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Sorry I missed your reply. See here.
New Theories / Re: Anti gravity machine
« Last post by Alex Siqueira on Today at 21:45:14 »
I like your ideas. Your right I think that normal people would see this guy as a sort of Einstein of modern times. and like you said nobody knows yet how this thing would be powered, it could still use oil and gas for all I know. Even If it ran on gold this thing would still be praised by the masses.

Powered by a invisible horizontal spiral disk, formed by the eletromagneticfield, inside the sphere like field, the density of the space fabric inside the sphere will be thin, the sphere at the center will recieve more compression from outer space, but it will recieve compression from all directions "on space", keeping it floating, much like a planet does, the energy source must be inside the sphere you need to emanate some sort of self contained eletromagnetic field or radiation that will heat up the space inside of it, this would inevitable form a invisible field around the sphere and a horizontal disk... Atach to the exterior of the sphere like object a outer ring, a mobile one, and than seal the outer ring with nother static ring, a cover...

 The eletromagnetism would form the artificial horizontal disk by leaking from the poles of the sphere, just like a star or planet with an activated magnetosphere, form this point the ring and not the sphere would be levitating at the artificial horizontal disk, since the outer ring is atached to the sphere that is producing the horizontal disk itself will be propeled with...
  Increase the speed rotation of one of the two inner layers inside the sphere that is simulating an outercore, absoving the expansion generating movement, cause any difference on the rotation of the up half or the down one, and the power over the outer ring will be stronger from up or down, propeling the horizontal disk forward and backwards...
  At least my least my concepts tells me so, the spinning of the outer ring due the artificial spiral disk will provide you infinite eletric energy untill the hardware break, but there is the point, its much more simple than a airplane technoledge, seems to be a more phisical one, the two big questions are...
  What material the sphere would have to be made?
And what source of energy is being able to trigger expansion of the interior due heat?
Can we have a little decorum please. Challenge the ideas not the personalities.

By the way I am going to take you off of my ignore list because you do not deserve to be ignored and because you always try to be polite, unlike IAMREALITY who will remain forever on it!

You're obsessed with me, and it really needs to just stop.  You attack me behind my back in threads I have nothing to do with.  It's ridiculous and incredibly friggin childish.  Let your irrational hatred go.  It's not doing you, me nor this forum any damn good.  And I'm really just friggin sick of you attacking me everywhere without provocation. 
Quote from: Alan McDougall
Does gravity attract masses in an existing space, or does it curve the space between them?

It depends. If you have to point masses then the spacetime is curved and the space between the two objects is also curved. However the presence of spacetime curvature or spatial curvature is not necessary to exist for there to be a gravitational force acting on an object. was that more complicated than met your eyes? :)

Quote from: Alan McDougall
The answer to this question is much more complex than meets the eye?
You're asking a question that you already know the answer to? That makes it more of a rhetorical question, does it not?

Was my saying it was more complex than means the eye true or false, don't read into my statements something that is not there??

"I do not know the answer", but "what I do know from reading about this topic that this issue that it is complex" and the answer is complex and has been widely debated by better minds than mine and I am curious and would like to be informed and learn from people like you, who are much more knowledgeable than I am.

You should not just assume things I did not mean. I have emphasized on more than one occasion that I am not a physicist or a mathematician, I am a humble very curious Engineer, trying to broaden my understanding in the sciences of which I have a basic comprehension. However, in Engineer we have to use math and physics as tools in our jobs.

"You know this Pete and your comment was uncalled for"!
New Theories / Re: Anti gravity machine
« Last post by timey on Today at 20:29:00 »
Hi John - My website, if it is even still available is well and truly out of date - but what I do have is a synopsis of the theory that I will send to you in a private message...

...and, I've been more recently 'trying' at least, to get a bit of maths for the theory together, in particular towards the latter pages on this thread here:
I think the "matrix" explanation is an interesting philosophical exercise, but does not address any of the problems that can be interrogated scientifically. I agree with Alan, that it is essentially the same as having a god, only stipulating that we know something of the workings of that god, rather than allowing it to be an entire mystery. I think part of why the supercomputer description appears apt and in line with physics is that we strive to understand the universe in terms of rules and algorithms--of course a logical and mathematical explanation is going to jive well with our own logic- and math-based models!

