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Just Chat ! / Re: Live and Learn..........
« Last post by Ethos_ on Today at 23:43:13 »

You seem to be having a nice time with your one-line philosophies Ethos.

Quite a fantastic time I must say!

BTW,.... as to my last you have so eloquently put it.

If we never recognize our errors, we have no hope of ever learning anything new. Maybe you didn't quite get the message I was trying to send. It may also be true that I was in error to word it the way I did. I shall try to learn from that mistake. It would do us all well to follow this example!

In any case, I appreciate the INTEREST...? you've shown in these one-liners.
Just Chat ! / Re: Punning is hard(ly) work! Groaning aloud here?
« Last post by demografx on Today at 23:30:09 »
Today is also Reptile Awareness Day.

......and quite rightly so, after all, reptiles have tort us a great deal about telling the truth. Liz ardly ever leave their lips (or beaks).

Ailene Hewitt asked the Naked Scientists:
Is it possible that there is a connection between the ever-increasing use of technological devices is impacting the magnetic energy fields and our problem with bees dying in vast numbers?

What do you think?
"The Spiritual Brain , A Neuroscientist's Case For The Existence of The Soul  " By Mario Beauregard and Denyse O'Leary

(Prior note : Cheryl : why didn't you download the audio version of this book for which i provided you with a link to download it from ? Why didn't you use the library's wifi for that then, lazy sis , since you pretend to be interested in what these scientists had to say ?  , not to mention your cameleon-like mood swings that make this discussion with you a very Kafkaian weird one .
Non-materialist cognitive therapy might help you with that , i guess .
I tried to fix the display of this excerpt , almost in vain ...sorry .)

How do you know what I did or didn't download? You said I was wasting your time with silly games, so I did not think you would be interested in my comments.
Technology / Re: renewable energy??? any ideas?
« Last post by alancalverd on Today at 22:47:18 »
It seems that Pu238 units run up to 300W (as in the Cassini probe) and indeed to get to kW outputs you need a fission reactor.
Quote from: JohnDuffield
I'm afraid it isn't true. There are vacuum fluctuations in empty space, but these aren't charged particles. They're more like photons, and transient ephemeral weak little photons at that. Have you ever been on a ship? Think of a real photon as an oceanic swell wave that barrels across the sea. Think of vacuum fluctuations as the little ripplets on the surface of the sea.
There you go. Creating your own theories and then claiming that they're right. You're claim, as usual, goes against mainstream physics, i.e. once again you're wrong. Vacuum energy consists of Vacuum polarization, i.e. particle-antiparticle pairs such as electron and positrons. The pairs annihilate each other and that's why they're virtual, they don't exist long enough to be detected. If they were photons then photons can't annihilate each other.

You can learn all about this in The Road to Reality by Roger Penrose, (2004), page 676.
Just Chat ! / Re: Punning is hard(ly) work! Groaning aloud here?
« Last post by demografx on Today at 22:43:16 »
Today is Count Your Buttons Day.

Errrrr.......... Ummmmmm..........

NONE. Well that didn't take long, what shall I do for the rest of the day???

AH! Just moment..... I'll sit down here. Now I have one button.


I have one butt on this chair.

I stared at my belly butt on so much, I was promoted to navel officer.

Ummm, Billy, call the naval officer in for his medication please.
Mary wondered why she was no longer receiving information from the fertility clinic. She was unaware that they had relocated to new premises until the new place sent her their new address and explaining they had run out of womb at the old offices.

Oh vary funny I'm sure.
Billy's boss had offered him a posting overseas. Bill's wife, Mary, said to him, "you tear us apart and we'll never have a baby.
Suddenly I heard someone call out,
"Phil, open Ian's tubes.

Don_1 female punatomy explained.

Quote from: Roju
I've learnt in school that the energy required to break Ozone O3 into O2 +O is equivalent to a UV-Phtoton with a wavelength of 220-310 nm.

Why is it that when O+O2 bond to become O3, a photon with a wavelength of 220-310 nm isn't emited?
Hi Roju: Welcome to the forum! :)

This is a problem that's best answered by a chemist. However let me say this. Just because it takes a certain amount of energy E_a to cause energy to be released it doesn't mean that the energy released is E_a. For example; think of a high cliff where at the top there is a bowl shaped indentation next to the edge. The particle is initially at rest at the bottom of the bowl. It takes an amount of energy E_a to raise the particle to the edge of the indentation, the energy going into just enough work to raise the particle from the bottom of the bowl to the top edge of the cliff and push it off. The particle then falls off the cliff and falls a very large distance to the ground. When the particle hits the ground a large amount of energy is released.

Now think of the potential well and an electron in the potential well. Let the potential be defined as follows

V(x) = x2 + a, x < R
V(x) = 0, x > R

Let the particle be at rest at x = 0. If we input an amount of energy E_a = R^2 then the electron can transition to V(x) = 0 while releasing the amount of energy E_b = a + R^2 > E_a. Do you see how this works?

If the energy released is less than the energy put in then the potential energy function is different than this.
The Environment / Re: How can we harness wind and wave power?
« Last post by alancalverd on Today at 22:34:17 »
Apologies for screwing up the decimal points earlier! Dinorwig capacity is published as about 6.5 GWh (1.3 GW for 5 hours). UK energy consumption is about 300 GW, so it could run the country for 78 seconds.

There are many interpretations of quantum physics , you know .
Decoherence isn't an interpretation, it's a central feature.

The man is still alive and kicking : has he been deluded ?
So it would seem.
As you know , there are many interpretations of quantum theory , what makes you then think that the materialist one is the approximately 'correct " one ?
There are many interpretations. It really doesn't matter which is 'correct', what matters is that the the field theory works - and it does, regardless of the presence of consciousness.

<book extract>
TL;DR. Try summarising in your own words.
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