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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #50 on: 03/06/2005 03:37:05 »
Then why doesn't Mannatech put these individual sugars in their supplements?

As I have noted before:  Ambrotose ingredients are:  Arabinogalactan - 50%, Manapol 10% (fiber from Aloe), gum Ghatti - 10%, Gum Tragacanth - 10%, glucosamine and rice starch 10%.

Glucosamine and the glucose from rice starch are the only sugars that can be absorbed from your intestine from these substances.  The other ingredients, in every study and paper so far, have shown to be indigestible, and travel intact to your large intestine where they are fermented by microorganisms.  

None of those sugars you mentioned are absorbed from Ambrotose.  So while you are sincere, your hypothesis of these sugars being absorbed and increasing glycoproteins is wrong, and has zero scientific support.  

It is also interesting that while has a section reviewing evidence that each individual sugar can be absorbed (when taken by itself, not from a non-digestible chain of sugars), the ingredients in Ambrotose are actually only complex chains containing 6 of those 8 sugars.  If they really believed that they could all be absorbed, why not add them.  Their explanation is that by taking the "precursors" your body makes the other two sugars.  

Science, of course, has already shown that you can make all 8 of these sugars by yourself without having to take Mannatech's supplement.  Ambrotose doesn't contain the 8 individual sugars because Mannatech knows that their supplement would not work if that was all it contained.  This supplement has many beneficial effects, but not by any absorbing any "essential sugars." That is where Mannatech fools its competitors.  If competitors try to put individual sugars in a supplement, patients don't get well.  Then Mannatech can claim their sugars are "better."  But it is apples and oranges.  

These sugars are not digested or absorbed by human intestines.  The mechanism of action is much more complicated, and the same ingredients can be bought from the same companies Mannatech gets their supplies from, so there is no reason to pay such high costs for the benefits.

In fact, not only can you get the same ingredients, but Manapol was designed and patented by Bill McAnalley when working at Carrington Labs.  He is the Ph.D. that formulated Ambrotose.  So the Manapol that you buy from Carrington (or retail stores) is the same product he patented.  

It is interesting to note that when Dr. McAnalley worked for Carrington Labs, he, with others, wrote a paper on Mannans (long chains of mannose sugars) in which it is noted that Mannans cannot be digested by the human intestine.  Since no research has been published that has ever shown these complex fibers to be digestible, I wonder why he changed his mind.

I realize that you are sincere and caring person about people, especially those that suffer.  But you know nothing of science, or how to read or interpret it.  Your information is sales information from a company that is promoting an unsupportable hypothesis to make them sound validated in order to sell a product.  I recommend that you stick to testimonials of the benefits.  Those are impressive, and in this case, more substantial than trying to substantiate these ingredients when all the science shows Mannatechs sales pitch about absorbing sugars is currently not possible with these ingredients.

Yes, I know, it sounds rude and irritating when I point out the problems with Mannatechs hypothesis.  Associates get frustrated because I am contradicting what they have been told by very intelligent people.  However, I would love to be proven wrong.  Contact all of your resources.  Contact the researchers in the company and tell them what I have said and get the references or research from them that proves me incorrect.  

I have made this request of multiple associates in the company, and even multiple researchers.  So far, they have not come up with anything that actually support their sugar hypothesis.  Though A couple have said that they have studies, but they don't publish them for various reasons.  I find this interesting considering the "10,000" scientific references that they have on their website (none of which have anything to do with the actual mechanism of action of their supplement).  Why would the only studies that prove your hypothesis be the only ones you hide from the public?  Not acceptable.  Especially when they own their own scientific journal that they could publish it in.  

Yes, I still see the benefits of these supplements, but unlike you I question the honesty and integrity and ethics of this company, especially when the technical advisors and researchers at the companies that supply these ingredients are more than happy to discuss the current research and problems with Mannatech's hypothesis, but Mannatech's technical advisors, customer service, and researchers will not talk about it, or offer up an explanation why their hypothesis has no scientific support.

Good ingredients, too expensive to buy from them though, and their marketing is based on bad science and ignorance of the public (which I am more than happy to help change).

I do appreciate your efforts to help others though, but you don't do it justice when you repeat science that has nothing to do with the supplement you recommend.

Good luck


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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #51 on: 09/06/2005 21:55:35 »
I have a severe case of fibromyalgia complicated by RA in my hands, feet, knees and hips,IBS, and cognitive and memory problems. I stumbled on this forum researching glyconutrients. There are literally thousands of testimonials ranging from miraculous healings to " I feel a lot better now." healings for the mannatech system, and so far not even 1 which says," I have given the glyconutrients a good HONEST try and it did NOT work for me."
 For you nay-sayers out there do NOT speak to me of cost. Someone always pays. When I was taking all those prescription drugs, having all those fancy tests, going to see all those high priced specialists, SOMEONE was paying for it, and it was you and me, RIGHT? The health care system...yours and my taxes, the health insurance system...yours and my insurance premiums.
 So if you have not lost your health, your career, your business, your new house, your new vehicle, your life savings and almost your life itself, do not presume to put a financial figure on MY health and well being. If it is my finances that make someone wealthy and I get all of the above be it, and welcome to it!
  Also, do not talk about solid scientific proof... placebo effect or real honest healing, who really cares as long as the end result is good health.
  I am considering trying the Mannatech system, and if you really care wether or not it works, and are really concerned about me spending my food, clothing and housing money on something that you truly believe does not work( or are you just playing the devil's advocate for the fun of it to see how many people you can P--- Off and offend), then find me 100 or even 10 verifiable testimonials against the glyconutrients from people who gave it a 100% honest try. I don't need to spend my money on stuff that doesn't work. I've already spent it all on everything from illegal drugs that were supposed to help with the pain, to Far eastern medicines, to Native American medicines and everything in between.
  So help me here. You say it doesn't work, and all I hear is that it DOES work. I am a sceptic and I welcome your help in PROVING yet again that something I DIDN"T tey doesn't work anyway

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #52 on: 12/06/2005 01:02:35 »
It is a good thing that Dr. Michael Schlacter had not read duane's suggestion that Ambrotose doesn't work. Because if he had, he probably would not have been giving it to some of his patients, and especially to Greg Letourneau, a patient who had came to the emergency room with strep throat, a fever that spiked at 107 F and had developed toxic shock syndrome. He was seen by 10 different doctors, given every possible medication, but his body had shut down and he had been put on life support. A priest had given him his last rites and his family had been told he was dying. Dr. Schlacter asked the family if they would allow him to try the glyconutrients as a last resort. What did they have to lose? The doctor began putting the Ambrotose directly into his feeding tube. His extremities that had turned blue began to return to pink. The organs that had shut down, began to function again. His LIFE WAS SAVED! Bottom line...HIS LIFE WAS SAVED.

