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Author Topic: If........ what would you choose?  (Read 9099 times)

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If........ what would you choose?
« Reply #25 on: 15/12/2007 02:38:55 »
Genie hands Carolyn a lovely wrapped box containing

plus a season's ticket for cinema, theatre or opera ~ her pick!  ;D
Life without 'puters is quite impossible to imagine these days but just think back 20 years or so. I still remember a first generation apple  :o ;D

ayayay George, no need to call the poor girl a bimbo. She only was just getting to the hard working bit.... Besides - you're sidetracking.... :P

Genie promptly fires Nobody's Confidant emergency genie. 'No work without a proper work permit buddy!'
Evil genie is fair but you're not playing by the rules. ONE gadget! Choose *the* one you cannot possibly live without and be happy. But since genie IS fair genie will grant you another go for genie is quite sure that by now you've gotten thoroughly sick at staring at your XBox (=1gadget) which is pretty useless on its own.

 ;) ;D

Thank you!  You are so kind!!!  Now if only we had a movie theatre......

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If........ what would you choose?
« Reply #25 on: 15/12/2007 02:38:55 »


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