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speed of light.
« on: 18/09/2007 21:59:44 »
I wanted to ask that if a person returned home after a journey at the speed of light for a little while ; what will be the time at his home. I mean would all his relatives be dead by that time or would just a second have passed.
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speed of light.
« Reply #1 on: 18/09/2007 23:19:39 »
I would imagine that no time would have passed for him as time effectively stops when you travel at the speed of light (although aparrently that's impossible) but that his relatives would all be a little older comparative depends how long he's been away I suppose.

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speed of light.
« Reply #2 on: 18/09/2007 23:40:46 »
Its a question with no anwser.

The closer you get to the speed of light the more time dialtion you get.So much so that at the speed of light time stops, in other words their is no time. Therefore light  must reside somewhere without time.

And as we live in a reality that is governed by time we could never reach the speed of light, the most we could do is get closer and closer and closer where the effects would get so great that i believe 1 second for you could be 100 years, then a 1000 years and so on for your friends at home.

However we could never achieve anything close to them speeds

Disclaimer ,in case i need it  ;D
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speed of light.
« Reply #3 on: 19/09/2007 12:04:08 »
Sohail wrote correctly, it depends on the lenght of the journey. If you travel extremely close to c for X light years (go and back), then when you come back home, almost zero seconds passed for you, but X years for planet earth. If you go to visit our nearest galaxy, Andromeda, when you come back here 4 millions years passed for earth.

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speed of light.
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