I have been diagnosed with Lyme Disease and 3 coinfections. I have been on massive antibiotics and a ton of vitamins, minerals and herbs. I have used a sound wave frequency "ParaZapper" recommended by Hulda Clark. I have suffered severe chronic fatigue as a result of my illness with very bad episodes of dizziness and brain fog. I also suffer from symptoms of a disease that is being called "Morgellons." I have large sores that would not heal and had biopsies done that 3 different labs COULD NOT IDENTIFY.

A friend who cares about me shared the info about glyconutrients and Mannatech. Her husband has throat cancer and is seeing favorable results from taking the products. He has already had chemo and radiation and the cancer came back. WHAT DOES HE HAVE TO LOSE? (Except his cancer!) UNTIL I BEGAN using the Mannatech products, none of the other treatments had produced results. After taking them for 10 days, all of my dizziness and brain fog have lifted. My sores are healing. SO DON'T TRY TO TELL ME THE PRODUCTS DON'T WORK.

As far as price goes, I am willing to pay the price. The products are no more expensive than many of the supplements I have gone into a natural health food store to purchase. So GIVE ME A BREAK!

By the way duane... you claim to be in the health business - do you charge money for your services????? WELL SHAME ON YOU FOR TRYING TO MAKE A LIVING IN THIS WORLD! Go pick on some other company that manufactures things that are harmful to our environment at the expense of making BIG profits and stop picking on a company that is offering hope to millions. Hope to the sick who are willing to pay the retail price and hope to those who chose to make a business out of providing a product THAT IS WORKING FOR PEOPLE WITH COMPROMISED HEALTH CONDITIONS. THERE ARE DOCUMENTED CASES!

I also offer here - a response from Mannatech to a person who was also making negative claims against the company and products:

Issue #3: Remainder of misleading issues in Bloomberg articles.

- In 1999, Bloomberg reporter David Evans wrote a short series of negative articles on Mannatech. No one knows what motivated Mr. Evans to launch such a seemingly purposeful attack, but his inflammatory reports were so misleading that our general counsel sent the attached letter (Attachment B) directly to the general counsel of Bloomberg, petitioning immediate relief from such unethical and potentially malicious conduct. The letter addresses the issues of (1) “telling consumers one thing and investors another about the safety and efficacy of Mannatech products” (See Attachment C, Further Disclosure Information), (2) “the use of a disputed study (Dr. Daryl See) to boost sales of its products,” (3) “the lack of double-blind placebo studies,” (4) the disclaimer concerning the effects of ephedra in MVP, (5) the claims of Mannatech’s involvement and problems with MannaCare, and (6) the reporter’s “suggestion” of potential stockholder law suits.

- As you can clearly see from our response to those issues, they ranged from misleading to absolute fabrication. Not one negative article has come from that reporter or Bloomberg since the receipt of our attorney letter.

- Dr. Jarvis, we were successful in halting the false and misleading reporting from the author of those articles, but this misinformation lives on through their posting on your Site. Please help resolve this issue.

Issue #4: The challenge of Dr. Steve Nugent’s credentials.
- We have several well credentialed MDs and PhDs on our staff and editorial board of our educational web site newbielink: [nonactive]. However a reporter chose to take issue with the credentials of Dr. Steve Nugent, a naturopathic doctor we hired to assist us in both product formulation and customer education. When we met Dr. Nugent, he was the president of the American Naturopathic Medical Association and a highly sought-after speaker on the subject of nutritional science. While serving in the US Marine Corps, Steve completed his Associates, Bachelors, and Masters degrees in business from National University, San Diego and Vista, California campuses. In 1981 he received a PhD in Psychology from Clayton University in St. Louise, Missouri. In 1984 his desire to pursue alternative and complementary medicine led him to achieve a correspondence NMD (Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine) degree from the same Clayton University in St. Louis, Missouri, and ND (Doctor of Naturopathy) correspondence degree in 1991 from the Clayton School of Natural Healing in Birmingham, Alabama. In 1996, he received an MDMA (Doctor of Medicine in Alternative Medicine) correspondence degree from The Open International University for Complementary Medicine. In between those correspondence degrees he received a PDD (Professional Developmental Degree,
post graduate training) in 1992 from the University of Michigan, Dearborn Campus. Issue was taken with the “legitimacy” of one of the correspondence degrees received by Dr. Nugent due to the fact that the school has since gone out of business.

One must realize that even though complementary medicine is finally being taught in major medical schools and recognized by governmental agencies (NIH), it was not that way 20 years ago. Correspondence was one of the few avenues to take in becoming educated in that field, which simply makes Dr. Nugent a pioneer in what is now becoming main-stream. Dr. Nugent is the author of “Nugent’s Physicians Desk Reference for Applied Clinical Nutrition,” sold to thousands of MDs for their guide to complementary approaches to health care. I challenge anyone to read that text and then challenge Dr Nugent’s knowledge of nutrition or of complementary medicine. It is extremely unfortunate that this character assassination was levied and continues to be perpetuated on such a knowledgeable and well-respected professional.

Finally, Dr. Jarvis, I would like you to consider the following highlights of Mannatech achievements in your reporting on our company.

