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Complementary Medicine / Re: Treatment for Genital Warts?
« Last post by Jay Mee on Today at 13:24:02 »
Guys! I found an article that would be useful for you, you can read here how to do away with genital warts
New Theories / Re: Aether Displacement
« Last post by liquidspacetime on Today at 12:47:16 »
The Milky Way's halo is the deformation of spacetime.

Besides, if they have no common ground, how come the current pope believes in Evolution. How come Darwin believed in a creator (he was a deist) and Newton was as much as theologian as a physicist? And it is not fair or just to patronize these greats with suggestions that they may have different beliefs if they were armed with today's knowledge. It also ignores the many great scholars we have today who are able grasp the bigger picture in which the existence of one does not destroy the other.

It is precisely because there is no common ground between science and superstition that it is possible for one person to practice science and believe in fairies, just as Hitler was kind to dogs and children. If there were any common ground, it would be a battlefield.
Correlation is not proof of causation.Where do you find lots of pollution? In cities. where do you find stress and anxiety? In crowds. Where do you find crowds? In cities.
New Theories / Re: The real theory of everything!
« Last post by Thebox on Today at 11:57:07 »
Quote from: Thebox
So can you not see that space does not expand or contract?
Nope. Confusing again, as usual.

How is that confusing?  science says space itself is expanding, a similarity to a balloons surface expanding,

So if you imagine a balloon and put dots on the balloon to represent objects, and then burst the balloon leaving the dots in position that is how it is.  Not space expanding, objects moving a greater distance of space away from us and each other.
General Science / Re: Need help understanding please.
« Last post by evan_au on Today at 10:52:40 »
Perhaps the most scientificaly interesting cause is chimerism, where organs of a single person can have different genetics. The blood is produced by the bone marrow, but the eggs or sperm could be genetically different, and carry a different blood type. There have been cases exactly as you describe.

Other events happen more than people like to admit, but:
  • Sometimes the mother is not the one she thinks she is (babies can be switched in hospital)
  • Sometimes the father is not the one he thinks he is. 

Some of these conditions can be distinguished with a modern paternity test (which also functions as a maternity test). Before you decide to have the test, make sure that you and your partner are willing to live with the findings, whatever they are. A talk to a genetic counselor may help clarify the range of possible outcomes.

Detecting chimerism in an individual is somewhat invasive, since it requires taking samples from various parts of a single body, in the hope that distinct genetic patterns can be recognized within a single individual.

In the case of chimerism arising from fusion of twins soon after fertilization, a baby girl may be as closely related to her uncles and aunts as she is to her mother (it can happen with boys too).
That's why we rotate the driver masses to drag the torsion  balance forwards. At some speed, it will "strobe" and there will be no increase in torque with further increases in rotational speed.
Quote from: Expectant_Philosopher
I further think our black boxes are not enough measures to record an aircraft's flight.
Europe is a very closely monitored airspace, so there was no way that this particular plane would get "lost". In this case, the cockpit voice recorder (one of two black boxes) was rapidly recovered and the data analysed.

This is very different from Flight 370, which disappeared into the Southern Indian Ocean, far from air traffic control radars. At this point in time, nobody is publicly admitting that they know where MH370 now lies. But once the location is identified, the black box will provide considerable information in tracing the flight.

Over the years, the black box has been invaluable in investigating accidents - to the extent that some insurance companies are now providing an "app" that can be loaded on a car driver's smartphone. This acts as a black box, using the GPS for location, and accelerometers to detect impacts (conceivably, the phone's microphone and camera could provide additional information, but that may really cause concerns about "Big Brother"!). Some insurance companies are aiming to be notified of an accident within 2 minutes - so they call you before you call them!

if during the flight the flight data were sent in bursts over a communications link to the ground
I think that many players in the industry are now thinking that this is a good idea, and it is getting much easier with high-capacity satellite links with almost-global coverage.

But if the satellite link is still under pilot control, there is a risk it could be turned off by the pilot (just as Flight 370 turned off its radar transponder).

if the AI recognizes a crash parameter...

Most modern airliners have a series of warnings, covering things like "you are approaching the ground, and you haven't put your wheels down, yet". So even if the autopilot is not in control, the plane will warn the pilot of potentially dangerous situations.

But with today's technology, the pilot is still needed to adapt to unexpected situations.
Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / Re: measuring the speed of gravity
« Last post by evan_au on Today at 09:52:59 »
Quote from: alancalvard
the long period of the torsion balance will simply integrate the gravitational pulses into a continuous tidal force
When the nearest driver mass is a bit ahead of the test mass, it will provide a torque in (say) the clockwise direction.
When the nearest driver mass is a bit behind the test mass, it will provide a torque in the anticlockwise direction.
As I understand the description, the long period of the torsion balance average out these two effects, resulting in zero overall torque?

I don't see how a torsion balance with no torsion can measure the speed of gravity?
Hmm. My waist measurement in inches can be very closely approximated as 4n/7 where n is my age in years, but I wouldn't suggest it as a means of measuring either! However if we can determine vG with sufficient accuracy, the constant may well turn out to have interesting properties.
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