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Should we recycle empty glass bottles, or should we bring back a refund system so that empty bottles can be reused many times before they are melted down to make new ones?

Recycle Disposable Bottles In Furnaces
1 (5.9%)
Re-Use Empty Bottles No refund
0 (0%)
Re-introduce Refundable Bottles & Re-Use Empty Bottles
14 (82.4%)
1 (5.9%)
Am I bothered?
1 (5.9%)

Total Members Voted: 16

Author Topic: Recycle Empty Glass Bottles?  (Read 22908 times)

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Recycle Empty Glass Bottles?
« Reply #25 on: 07/10/2011 05:09:18 »
We've also got a bottle law here in Oregon.

I think it was recently expanded to cover water bottles, and other "on the run" type beverages. 

I believe the deposit on soda cans is still a nickle, which is the same it was over 40 years ago.  So, everything else has gone through about ten-fold inflation, except the deposits on bottles and cans.

I have heard that for aluminum cans, the deposit is about the same as the scrap value of the cans, but invariably it is easier for the consumer to return the cans to the store, rather than taking them in bulk to a recycling center.

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Recycle Empty Glass Bottles?
« Reply #25 on: 07/10/2011 05:09:18 »


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