- Successfully introduced Manapol®; a stabilized, standardized and patented aloe vera extract into a market filled with cheap, fraudulent aloe vera products.
- Developed a chemical assay to determine the presence and volume of aloe vera’s functional
ingredient that is deficient or missing in most aloe vera products.
- Developed chemical assays for the measurement of other biologically active sugar molecules
necessary for glycoprotein synthesis and cell-to-cell communication.
- Formulated the first blend of necessary glyconutrients (trademarked Ambrotose®, patents filed
worldwide and issued in 15 countries)
- Developed chemical assay that can measure the synergistic effect of combining both lipid- and watersoluble antioxidants. (Patent filed on assay.)
- Formulated the most efficacious blend of lipid- and water-soluble antioxidants. (Assay validated, patents filed on formula.)
- Introduced safety-filing system for its products in 1997. (Safety filing programs are now being
recommended to industry by the FDA and being discussed in congress as potential new law.)
- Developed the first educational web site for nutrition, newbielink: [nonactive], with direct links from referenced papers to Medline. (Patents filed on business method.)

Dr. Jarvis, you might find the next two achievements interesting. Both HON and newbielink: [nonactive] have teams of scientific experts that analyze the quality of the scientific information posted by a company on the Web.

- newbielink: [nonactive] was winner of 2002 merit award and of 2003 silver award from the World Wide Web’s newbielink: [nonactive]. (See Attachment D for information on this awards program.) This award presented to other 2003 winners include health Web sites from the “US Food and Drug Administration” (Merit Award), the “American Institute for Cancer Research” (Bronze Award), “Kaiser Permanente” (Bronze Award, and the “Mayo Clinic” (Silver Award) (See Attachment E for 2003 Fall winners.)

- newbielink: [nonactive] was winner of 2003 Health on the Net (HON) Award for program accreditation. (See Attachment F for information on this organization.)

- newbielink: [nonactive] editorial staff invited to make presentation at Health On The Net’s
International Conference in Geneva, Switzerland in 2003. (We were the only nutrition company in the world to be invited to present at conference.) - Co-sponsored 2003 international Glycobiology Conference in France.
- Recognized in business section of Dallas Morning News (May, 2004) as second fastest growing
public company in Dallas, Texas in 2003.
- Chairman and CEO Sam Caster invited to sit on Board of Directors of CRN (Council for Responsible
Nutrition) in 2003.
- Negotiated exclusive rights for patent-pending freeze-dried Australian Bush Plum (found to have highest level of naturally occurring Vitamin C complex of any plant on earth).

Hopefully, Dr. Jarvis, this information will aid you in your ongoing report on Mannatech. If you have any questions on any of this material, please feel free to contact me immediately.
I thank you in advance for your consideration.

Sam Caster Chairman and Chief Executive Officer


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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #53 on: 13/06/2005 10:00:37 »
For Casmr03:

I have read messages from several people who had conditions that did not respond to glyconutrients, and many more whose conditions improved.  I do not believe that it is the miracle cure for all conditions that many associates believe it is, but I have never said that it is not beneficial or that it doesn't work.  On the contrary, it has many benefits and can help many people.  I highly recommend glyconutrients.  

If you can afford Mannatech's supplement, that is great, take it.  However, for those who want to try the exact same ingredients, from the same companies that make it for Mannatech, and do so for a fraction of the price, I think that is great too.  I have seen the same benefits from both avenues.  Which only makes sense because the ingredients are from the same manufacturers.

For Moore4U:

Please read my posts more closely.  You will see that I am an advocate of glyconutrients, and agree with you and Dr. Schlacter that they are beneficial for patients.  I have always said that they work, and I am glad that you are getting relief with your regimen, as have many others.  My problem with glyconutrients falls into other realms:

1. The currently unsupportable explanation on how they work.

All studies on these ingredients show that you cannot absorb the individual sugars from these substances, hence you are not absorbing these sugars and they are not increasing your glycoproteins.  Are there other scientifically supported mechanisms that support how they are having their effects?  Yes, but the "8 essential sugar" hypothesis for these ingredients is marketing hype that has NO scientific support.  (Yes, you can absorb the sugars if taken individually, but NO you cannot absorb these sugars from the ingredients (polysaccharides) in Ambrotose.

2.  Price

As I said to Casmr03, I recommend these ingredients/substances, and feel confident that they help many people. I do not begrudge Mannatech's ability to make a profit by charging the exorbitant prices necessary for multi-level marketing.  If you can afford these ingredients, or want to pay for them by getting your friends and family to pay these ridiculously high prices, great.  However, not everyone wants to pay that much to try these ingredients.  In fact, despite the enthusiasm of associates, I have known a number of people who had conditions ideal for glyconutrients, but they did not take them because of fixed and limited incomes.

Yes, there are recipes for "glyconutrients" on the internet using mushrooms and fenugreek, etc.  These do contain many polysaccharides and beneficial substances beyond the glyconutrients, but they are NOT the same as Ambrotose.  They also have many testimonials that they have helped people, but whether they help people or not, has nothing to do with whether Ambrotose would be beneficial.  If people want to try Ambrotose, but cannot afford the cost, they can get the exact same ingredients (not alternatives, but the same from the same substances from the same manufacturers that supply Mannatech) for a fraction of the cost.  Not only that, but they can alter the amounts, or even drop ingredients to find what combination works best for them.  Some people get the same benefits from just taking Manapol alone.  I would not begrudge them that benefit.

