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Physiology & Medicine / Re: How can you treat constipation?
« Last post by syhprum on Today at 07:52:29 »
Saccharine is an often unwanted stimulant of bowel movement also beans and coffee help.
Quarks are confined in protons and neutrons by the strong nuclear force. The force carrier is the gluon. The graviton has been proposed to be like a double copy gluon. Like two gluons acting together. I can't tell you anything about this since I have done very little research into it. It is a very interesting subject.

Quarks are confined in protons?  Surely you mean Quarks make up the Proton?  Unless I have read that ambiguously in which I then apologise.

You've got me there. I stand corrected.

What do you mean by the force carrier?   Surely any particle which has mass no matter how small or how early elementary on the model, is still attracted to other particles by it's mass?

What if this strange force of gravity was the same force that holds  Quarks adjoined together?, but once 3 Quarks adjoin they emit some sort of ''energy'' field that stops any more Quarks joining? (3 quarks are the right amount of ''strength'')

I just think that my Quarks in my body must be attracted to the Quarks of the Ground by this strange force contained in the Quarks?

You are not that far off the mark. A force carrier is what causes an attraction or repulsion. The photon, gluon and graviton are all force carriers. The photon carries the electromagnetic force. The gluon carries the strong nuclear force. The graviton carries the gravitational force.
Ok thanks, so what is the distinguishable difference between a gluon and a graviton?
New Theories / Re: Anti gravity machine
« Last post by Zowie on Today at 07:21:08 »
You go as public as you can with it, broadcast on every news network within a short span.

A similar case happened with Bob Lazar, who claims he worked on anti gravity propulsion at Area 51.

With the unfortunate state of selfishness in today's society, you could probably patent the idea and nobody would be able to pry it from you (except the government themselves, or they'd just buy it from you for billions and you wouldn't refuse). This means affordable anti-gravity wouldn't be available until you were dead, since you would probably value this as a product exclusive to the richest people in the world. If you DID make it available at automobile prices then I'd expect at least one anonymous oil cartel would whack you regardless of consequences, just on Mafia mentality even if it wouldn't stop the technological revolution at hand. Actually, thinking about it, the most realistic expectation would be that you would be instantly recruited as a private specialist at a top secret base and bought outright by the government. Be very careful to read their fine print when signing away your rights!

Fun fact: Bob Lazar has patented a hydrogen motor that can convert any car into a fuel-less automobile.

As for evidence of UFOs, we have numerous radar reports of craft exceeding 10000mph. Pilots and astronauts constantly see things in the sky but choose not to report them. Astronauts Buzz Aldrin, Edgar Mitchell and Gordon Cooper, who walked on the moon with Neil Armstrong, are convinced aliens exist, having had personal experiences both in space and on Earth. The more you know!
Physiology & Medicine / Re: How can you treat constipation?
« Last post by Atomic-S on Today at 07:07:14 »
An interesting discovery.  If lack of fiber is not the cause, then something else must be.
Bill Nye is a complete joke.

Maybe he is wrong, maybe he is right. He is very critical of other people's ideas and makes a career out of it, then he comes out with this?

Pop science at its greatest. Unless he provides a test for this completely unoriginal concept he is no better than anyone else.
Donald piniach asked the Naked Scientists:
   From the Milliken oil drop experiment, small excesses of electrons and their charges could be measured. It would be fantastically unusual if the number of electrons and protons on the earth, sun or galaxy was exactly equal given they were created independently (other than neutron breakdown) after the big bang. Heck even black holes have charge. So does the earth have an excess or deficit of electrons vs protons? And how many, approximately? Any idea if the universe has a charge?
What do you think?
Can the electron be in a shell level in ANY atom, or molecule that absorbs ultraviolet light only. Not visible light.?
If it were possible to keep electrons in higher shells like in shell 1, 2, or 3, permanenty.
So they would never go back to the ground state.
Say you wanted to make the electrons transmission light, by making the electrons stay in a certain shell region.
Are there shell levels that you could place the electron in, that would allow you to do this.
Ultraviolet (UV) light is electromagnetic radiation with a wavelength that in the range 10 nm to 400 nm, corresponding to photon energies from 3 eV to 124 eV.
So you just place the electron In a shell level that transmissions light but absorbs ultraviolet.
So the electron just absorbs 10nm to 400nm wavelengths of Ultraviolet waves, not visible lightwaves.
I am grateful for your help, anything helps even a few words. :D
Quote from: Android Neox
Einstein's view of black holes. Presumption he could have been correct
Einstein had different ideas about how to interpret his equations, at different stages of his life.
There is not a single idea about black holes that he held for his whole life.

Is there a way... that the "frozen star" model can be disproven?
The first thing to say is that it hasn't been proven.

The frozen star hypothesis is something that is thought to occur at a distant time in the future, when there is very little Hydrogen gas left to fuse into Helium. However, there is still a lot of Hydrogen in the universe, so normal glowing stars should still continue to appear for billions of years.
Quote from: Loot Van Tonder
how did the moon get it's pockmarks from the side facing earth?
Objects moving in the Solar System do not travel in straight lines - they travel in curves, and the shape of these curves is dependent on the velocity and position of the meteorite, and the gravitational attraction of the Moon, Earth and Sun.

So objects that might have missed the Moon entirely will be bent around by Earth's gravity, to land on the point on the Moon directly under the Earth.

Note that although the moon is tidally locked to the Earth, it still wobbles a bit forwards and backwards, under the influence of the Moon's elliptical orbit.
Just Chat ! / Kettle for sale, 10, one previous owner ...
« Last post by RD on Today at 05:02:07 »
apparently a nudist  XD ...

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