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When I was a boy we had a trolley bus system in Maidstone powered by a 20 megawatt coal fired power station in the center of the town, the environmental impact was considerable !

The remains of a group of people with abnormaly small heads were found and refered to as Hobbits could it of been caused by the zika virus

When they are in a reasonable enviroment humans are probably better at gathering scientific data than robots but this would not be the case on Mars people there would have to spend 99% of their energies just to survive.
Better stick to robots!

I did not intend that the method of generating the downward thrust should be gone into too deeply only power absorbed generating the downwards thrust.
0.9 kilowatts per Kg sounds very modest.
perhaps I should have explained who or what puck was but I thought Shakespears sprite was well known.
Perhaps the problem could looked at in a different way let us assume that Puck is travelling at a normal obital speed what power is required to accelerate him to 17.5 m/s in 40 minutes ? 

I have often wondered why there is supposed to be something magical about black holes the density of the matter inside the event horizon does not need to be much greater than that of Neutrons that are composite particles i.e quarks .
why is it not possible that a further stage of compression can take place without the density becoming infinite

The normal minimum orbit time for the Earth is about 84 minutes so to orbit it in 40 would require the continuous expenditure of energy , how much kilowatts per Kg of pucks mass.
possibly Puck being an ethereal being he might have zero mass which would of course reduce the energy required !

Neutrinos cannot move at the speed of light they have mass. this is now well established

Geek Speak / Re: What does building a computer entail?
« on: 21/01/2016 19:14:12 »
I think you can consider you have built a computer if you construct it from TTL chips on circuit boards you have designed and constructed your self.
I know this is like buying the bricks from the brick yard but it is the minimum amount of DIY that will produce what we think of as a computer today.
The most DIY intensive effort I can think of is to build a simple computer with electromagnetic relays that can be constructed in the home workshop but even then one would need a source of insulated wire!.
Perhaps we should speak of assembling a computer and not building it. 

Geek Speak / Re: What does building a computer entail
« on: 09/01/2016 18:16:27 »
Babbage did not lack intellectual skills to design a computer what he lacked were the business skills to get it into production.
His designs were later built by other engineers one as recently as the nineteen nineties.
TTL chips were not really required some early computers were built with pseudo TTL with transistors glued onto chips

There are two technologies which properly applied would do a great deal of good for mankind but for some bizarre reason there is a great deal prejudice against both I refer of course to fission type nuclear power and genetic engineering instead people seem to want windmills and manure type farming.

Geek Speak / What does building a computer entail?
« on: 08/01/2016 20:20:48 »
I rather resent people claiming they haves "built a computer" when what they have done is purchase a commercially built mother board and plugged a few circuit boards into it and loaded commercially available software.
Any one who has built even a calculator from TTL to their own design knows this is a task of much greater magnitude than "building a computer".

I often wonder if computer malware is written by anti malware software providers in a sort of incestuous relationship like police and criminals who need each other.

Technology / Re: When should you replace a microwave?
« on: 12/12/2015 22:26:25 »
One of the possible reasons for replacing a microwave cooker is if the motor that rotates the plate fails.
It is difficult to find a correct motor listed on the internet so one has to guess from pictures of what motors are available, I was lucky but buying unsuitable ones and trying to fit them with the work involved could be a wasteful exercise.
Another reason is if the glass plate is broken but with any luck you might find one thrown away with a suitable plate.
I grew up during the war when everything repairable had to be fixed and the thought of scrapping anything with a minor fault horrifies me.
A better test for the Faraday cage efficiency would be Bluetooth speaker that operates on 2.4GHz 

Simple I can understand SR with my schoolboy maths but GR defeats me with tensors and whatnot

If any correspondents contemplate doing research with "crystal radio" they should bear in mind they are a prodigious source of intermodulation interference as I found during the war when receiving the 600KW world service transmitter from about 20 miles away on my very unselective receiver.

I was tempted to quote the I.C engine as a method of turning explosions into electricity but for proper operation the fuel/air mixture must burn rapidly but smoothly anything like an explosion is most undesirable and great care in the design is taken to avoid this.
The first designers of I.C engines attempted to use gunpowder but better fuels were soon found.

Geek Speak / Re: Why do I get this text distortion
« on: 09/11/2015 21:35:22 »
I had a problem trying to send this question because I used the normal squiggle for "at" it really threw me as I could not work out what I had done that was inadmissible !

Geek Speak / Re: Why do I get this text distortion
« on: 07/11/2015 11:13:35 »
I have removed the gibberish into which "01" is transmogrified is it permitted now ?

Geek Speak / Re: Why do I get this text distortion
« on: 07/11/2015 11:10:55 »
When I get the news letter from Einstein at home I get this distortion of the text so that O1 becomes “O1”  I have tried opening on several different computers with different software and it is always the same, I never get it on any other email and cannot reproduce it.

Geek Speak / Why do I get this text distortion
« on: 07/11/2015 11:08:36 »
What is blacklisted here

This is how evolution works those that protect their testicles from damage produce more kids!

Technology / Re: Can we construct this?
« on: 02/11/2015 04:38:09 »
The silly season seems to be in full swing, let us get back to some serious science and technology.

Technology / Re: Can I repair this lens's iris?
« on: 31/10/2015 14:39:09 »
To dismantle and repair anything requires special skills and often special equipment, special skills can be learnt go at it slowly but once you find special tools are needed stop !

The BIOS system on the Packard Bell motherboard does in fact display the battery voltage if you look in the right place, it will be one of the first things I will look at next time I get strange computer faults.

I should have been alerted to this problem as the first date displayed on the screen was often wrong.

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