Yes, I am a healthcare worker.  Do I charge my patients?  No, in my situation I don't need to.  (which makes a double your money back guarantee easy to offer).  My colleagues who do charge, are also business people, whom I do not begrudge making a profit.  For example:  There are many chiropractors in our city.  Each one charges fees for their services.  When asked for my advice, I note that there are many good chiropractors, but if they don't have insurance, or the money to pay higher prices, they can try the chiropractor who charges $10.00 per visit.  He has practiced for over 20 years, does not have the debt that drives other chiropractors and rents space to an acupuncturist, naturopath and massage therapist, so he can afford to charge one low flat fee.  I have been treated by him, and he is very skilled in many techniques and thorough, but he has very little stress because the business side of his business is very simple.  It requires no employees, no filing of insurance, etc.  Is his chiropractic less than that offered by others in the city?  No.  Would I tell people they have to go to chiropractors charging $40-60 to get the effective treatment?  No.  If people try this doctor, and find no relief after 3 to 4 visits they have spent the price of one treatment elsewhere, and then they can try the more expensive alternatives.  I have not found any who have tried this doctor and not been impressed and gotten relief. The same holds true for the ingredients in Ambrotose.  

If you can afford Ambrotose, take it, but if the price is keeping you from taking it, then try taking the same ingredients, but buying them separately (50% Arabinogalactan, 10% of each of the rest of the ingredients) and trying that.  Or try just one or a combination of a few of the ingredients.  Only Arabinogalactan, Manapol, and Glucosamine have any research showing they can have beneficial effects on the human body.  Gums Tragacanth and Ghatti, in over 1000 years of use have no studies of helping any conditions except as dietary fibers in digestive complaints, and may or may not be necessary.

My posts have not questionned anyones credentials.  Who cares about their credentials?  It is the accuracy of the information that gives credibility (or takes it away).

My posts never mention Dr. See, or the information from Dr. Jarvis' site.  The rationale from those websites on the problems with Mannatech are weak at best.  So defending them is a waste of time.

I don't care what awards the website has received.  I don't care how pretty it is.  It is a smoke and mirrors site that confuses the ignorant public.  Look at the section on "Introduction to glyconutritionals."  Read about these essential sugars.  It sounds very impressive, and very convincing.  However, read it again and realize that all of that information has nothing to do with the ingredients in the main supplement they sell.

They say "Glyconutritionals are designed to make the necessary sugars available to the cells quicker and in greater quantity" which makes sense, but they don't tell you that the ingredients in their supplement, while made of these sugars, have been shown to not be able to be digested, so none of these sugars can be absorbed.  In fact, most of their website doesn't even note the individual ingredients in their supplement.  In one section it says: "That is, polysaccharides other than starch (i.e. beta-linked polysaccharides) can be digested or absorbed whole in the small intestines. Bacteria in the colon can break down others into their monosaccharide components, which can then be absorbed and used by the body." but it is one of the few claims that gives no references, and if you research the substances, you will find just the opposite to be true.  Why give hundreds of scientific references on so many other sections, and when the most important claim, central to their hypothesis, is made there is no scientific reference given?  Which is why this topic has been so frustrating.  Yes the ingredients work, but the explanation they give has nothing to do with these ingredients.

The people responsible for the science of Mannatech, are the same people who have published detailed scientific papers before being involved with this company.  They know for a fact what specific, and relatively simple studies would be needed to be done to support their hypothesis, but they have never done it.  In fact, one of the papers on Mannans (such as Manapol) written by Bill McAnalley (formulator of Ambrotose) and others, notes that the human intestine does not make the enzyme necessary to digest these beta-linked polysaccharides. (Mol Biother. 1989;1(6):290-6. The biological activities of mannans and related complex carbohydrates. Tizard IR, Carpenter RH, McAnalley BH, Kemp MC.) I have seen no papers since then by him or others that would lead me to conclude that anything has changed.  Why not? Most of the research noted in that paper was concerning injectible forms.  Eating it and injecting it are two different things.  For example, insulin is effective if injected, but not if taken orally.  

Want to know if your blood glucose in going up after eating that food?  Eat the food and test the sugar in your blood.  Is that so hard?  Yet none of these sugars has ever been shown to be increased after taking this supplement, but the company claims you absorb sugars from these ingredients, contrary to all published studies on these polysaccharides so far.  Why not do the study?  Why publish multiple articles showing each individual sugar is absorbed, and then NOT put those individual sugars in your supplement?  And yet have no studies showing any sugar can be absorbed from the fibers in the actual supplement?  

The site is impressive, unless you compare the information with the actual ingredients in their supplement and realize that their information has nothing to do with the mechanism of how their supplement is actually working.  It is merely marketing because it sounds impressive.  If they really believed everything on their site, they would make a supplement with each individual sugar in it, not non-digestible fibers.  Or they would pre-digest the fibers with specific enzymes derived from micro-organisms that can break these substances into the individual sugars, or even add those enzymes to the product so that the digestion would happen in your intestine.  But they don't.  I have confirmation from their company that no pre-digestion or digestive enzymes are used in their product.

Again, let me reiterate:  

YES the ingredients in this supplement work.(and they can be bought separately, cheaper).

NO the main ingredients in Ambrotose provide NO sugars (other than glucose and glucosamine). Their hypothesis that they do, and that it increases glycoproteins and cell-to-cell communication has absolutely ZERO scientific support.  ( of scientific references and ZERO support for their hypothesis from these ingredients?  I would say there is something suspicious).


Trying to stay objective.

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #54 on: 13/06/2005 14:09:30 »
I appreciate your clarification and your trying to stay objective.
I am pleased to hear you say that glyconutrients DO work. So far, (and I am brand new to this company) in all the material I have read, as well as when hearing the people in the company I've heard speak, NEVER have they claimed that Ambrotose or glyconutrients are the "cure-all" for all diseases.
In fact, it has been just the opposite.

I understand that many people may not be able to afford the expense of purchasing the products from Mannatech, just as many people can not afford to receive the proper medical care they need from doctors or dentists.

I do believe Mannatech has set up their sales plan to assist those who truly believe in the product and believe it can improve the health of others when taken as directed, to be able to afford to take it for themselves.

I commend you for making available the information to the public about how to make the glyconutrient supplemnents for themselves to save money. I just don't think the average person wants to do that or has the time to do that. For some, if that is what they want to do, fine. I just don't have the time or energy to do that for myself.

