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Quote from: McKay
Do subatomic particles actually make up matter or they are created in interactions?
All matter is composed of atoms and molecules. See:
A definition of "matter" more fine-scale than the atoms and molecules definition is: matter is made up of what atoms and molecules are made of, meaning anything made of positively charged protons, neutral neutrons, and negatively charged electrons. This definition goes beyond atoms and molecules, however, to include substances made from these building blocks that are not simply atoms or molecules, for example white dwarf matter—typically, carbon and oxygen nuclei in a sea of degenerate electrons. At a microscopic level, the constituent "particles" of matter such as protons, neutrons, and electrons obey the laws of quantum mechanics and exhibit wave–particle duality. At an even deeper level, protons and neutrons are made up of quarks and the force fields (gluons) that bind them together (see Quarks and leptons definition below).

Even dlorde and alancalverd could say nothing intelligent about the following , let alone try to refute it ,despite my repetitive posting of the following ,on many occasions :  Here you go again thus :

What particular word , concept , sentence or whatever exactly can't  you understand from the following ? :

Conscious aware observation has to be made anyway , at the end of the measurement chain, as Von Neumann said ,so .

I understood every word. It is incorrect, illogical, and based on a narrow interpretation of "observation" which Heisenberg used to mean "interaction".  It would be unwise to base even a philosophy, let alone a science, on an anthropic arrogation of an entirely sensible axiom: when things interact, they change.
Can you shift your presence on the Internet in time to create a process firewall against hacking?  For a company the company would never put its current web pages on the Internet.  The master copy would always update the public copy.  The public copy could be a day old, a week, or a month.  The company would have a periodic update scheme to destroy the current public copy, open a Virtual machine and copy the master to the virtual machine, from a non-Internet connected server. Use the virtual machine to replace the destroyed public copy.  Then destroy the virtual machine. This would drastically reduce the damage to web pages.  Then users could have a similar scheme to protect themselves from online malware and spam.  Users could have a public face and a private face.  The private face could only be accessed by strict authentication protocols.  A user could filter 99% of all unwanted email.  The authentication process could utilize Skype to begin the trusted relationship.  Using a Skype session between two users they could transfer authentication schemes in the secure video session, with authentication passed in a background communications scheme imbedded in the Skype session.  Without being authorized by the user a website or email could not penetrate to the users accounts.
RD: You seem correct on those two, thanks for help.
Anyone else got a idea on the other 3
Just for the record, I'm with Einstein on this. I'm not fond of spooky action at a distance, or any kind of quantum mysticism. And I can't explain Bohr's theory.

Good stuff evan. 
Just Chat ! / Re: Punning is hard(ly) work! Groaning aloud here?
« Last post by demografx on Today at 20:42:38 »
Like this?

Physiology & Medicine / Re: My Baby's Blood Group
« Last post by evan_au on Today at 20:34:06 »
Blood Type A means the presence of protein "A" on the red blood cells. It may be present or absent.
Blood Type B means the presence of protein "B" on the red blood cells.  It may be present or absent.
Blood Type O means the absence of both proteins "A" and "B" on the red blood cells (ie none).

You inherit a gene from each of your parents, resulting in 4 possible combinations:
  • A+A or A+none: Blood type A
  • B+B or B+none: Blood type B
  • A+B: Blood type AB
  • none+none: Blood type O (ie neither protein A nor B is present)

In your case:
  • One parent has A+B (Blood Type AB)
  • The other parent has none+none (Blood Type O)

The child born to these parents can have the following combinations of the parents genes:
  • A+none: Blood type A
  • B+none: Blood type B

For the baby to have blood type O (ie none+none), both parents would need to have a "none" gene present, ie blood types A=A+none, B=B+none or O=none+none (but not A=A+A or B=B+B).

However, in this case, one parent has AB, so there is no "none" gene from that parent.
But it is possible to have grandchildren with blood type O (if that makes you feel any better...).
For more, see:

The number of combinations increases again when you add in the Rh factor...
domkarr :

See the following from Nature scientific magazine :

Simulations back up theory that Universe is a hologram :

And this one from New Scientist :

Experiment tests whether universe is a hologram :

The "physical reality " might be an elaborate  and persistent  illusion that looks, feels , tastes , sounds ...real to all of us, who wknow ?

