another go and it eventually let me start.
There was then a procedure putting in passwords and what not then at last it asked me to make a restart and tell it which partition to put it on.
it then insisted that it did a forensic clean up of the empty partition that looks like taking about two hours .

More later

Technology / Re: Is it 12pm or AM?
« on: 21/04/2015 13:30:43 »
I think you would have a problem converting the Americans all their space probes run on eastern time

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