I will seek some answers to the questions you raise, because I have the pure motivation to help others get well behind my willingness to tell others about glyconutrients. I am NOT doing it to make a lot of money. Would I like to make enough to help me pay for my own product, yes. But greater reward would be to hear that a person's life was saved or the quality of their life greatly improved because I told them about glyconutrients. I would also be willing to tell everyone I talk to... about the alternative of purchasing the ingredients for themselves to save money...let them make the choice. But I think you have to tell both sides of the story.

There are so many doctors and medical professionals that are seeing positive results with glycontrients that it is hard to ignore the facts that SOMETHING is being absorbed by the body and allowing the body to heal itself for many people. I also think a study needs to be done regarding HOW the people take the product. IF they don't take enough for a long enough period of time, it would be easy to say, "That stuff didn't work."  So, I agree that more research and broader studies need to be performed. But for me, the evidence for what it has done for me is all the proof I need for now.

Thank you, duane!

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #55 on: 18/06/2005 14:04:55 »
Hi Kittycat!
I am pleased to meet you too and I am relieved to hear something positive here about the use of and efficacy of glyconutrients. All I know, is what I know! The TRUTH of the fact that in 6 months of suffering, NOTHING (and I mean I had about tried everything!) made a real difference until I added the glyconutition to my regimen.
I would love to hear more about results you have witnessed.
I have told one friend who has breast cancer about this and her sister-in-law has a brain disease that is inoperable and is turning her brain to mush. She bought some for her and I pray that they are giving it to her. I need to follow up on it and make sure they are giving her enough. This same lady called me back to get some for herself and another man I talked to has a wife with Alzheimer's and he is buying some for her. I am so excited and anxious to see if it helps her. Please tell me your experiences with these things if you can.
I KNOW there will be negative stories that surface regarding Mannatech, some of the distributors, misrepresentation, etc., but so far I have only experienced VERY positive results and a very positive experience with the company, so that is what I have to go on until that is proven wrong. But I can NOT deny the difference in how I feel since starting the products myself. Plain and simple!

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #56 on: 18/06/2005 14:17:17 »
OH! Kittycat! I just went back and clicked on your link. I had JUST ordered that book and it came yesterday. I am going to start reading it today! I also got the book "A Gift Called Michelle" about the little girl with Downs Syndrome who began using glyconutrients. Not only did they allow her to heal from severe respiratory illness (Asthma and allergies - she lived on inhalers, medications and a breathing machine most of the time), but they also improved her mental condition dramatically and EVEN HER PHYSICAL APPEARANCE. Have you seen her photos? It is truly amazing. She has lost much of the characteristic features of a child with Downs Syndrome and looks like a different child. Her story is worth reading. She is an A Honor Roll student in the 10th grade now (I think) and has excelled academically and physically way beyond her teachers and parents expectations! She was taught sign lanquage at an early age (4) because she could not talk. Of course, she later went on to learn to talk and once she did it was like a flood gate opening! But she has maintained her ability to sign and I read at the end of the book she goes into nursing homes to assist the Elderly and signs for deaf people and was recently invited to sign at at Garth Brooks concert! AMAZING! You can find that little book at newbielink: [nonactive]  Click on the books and print tab and you will find it.

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #57 on: 18/06/2005 21:43:29 »
For what it's worth,I thought I would add my personal story to the list of arguments for and against glyconutrients.  I am very grateful that a friend introduced me to glyconutrients just 5 months ago.  For over 20 years I have suffered from chronic neck and lower back pain.  Two of my children have suffered from "full blown" asthma since early infancy.  My youngest child had severe eczema to the point of bleeding.  Winter months were a nightmare with bottles of oxygen lined up in my garage.  I am happy to say that in the last few months I have been pain free.  There has only been 1 asthma attack (and I believe this was due to the fact that we were without product for over 2 weeks) and no sign of eczema.  It is so easy to get caught up in the arguments, as I have been reading in these pages, but to me the only proof I need is the healthy kids living in my home.  I wouldn't go a day without them and as a single Mom of 4, that is saying a lot.


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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
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Hi Momof4 and Moore4u,

It is great to hear of how glyconutrients have helped you and/or your loved ones. It is very encouraging for so many to know that others are doing so well.

Please continue to share regardless of the negative attitudes.
Unfortunately these negative attitudes are typical and I can only imagine what doctors go through who support glyconutrition.
I have come to the point of realizing that it doesn't matter what others say or think regarding this topic. So many have tried to disqualify and tear down anything good said about this technology, however the results are changing peoples lives.

The sad part is that those who are so negative are robbing themselves of a blessing!

I have decided to ignore these destructive attitudes and focus on people who are open minded.

Please continue with your posting here and join me in ignoring the negative attitudes. God bless, KC

His grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in my weakness
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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
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Momof4 and Kittycat!
Your acknowledgement of what the glyconutrients have done for your family and friends really makes me so thankful. I agree with what you say about "the proof is in the pudding" so to speak.

I know for sure now, that the glyconutrients are what have improved my Lyme symptoms - the brain fog, dizziness and chronic fatigue. I too ran out on Saturday and I have to wait until my next order comes in next week due to lack of money to get any, any sooner. I can feel the symptoms rolling back in...sinking back into that fog and the tired, exhausted feelings returning. This is not my imagination, I am a believer.

Please continue to share your successes here and I will too! [:I]

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #60 on: 29/06/2005 03:56:42 »
Here are some interesting articles about Ambrotose and...


A Friendly Skeptic Looks at Glyconutrients and Ambrotose®
by Dr. Ralph Moss
newbielink: [nonactive]

...Down Syndrome

Ambrotose and Down Syndrome
by Dr. Len Leshin, MD, FAAP
newbielink: [nonactive]


[Mannatech] 'Shonky' sugar pill created by religious group
by New Zealand Press Association
newbielink: [nonactive]

Here's an article about the company that markets Ambrotose (and reprograms normal human beings into Ambrotose Automatons):

by William T. Jarvis, Ph.D
newbielink: [nonactive]

Here's a good article about multilevel marketing in general:

NCAHF Position Paper on Multilevel Marketing of Health Products
by National Council Against Health Fraud
newbielink: [nonactive]

And finally, here's a great article from the FDA with tips on how to avoid being a victim of untested, ineffective, and dangerous health products. This article is longer than the other ones, but a game I made out of it is to read the article once or twice, then re-read the thread, and everytime Kittycat says something warned about in the article, DRINK!