If a super computer could read/write instantaneous and create physical 3d modelling that it could re-write instantaneously , then maybe so.....

Nothing can work instantaneously that is an absolute.

By the way I am going to take you off of my ignore list because you do not deserve to be ignored and because you always try to be polite, unlike IAMREALITY who will remain forever on it!
This one is a real ethical bugger.

People of sound mind and body can end their lives at any time, but really don't need to  - indeed we spend a lot of effort trying to stay alive. No real problem.

People of sound mind and intractable pain can end their lives as long as they are physically capable of doing so, but generally prefer to try to mitigate the pain. Miserable choice, but no legal or ethical problem.

People of sound mind who wish to die and are physically unable to kill themselves, cannot be assisted in doing so. This is a moral outrage. In a just world, anyone who votes against assisted suicide should be tortured incessantly, but never quite to death. No problem in principle, and some humane legislatures have solved it in practice.

But you have put your finger on the ethical problem. How do we distinguish between those who really wish to die but are incapable of expressing that wish coherently, and those who are just incoherent but perfectly happy to stay alive? Most people have at some time said "I want to die", but when should we take them seriously?  My mother seriously contemplated suicide when she was fully rational but deeply unhappy, but towards the end of her life she was clearly both demented and cheerful.

I share your desire to die at a time and place of my choosing, but I wouldn't go for a lethal injection - significant failure rate with large and previously-healthy men, and no gentle transition to oblivion. Nitrogen hypoxia and slow hypothermia are very pleasant and orderly. My preferred approach so far has been to set an arbitrary date (currently my 84th birthday) when I want to die at  my own hand or with the assistance of a lover, and to review that date annually. It hasn't changed in the last 30 years.   

"Nice to read a fully thought out post, at first I thought at first you were 84, but after reading your post again I realized that it was just a date on which you think further living might not have meaning or purpose, in that you are very wrong at 84 you might be healthier more capable than a 25 yer old.

You should not set a date like that. Maybe the nearer you approach 84 the more positive you will become if this is the time to end your life

I am not sure of your current age but if you are still fairly young 84 might be an eternity away making it easier to set such an arbitrary date of your demise?

At 76 years of age I feel exactly the same as you do and once my life becomes an unbearable burden both to myself or my family I would like to exit this world on my own terms in the manner of my choosing

Why 84 in particular there are many active vibrant 90 yer old like England's Queen Elisabeth? 

It seems that for both of at present it is a moot point because our faculties,still very intact. In my family there been no evidence of dementia or Alzheimer's, although right at the end of her long life at over 90, for a few weeks my late grandmother on my fathers side stopped interacting with those around her.

What about 'A living will" In my will I have made it very clear that they must be no heroic attempts to keep me alive and if I am on life support they "MUST" switch the machines off and allow me to die with dignity.

God forbid if I become an Alzheimer vegetable I would want them to kill my body, in anyway they like, because I no longer occupy and it has become the nearest thing to a real zombie.

In South Africa where I live assisted suicide is a crime, although some people who have had family members or some sufferers of intractable pain of "Locked in syndrome are actively trying to make it legal

My parents both died at the rather early age of 78 so I have no idea in the would have become demented later in life but right up to the very last few moments of their lives they were both lucid, although my dad seemed to be both in this world and the next.

Both were very spiritual people with a profound love of God and in contrast to a few of my atheist relatives died peacefully, my dad just took his last breath while we were standing around him and one could actually sense his spirit leaving his body after which he looked more like a manikin.


The Moon was not always tidally locked to Earth, i.e. it did previously rotate more than once each orbit.

But aren't many of the craters formed from a time beyond that period?
New Theories / Re: Anti gravity machine
« Last post by John Faust on Today at 19:54:56 »
Hey Timey do you have a link to your theory. I would be interested in reading more on your thoughts.
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