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Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / Re: Are random events down to luck?
« Last post by jccc on Today at 07:27:59 »
One time I tossed a coin high, it was gone. No kidding.

Three ministers of religion were discussing what they did with the collection money.
The Methodist Minister said: I count it and split it 50/50 with God.
The C of E Vicar said: I spread it on a table and mark a line down the middle. Anything to the left is mine, to the right is Gods".
The Catholic Priest said: I put it all in one collection plate, throw it up in the air and anything God wants he can hang on to.

Guess we know where your coin went, jccc.

My coins are on the table, only when I am broke, they wen to store.
General Science / None
« Last post by Dan Taylor on Today at 06:32:47 »
We didn't go to the Moon. You can't return to a place you were never at to begin with!
We know the value of C, can we calculate the minimum mass? Searched like 1 to 3 solar mass is enough, don't get it.

How's possible any mini black hole exist? 
New Theories / Language of material
« Last post by pandey_23ajay on Today at 03:44:26 »
we know human beings have language.language is require to do work efficiently.
Animals also have language/special sound which has some meaning, we can say it is low level language.

do materials have language???

have you ever thought how material move from one area to another during embryo development ??
how materials move in coordinated way during embryo formation ????

All material movement/coordination is done by influence of genetic material, proteins and amino acids.

so we can say proteins have ability to give direction to other materials.
now we conclude that proteins are basic language of material.
right protein directed at right material can do wonders......

Why couldn't the message itself without standard error correction be the check?  If you have an outgoing transmission system and an incoming transmission system, and the outgoing sends a serial code say 12345678 and the incoming system receives the proper next serial code of 12345679 then you'd know a proper and expected transmission took place.
Just Chat ! / Re: Punning is hard(ly) work! Groaning aloud here?
« Last post by demografx on Today at 02:55:50 »
Anna has gone into the ladies undergarment business with a friend. She can now be referred to as a co bra business woman.

I went to visit them and yes naked women were all around.

'Ello, 'ello, 'ello, I thought, as probably a fitting session I can sea going on.

I made a lewd comment about one woman's bosom, but it didn't rattle 'er. She said, "I tied this ribbon to secure my boobs. I find the bow a constrictor of more comfort than some bras."

I confess I was breathing heavy, she said "Please sir pant no more.

C''mon, let's milk this line of punning as best we can. I don't think anyone will grass on us.

I'm off to lunch now. I'll have some pie then try to think of some more snake puns.


What if drop a basketball to the floor, count how many times it jumps till it stops?

Just Chat ! / Re: Punning is hard(ly) work! Groaning aloud here?
« Last post by demografx on Today at 01:27:36 »

Anna has gone into the ladies undergarment business with a friend. She can now be referred to as a co bra business woman.

Did you hear about Anna's new dyslexic boyfriend?

He just walked into a bra and got drunk!
That's not the real thing, it's just a disassembled camera seen under studio lighting conditions....

The scientific method is the real thing, and not you or anyone else has contradicted that....

"The Naked Scientists".... Hah! They should just rename it "The Scientists New Clothes".
If the spin states are exactly opposite then you know the state of the far particle without looking at it, merely knowing the spin state of the near particle. Can you arbitrarily induce spin state in the near particle thereby controlling the spin state at the opposite end?

Say you have two participants in an experiment 300 million metres apart. one starts the entanglement transmission and you detect one entangled particle. The sender would have to trap his particle in order to measure its state and send a confirmation. So even with a one second gap you are only guessing until confirmation arrives. Consider the two participants at 1 million times greater the distance. You then cannot even guarantee that the entanglement remains unaffected in its journey and the confirmation time is even worse. The send and receive times are worse. In this case the signal round trip is 22 days. Not exactly FTL.

How would you ever have error correction without confirmation?
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