How to Spot Health Fraud
by Paula Kurtzweil
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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
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I am intrigued by the discussion on this forum and particularly the interchange with Moore4U and Duane.   Moore4U, you indicated that you would research further Duane's contention that the "sugars" in Ambrotose are not fully absorbed.  That to me is the critical question in all of this. Naturally, if that's the case, while it still might be a helpful nutrient and yield varying levels of wellness improvement, the "extent" of the benefits based on the science of how the "8 essential sugars" improve cell-to-cell communication would appear to be overstated.  Please post any response or finding related to this absorption question posed by Duane on this forum if possible.

Thank you.

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #62 on: 01/07/2005 07:31:10 »
What an interesting topic. However it is looking more like a big argument than a discussion of recoveries, science etc.
If I am understanding this topic correctly, people seem to be stuck on whether the sugars are absorbed by the body or not or if there are one, two or more sugars in the supplement.
What difference does it make?  Who cares about being so anal retentive about it?
If people are benefitting, what does it matter? Do you need to have a vent to boast your knowledge and be abusive? Or how much you hate MLM?
It doesn't matter who is right or wrong or if you are more educated than the next guy. What is wrong here?  I am shocked at the combative attitudes and those who are neglecting getting in touch with the reality: Peoples lives are in the balance. What are you going to do about it argue or act?

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #63 on: 04/07/2005 19:15:30 »
I was skeptical at first when a friend told me about Glyconutrients. But my son was later diagnosed with pnemonia, and he was very very ill. I got him a prescription for the pnemonia, and then called my friend to buy ambrotose, because I knew when she explained it to me that if it was the truth, then the product would work. But I didn't put him on it alone. If he was going suffer either no or adverse effects from ambrotose, I was bound and determined to experience it right along with him. My husband also began taking it. We all started on it the same day.

Unfortunately, in my experience, most MLM products are the best in their field, they are often patented, and cost alot for the amount that you get. But when I buy, I prefer to buy quality. Many MLMs sell quality. so unfortunately, some of the things I buy are bought through MLM. I have been recruited for many MLMs, and have had many bad experiences. My most recent bad experience was with Melaleuca. But the fact in my experience remains...the products sold through MLM are effective when used correctly. I am not fond of MLM. The only thing that convinced me to give Mannatech's MLM a chance is the book Wave 3 by Richard Poe. He is a reporter who is not involved in MLM, but wrote the book to give an unbiased opinion on MLM. I also read Wave 4, his 2nd book on the subject. This book opened my eyes on the reality of MLM, it's purpose, and its history. I found the book at the library by using the search word: network marketing.

I also thought before buying the product about researching what is in ambrotose, and concocting my own version. But I am a working mother of 3 with a husband, and I don't necessarly have the skills and scientific understanding of molecular structures to concoct my own version. I certainly don't have the time.

In my first internet search on Mannatech, I too found Dr. William Jarvis's document. But, on the same hand, one must look at the quality of the source. The website does not look professional to begin with, secondly, he's got spelling mistakes, thirdly, do a search on another reputable food supplement company: Juice Plus+. You'll see he's got bad stuff to say about them too and it is equally as unprofessional. Who knows? Maybe he's got more dirt on all of the companies! My point here is that if you are trying to convince people not to take the glyconutrients, you'll have to try harder. I for one look for a professional opinion presented in a calm factual manner. Things like SPAM and WALLET FULL OF MONEY used with or without emphasis, and sarcasm cause me to tune out that person's point of view. If you are intelligent, and know a factual reason why people should not either use glyconutrient products or get involved in the MLM side of Mannatech, and if you want to be sighted as a credible opinion to be taken seriously, then I would think that you would present your arguement in a respectful manner. People know the truth when they hear it. People will not pay attention to sarcasm as a credible opinion. But they might listen to someone who can present information that makes sense in a factual and respectful way.

There is bad news and history on every company out there. There is not one spotless company. But look beyond that--the real question here is does it work? And to most people who are suffering, they don't care how it gets digested, what they want to know is: "Is it a quality product that will actually be effective for me?" "If I put my money into this, will it work for me?". And not one person can prove that to them. No matter how much science or lack of is involved. People will believe what they want to believe. And if they are scared of MLM, then they will likely choose to miss out because of MLM's bad reputation.

As for my son and my husband and myself, my son has now been on Ambrotose on and off for 10 months now dependent upon when we can afford it, and when he's been off it for a while, he gets ill again. His frequency of sickness had definitely slowed. He hasn't had even the sniffles for four months now. When he does catch a cold, he is not listless like he used to get, and he still eats and plays. He never used to when he would fall ill. I took ambrotose alone for a while but never noticed any changes. After 3 months of taking it I added the Mannatech AntiOxidant, and three weeks later I felt noticeably different. I felt good. I had strength and more energy to do the things that I needed to do as a mother. I no longer needed to take naps. Mopping the floors no longer hurt my lower back. But it took 4 months of being on ambrotose and adding an antioxidant to get me to that point. Was it worth it? Yes it was. I never want to go back to being tired all the time. I will take this product for as long as I live. As for my husband, he said he felt more energy after the third day of taking just Ambrotose. I was skeptical of that since I felt nothing after 3 days. After a few months, his hoarking stopped. He used to hoark flem several times daily. after months of taking it, his allergies decreased. No one can convince you, all I can say is, just try it. Try it correctly, take it for at least six months in the dosages you need for your condition, and then judge it. The only way around skepticism is to give it a try for yourself to experience it first hand.

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #64 on: 04/07/2005 19:20:33 »
Your body makes all of these duane, but at the cost of your body's energy. We are supposed to get all these saccarides in our diet, and when the body can't get them from food, the body makes them, but it takes the time and energy that is supposed to be utilized in fighting off sickness and disease.

