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I was born at a very early age to a woman whom I believe to have been my Mother. She had been cavorting with a man whom I believe to have been my father, or possibly the milkman, some 9 months earlier.I went to skool at the age of 5, where I learnt the three Rs, reading, riting and rithmatic. I also learnt the three Bs, biology, bhemistry and bhysics. Then I learnt the three Zs, zleeping though zeography, zistory, and zart.When I left skool, I worked in Chemical analysis, but nobody could analyse my chemistry, so I was soon out of a job. I then worked in the retail industry, attaching new tails to various animals. Alas, it seems chimpanzees do not have tails. Once again I found myself on the shelf.I am now self employed, or rather, self unemployed all too frequently.My hobbies include photography (usually with a camera), eating and making a fool of myself on the Naked Science forum. I have at last found my forte. Alas forty found me many moons ago and left me well and truly behind.
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If brains were made of dynamite, I wouldn't have enough to blow my nose.

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