Cheryl :

Read the following carefully : from New Scientist :

Quantum weirdness, the battle for the basis of reality :,d.d24

Use your mind ,Cheryl,  don't leave your mind to neither dlorde nor to materialism , like  Descartes who left (his ) the mind to the medieval Church, metaphorically speaking then  .   lol
Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / Re: Entangled particle connection
« Last post by evan_au on Today at 20:16:49 »
Quote from: PmbPhy
A photon cannot be split into two, period.
Nonlinear optical materials can do some odd things when the electric field intensity gets up around 108 V/m (eg from an intense laser). These effects were not discovered until after the invention of the laser.

One of those things is to turn a single photon into two photons, each having:
  • Half the Frequency
  • Half the Energy
  • Half the Momentum
  • Conserving all the usual properties
  • ...But it only happens rarely (eg 1 in 1012 photons)
  • ...and only some of these are entangled
Nonlinear optical materials can also do:
  • Two photons in produce 1 photon out, at twice the frequency
  • Two photons of frequency f1 and f2 produce a photon at (f1+f2) or (f1-f2)
  • ...and a number of other tricks with light and mirrors!
  • fact, many of the same techniques that radio engineers have used with nonlinear electronic devices over the past century.
I also discovered that at extremely high electric fields, a vacuum is thought to become nonlinear... I'm not sure why that is...
When you study a theory for which you find no algebraic or logical flaw, you start by investigating the statement of the theory.  The problem with Einstein's theory is in the statement - in the assumptions that are labeled as postulates which people erroneously presumed as an irrefutable, absolute, universal fact.

The definition of the word "postulate" is
  • a thing suggested or assumed as true as the basis for reasoning, discussion, or belief
  • an assumption used as a basis for mathematical reasoning
In mathematical theorems which are generally stated as "If ----, then ----," the "if" statement is not considered an absolute, universal truth, but the postulate in the statement of a theorem that is used in reasoning to derive the "then" statement.  For example, if a statement of a theorem begins with "If a function f is continuous," you do not presume that a function is always continuous.

The time dilation theory in the website you suggested begins with the following statement:
The phenomena of time dilation can be derived from the two postulates of special relativity, namely,
  • Principle of Relativity - The laws of physics are the same in all inertial frames of reference
  • Light Postulate - The speed of light in an inertial frame of reference is independent of the source

This would be the "if" statement that you presume in order to derive the "then" statement in the theory.  What has been misconstrued is that those postulates are absolute, universal truth that no one should question.  Unlike mathematical theorems in which certain results are derived under certain assumptions without violating any physical phenomena or raising questions about them, however, due to the nature of the statement regarding the physical universe, the postulates of Einstein's theory forces us to either accept the "if" statement along with the "then" statement of the theory as absolute truth or dispose the postulates along with the conclusion and corollaries of the theory as false - the results, and thus, the postulates, which the human technology at the time (and perhaps even least, to the extent that the general public is led to believe) did not evolve enough to dispute its veracity by achieving the luminal or a superluminal speed.  In case you are one of the people who assert that the veracity of the postulates has been verified, I'd ask whether you validated its accuracy yourself, or you're taking someone else's word for granted.

You have two choices here: 
  • you can either remain passive and defend a theory that has apparently been disproved by the counterexamples from many people's observations in the world;
  • or you can become more open-minded and proactive, and explore the new technology and the science behind it that have been presented to us by their experiences and contribute to advancing science and technology for future generations.
What is necessary in considering the theory is
  • our humility in recognizing that we do not know everything there is to know and the human race has not attained the pinnacle of scientific and technological evolution in the universe, for indeed, we are very far from attaining it;
  • our compassion in considering the experiences of many people in the world, rather than utterly and disrespectfully disregard them for the sake of upholding a theory, or we end up undermining what the world is trying to tell us through them;
  • our objectivity in reconsidering the theory that apparently has been disproved by such experiences;
  • our open-mindedness
If we all practiced the above (humility, compassion, objectivity, and open-mindedness) in all situations in life, the human race would be that much closer in recognizing all global issues and uniting to resolve them collectively in facing the greatest challenge of human history. 
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