Originally posted by loweduane

Glyconutrients ARE NOT ABOUT SUGARS (SACCHARIDES). Yes, there are sugars on the surface of cells in the human body.  YOUR BODY MAKES ALL OF THESE.  

These products that these companies sell contain substances that DO NOT PROVIDE THESE SUGARS.  They cannot, because they are in forms that have been shown to NOT BE DIGESTED, and cannot be broken into the individual sugars.  If they are not broken down, your body cannot absorb them.  In fact, most of these ingredients have been shown to pass intact into the large intestine, where they are eaten by microorganisms which produce short-chain fatty acids.

Did MIT say glycomics will change the world?  Yes, they were talking about the science of how these sugars work in the body.  THEY WERE NOT TALKING ABOUT GLYCONUTRIENTS!!  


If you are a diabetic and you want to know what your blood glucose levels are what do you do?  You check your blood glucose.  Haven't you ever wondered why in over 10 years, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in research to prove the benefits of their supplement, why this company HAS NEVER published a study showing even one sugar increased after taking their supplement?  BECAUSE NONE OF THESE POLYSACCHARIDES PROVIDE EVEN ONE SUGAR TO BE ABSORBED BY THE HUMAN BODY.

Do they work?  Possibly.  They are made of substances that could bind certain receptors in the intestine stimulating the immune system.  And they have been shown to increase the production of butyrate, proprionate in the colon, which have many beneficial properties.  But those who think absorbing individual sugars are the reason, are the ignorant public who have no understanding of human physiology, and have no idea how to understand the research on these substances, and so they just believe what they are told.

Of course, I have no financial stake in these products, so feel free to find some research to prove me wrong.  And don't list a website like because I've been there and there is no research article on that site that contradicts anything I have said.  Give me a specific reference or quote even one reputable glycobiologist who thinks you can absorb any sugars from these substances.  (I know, I have talked to some of the best in the country about this, such as HH Freeze, Ph.D.).

And the new improved version of their glyconutrient contains a common seaweed extract, which is readily and cheaply available.  Yes there is research to show that this seaweed has polysaccharide, mostly composed of fucose, but there are no studies that I can find that show you can break this extract into the individual fucose molecules either.  Much of the research listed in the National Library of Medicine shows that the benefits of this ingredient is secondary to its dipeptide content rather than its saccharide content.  Dipeptides are two amino acids attached together.  But then you couldn't call it a glyconutrient if you thought the amino acids were the benefit.  

Is their new product cheaper?  Sure, but you have to take more than the original supplement, and you can buy all of the ingredients of this companies products separately for a fraction of the price. In fact, they don't make any of the ingredients at all, they buy them from other companies and put it together.  You can do the same thing from the same companies.  No reason to go broke if these are helping you.  Of course, your upline won't make any money that way.



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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #65 on: 06/07/2005 13:57:30 »
Hello everyone,

I found this helpful with understanding what glyconutrients do:

* Prevents bacterial, viral, parasitic and
   fungal infections
* Eases inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis
* Lupus patients are deficient in this
* Lowers blood sugar and triglyceride levels
   in diabetic patients

* Influences brain development
* Improves brain’s ability to create long-  
   term memories
* Inhibits tumor growth
* Metabolism of this saccharide is abnormal
    in cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and cancer
   and during episodes of shingles, which is
   caused by the herpes virus
* Active against other herpes viruses,
   including herpes I and cytomegalovirus
* Guards against respiratory infections
* Inhibits allergic reactions

* Enhances wound healing
* Increases calcium absorption
* Triggers long-term memory formation

* Potent fast-energy source
* Enhances memory
* Stimulates calcium absorption
* Too much or too little can be problematic
* Elderly Alzheimer’s patients register much
   lower levels of this saccharide than those
   with organic brain disease from stroke or
   other vascular diseases
* Glucose metabolism disturbed in
   depression, manic-depression, anorexia
   and bulimia

* Heart disease patients have lower-than-
   normal levels of this saccharide
* Inhibits spread of tumor

* Immune modulator with antitumor
   properties and activity against HIV
* Vital to learning
* Glucosamine, a metabolic product of this
* Helps repair cartilage
* Decreases pain and inflammation
* Increases range of motion
* May also help repair mucosal-lining
   defensive barrier implicated in Crohn’s
   disease, ulcerative colitis and interstitial

* Important for brain development and  
* Abundant in breast milk
* Repels bacteria, virus and other

* Antibacterial and antifungal
* May help prevent cancer of the digestive

His grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in my weakness
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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #66 on: 06/07/2005 14:18:04 »
Hi smilzandchuklz,


From what I read the body acutally has receptors (stomach pumps) for these sugars which would suggest that the body prefers the sugars from the diet.
Even though the body can synthesize these eight essential sugars, "a number of diseases involving abnormalities in the synthesis and degradation of glycoproteins have been recognized." (From Harper's Biochemistry textbook
ch. 47 p.534)
This sounds to me like it puts the body through unnecessary stress.
I am enjoying learning more about the science of glyconutrition, however the results are incredible! KC

His grace is sufficient and His strength is made perfect in my weakness
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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #67 on: 06/07/2005 14:54:40 »
Hi everyone :D

Response to Duane's Posts

Duane makes some very valid comments.  In particular the question over the availabilty of the 'necessary monossacharides' for glycoform construction from the polysaccharides provided in the Mannatech products.

Duane makes the assertion that "Humans cannot absorb the individual monossacharides from the "Mannatech" polysaccharides" being mainly beta-linked polysaccharides which according to 'current wisdom' are resistant to human enzymes in the mouth, stomach and small intestine.

Scientific studies can be dangerous sometimes.  'Current wisdom' has been proven wrong many times over time.  We can sometimes draw conclusions from a few studies and yet miss logical conclusions using some basic common sense.

Scientific arguments for monossacharide absorption from dietary polysaccharides are not conclusive.  There is no doubt that more studies in this area are required.

