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In the beginning, force woke up. Force divided into 3 groups. Proton, electron and enertron. Proton force is +1, electron force is -1, enertron force is -1^-33.

++ forces against each other, -- force against each other, +-force attract each other. F=q1q2/r^2 is the only law.

How would you write the rest of the story?

If you know how, please ask computer to write it. Could be interesting. 

Try a variation, proton charge is + x+1, electron charge is - 1, enertron charge is - 1^-33. Endless supply.
Indeed, as RD & Bill have said, coal was transported on barges on the Thames. The main recipients of this coal were power stations such that at Greenwich and, of course, Battersea. I should think that over the years, tons of coal fell of the barges before they reached their destinations and during unloading.
The Thames has some powerful undercurrents, which a recent drowning serves to remind us. The dropped coal would have been dispersed all along the river.

So, you have a free souvenir from London, make the most of it, it is a rare commodity! I hope you enjoyed your visit, do come again soon. I'm sure we all look forward to fleecing you of every penny you own.
Chemistry / Re: Do liquids ever evaporate while frozen?
« Last post by chiralSPO on Today at 14:20:54 »
Yeah, we are really splitting hairs here. I think we agree in general, but maybe use slightly different words to explain our thoughts. (my calculations were based on the Boltzman/thermal distribution expected for solid vs gaseous states with an energy difference of 700kJ/mol at 300 K, so whether the equilibrium is established by purely classical means, or includes tunneling, I think the ratio still holds, plus or minus a few orders of magnitude)

I guess I would summarize my argument as: because matter comes in discrete units (atoms or molecules), if the probability of a unit leaving the solid phase for the gas phase is sufficiently low that no units actually enter the gas phase, I would define that as having a vapor pressure of zero. (ie there are substances that under reasonable conditions do not have non-zero vapor pressures)

Again, this would be a silly argument to hijack this thread with, but still I maintain that most solids have non-zero vapor pressure.
New Theories / Re: Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS)
« Last post by fornicationDENIED2 on Today at 14:02:32 »
To anyone who cares, I have increased the aromatase inhibitor frequency and I am observing greater improvements in cognition and I have reduced the refractory period to 12 hours, but something I was ignoring in the past, loose stools after ejaculation is still present. It kills me being so close to be normal again and yet something is missing, I am going to do more blood tests and report. I am also waiting for my intestinal walls to regenerate from the ulceration so that at the end of the year I can take the next step.

On another topic going on around here, can't believe Nathan committed suicide for some insignificant issue that pales in comparison to POIS, which we was free off 110%, but I can't judge, I do not know what he went through, although because of POIS I have been rejected and misunderstood countless times to the point I am a social outcast anywhere I go.

It is amazing there are people with POIS who are religious when God is clearly the enemy in my eyes (supposing he exists) for making sex merely one step away from a biological necessity of a greater urgency than hunger or thirst and punish with eternal hellfire any release before marriage (and for the heterosexual male, marriage in any first world country on the 21 century is a big mistake). It is not fair to be punished for something I have no control over (no free will). I have tried everything to kill off libido but nothing works unless I am willing to destroy my health, sometimes there is nothing I desire more than to be asexual.Any attempts to escape this sick pointless existence aka suicide is a one way ticket to hell also, man I sure hope God ain't real.
This thread is locked since it keeps returning to personal attacks.
Physics, Astronomy & Cosmology / what are Magnet bubbles?
« Last post by ScientificSorcerer on Today at 12:13:03 »
                              What are magnetic bubbles?

I haven't the slightest Idea what these "Magnetic Bubbles" actually are.  These things exist on the outer edges of the solar system in an area called the"solar sheath" just outside the heliosphere. Each "bubble" is huge, some are over 100 million miles across!

This short video will give a simplistic introduction into the subject in layman's terms:

At about 1:15 in the video they start talking about the sun's magnetic field and how it twists and "Bunches up" near the end of the heliosphere.
This "bunching up" action causes magnetic bubbles.

None of this stuff makes any sense to me at all.  I understand magnetism from the half shells to the domains (even cosmic magnets like the sun and earth) yet I have never heard of something like this and it intrigues me greatly.  I don't get it, but then again I haven't seen much work on the subject.

I want to know if these "magnet bubbles" can be made on a small scale in a laboratory. How would that be done? what would be the properties of these so called "magnet bubbles" and what are it's possible uses?

They seem to be in a quite exotic magnetic state.  they are so strange to me.
New Theories / Re: Post Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS)
« Last post by desperate man on Today at 12:03:15 »
I know MTHFR inside and out, because I've worked with Dr. Lynch before and my work consists of researching (which I rarely do successfully nowadays bc of compulsive masturbation followed by POIS and low dopamine).

I also suggest looking into COMT since you are familiar with 23andme. It will lead to adrenal burnout in the long run. Royal jelly will help increase BH4 production.

Been there, done that. Vitamins, minerals from A-Z. Methyl B-s, digestive enzymes, probiotics etc.
Nothing worked besides L-Tyrosine which gave me severe anxiety so I stopped it.

Now I suspect longterm iodine deficiency. So I decided to give it a shot, but it made my blood sugar problems worse. It is because my adrenals are out of whack and I'm in overdrive from the COMT.
Going to follow this guy's dietary protein/carb ratio suggestions: followed by megadosing of vitamin C (5-10 g /day), spending less time on the computer and going to bed earlier as well as limiting ejaculation. I've also ordered Skullcap and going to up my magnesium intake. If things will get better then I will give Iodine another shot. I think it's the root cause of my chronic anemia and it's worth mentioning.

PS: Anyone tried taking glucose tablets before or after orgasm? How did it affect you?
Chemistry / Re: Do liquids ever evaporate while frozen?
« Last post by lightarrow on Today at 11:59:27 »
Yes diamond. A counter-example to the claim that every solid has a non-zero vapor pressure.
I wrote that for Iron the vaporization speed would be ridiculously low.
Certainly for diamond would be even more ridiculous...
You wrote that you computed 1 out of 10122 atoms to leave the solide lattice. That's what I intended with "ridiculously low".
On the other hand, you didn't wrote "exactly zero atoms would live the solid".
Furthermore, you made, I presume, a classical computation, not a quantistic one (there is tunnel effect, for example, to consider, but I couldn't make an estimate of it).
Anyway, if you mean that we couldn't measure that vaporization speed, I certainly agree with you.

Could you determine if Photons are truly 'mass-less' by colliding two of them inside of a diamond and determining the difference in the mass of the diamond before and after?
No. The diamond would absorb the energy of the photon and the mass of the diamond would increase due to the mass-energy of the photon. I.e. that energy increases the mass of the diamond.
A large international study has uncovered the strongest evidence yet for a genetic link to schizophrenia. The study, published in Nature this week, is the work of a large collaborative group of scientists known collectively as the Psychiatric Genomics Consortium and based at institutions around the world. The new findings highlight important new avenues for exploring and furthering our understanding of schizophrenia, as science reporter Smitha Mundasad explains…
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