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Thank you for adding me here.

10 years ago we demolished our property, with the idea that we would eventually rebuild and once the electricity meter was disconnected and the reading was taken, we stored it in our basement.  It was an old type meter, A52 if that means anything to anyone.

My boys are always tinkering, and finding out how things work and unearthed this old box with the meter in it.  I had forgotten it was even there, and the shout immediately went up, "Can we have it" :)

I didn't see any harm, but my husband pulled the plug on their enthusiasm yadda yadda yadda, but when he was repacking it, he noticed that all the little dials, the numbers in the boxes were almost off line, squint, and all of the little boxes had a number.  Weird!!

Being someone who never throws anything away, I fished out the old bills for this meter, (we have a smart now) and realized that indeed the meter seems to have been turning for the last 10 years, while buried in a box.

Before I give the go ahead and let them take it to bits to find out how this is even possible, I thought I would ask here first.

Please phrase all topics as a question, as per site guidelines - moderator.
On the sub atomic scale, nothing is truly stationary, so there's also that to consider.  ;)
Thanks, but why should it be a different colour for different beasts?
I read in an article that there are gates in the sky where astronauts Should locate before travelling to space because the sky is closed and these gates are the passage to space therefore, the launching of rockets takes place in specific places where these gates are located. I would like to know if this is scientifically true or it is just a hoax? And if it is true, what is the evidence?!
New Theories / Re: I need some help with my theory please.
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New Theories / Re: What is the true nature of 'space'?
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A wave has to be on something. Virtual something suggests something from nothing while we know energy is something (photon).
Wrong.......................The photon possesses energy, it is not correct to label the photon as energy.
Some animals have a layer at the back of the eye called the "tapetum lucidum" which improves night-vision, that's responsible for the colour of eye-shine other than red.
It's unlikely to do any more harm than ordinary christmas lights. Fortunately trees don't have eyes, so you won't do any retinal damage!
Just Chat ! / Re: Punning is hard(ly) work! Is groaning aloud here?
« Last post by demografx on 30/11/2015 22:59:12 »

I stand cornected !

corn u copia with all these corrections?

How do I cope with change?

I put it in the parking meter.
When I walk the dogs in the dark morning, with my head torch I can see their eyes reflect with a bluey white colour, and the pair of of foxes in the church grounds that have a yellow reflection.  There don't seem to be any cats about, but I know from flash photography that people have red reflections.

Why do different animals have different coloured eye reflections?
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