However, logic tells us that if plants make up polysaccharides from self-made monosaccharides (plants utilise sunlight energy to convert carbon dioxide and water into monosaccharides), that there is a good probability that free monosaccharides exist in fresh, living plant tissue.  Sure we know we already readily get glucose and fructose from plants.  Why discount the availabilty of some quantity of the other necessary monosaccharides.

After all, how do we get all the monosaccharides used in our biological processes?  Purely from conversions of one monossacharide (glucose or fructose) to another via many energy intensive enzymic pathways?  Was the 'Designer' of the human body that 'incompetent' that He ignored the much easier pathway of receiving and absorbing 'free' monosaccharides from our food to directly form the necessary glycoforms or glycoconjugates?

Is not the body designed to expect the necessary monosaccharides in the diet?  Dietary mannose and galactose has already been shown to be directly incorporated into glycoproteins.
Martin A;Rambal C;Berger V;. Availability of specific sugars for glycoconjugate biosynthesis: a need for further investigations in man. Biochimie. 1998; 80: 75-86
Berger V;Perier S;Pachiaudi C;. Dietary specific sugars for serum protein enzymatic glycosylation in man. Metabolism. 1998 Dec; 47: 1499-1503
Alton G;Hasilik M;Niehues R;. Direct utilization of mannose for mammalian glycoprotein biosynthesis. Glycobiology. 1998 Mar; 8: 285-295

Why are there specific sugar transporters for many of the 'necessary sugars?  Is not the body expecting the monosaccharide sugars in the diet?  Doesn't it make sense that the body is capable of separating adequate amounts of the 'necessary' monosaccharides from the plant polysaccharides?

Scientific studies have shown that non-starch polysaccharides are digested before they reach the colon.
Holloway WD;Tasman-Jones C;Lee SP;. Digestion of certain fractions of dietary fiber in humans. Am J Clin Nutr. 1978 Jun; 31: 927-930

Scientific studies have shown other 'indigestible' polysaccharides are apparantly partially digested in the stomach or the small intestine.
One human study showed that the majority of one type of these Polysaccharides, called hemicelluloses, are digested in the small intestine.
Sandberg AS;Andersson H;Hallgren B;Hasselblad K;Isaksson B;Hulten L;. Experimental model for in vivo determination of dietary fibre and its effect on the absorption of nutrients in the small intestine. Br J Nutr. 1981 Mar; 45: 283-294.
Holloway WD;Tasman-Jones C;Bell E;. The hemicellulose component of dietary fiber. Am J Clin Nutr. 1980 Feb; 33: 260-263

Other studies suggest breakdown of Polysaccharides into monosaccharides in the colon.
Whistler RL;BeMiller JN;. Carbohydrate Chemistry for Food Scientists. St. Paul, Minn.: American Association of Cereal Chemists, Inc.; 1999

Other studies show free monosaccharides remain even after fermentation of gum plant fibres (including polysaccharides) by bacteria.
Bourquin LD;Titgemeyer EC;Fahey GC;. Vegetable fiber fermentation by human fecal bacteria: cell wall polysaccharide disappearance and short-chain fatty acid production during in vitro fermentation and water-holding capacity of unfermented residues. Journal of Nutrition. 1993 May; 123: 860-869.

The fact is that there is very little quantitative absorption data available for most high molecular weight complexes from food, and more understanding of the availabilty of monosaccahrides from complex plant polysaccharides needs to be acquired.

The fact is that the Mannatech glyconutritional supplements do provide in a large number of users, wonderful benefits.  Not many will dispute this.

Do the benefits come primarily from polysaccharide fibre consumption with all the known benefits including helping the immune system?

Or via the monosaccharide sugar pathway where much of the monosaccharides supply are 'somehow' from breakdown of beta-linked polysaccharides and free monosaccharides in plants?

The overwhelming number of amazing testimonies (covering virtually every disease you can think of) from Mannatech consumers (including many I know personally) suggest to me that the benefits are due to much more than polysaccharide fibre factors.

There is enough evidence to support the Mannatech claim that their products contain saccharides that are necessary for optimal cell-to-cell communication.  Albeit the evidence may be a combination of Scientific, reasonable scientific postulation, and circumstantial.

Can any Scientist conclusively prove the contrary?  Scientific opinions do not always agree, so who is ultimately 'right'?.

Marketing and purchasing the Mannatech products are optional.  Don't knock the right of people to earn a living 'selling the products'. After all, we do live in a commercial world with real bills, real debts, and real health challenges.  Don't knock the right for a company to set whatever margins they wish to run a viable and profitable business.  In fact I understand Mannatech has a charitable arm in Mannarelief that has donated millions of dollars of free glyconutritional products to 3rd world orphanages with some wonderful results.  

Why not expend energy challenging the multi-billion dollar Alipathic industry which in general follows a paradigm that mask symptoms and interferes with normal human physiology, using drugs with known toxicity and producing side-effects - some very serious that over time can result in death. After saying that traditional medicine does have a very important role in crisis care.

Hope these comments help get a balance in the debate.

Finally study carefully the paper:
Is Saccharide Supplementation Necessary, Jane Ramberg and Bill McAnalley, Glycoscience & Nutrition, May 2002, Vol3, No.3

A great paper which expands on the above.

My Opinions will not prevent, treat,cure or mitigate any disease.

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #68 on: 08/07/2005 04:11:29 »
Wow! I have not been back here for a bit. Going back to work has put a crimp in my time!
I have to agree wholeheartedly with your post smilz. I for one do NOT have the time to spend on tearing this product apart and having explanation for why it does or does not work. FOR ME...IT WORKS and that is absolutely ALL the proof I need.  All that I can tell you is that 2 months ago I was a SHADOW of the person I am today.
I was in a bad state - extreme chronic fatigue, dizzy spells, brain fog and intense joint pain - from Lyme Disease and several co-infections.  I KNOW beyond doubt that it is the glyconutrients that have made the difference in my condition. How do I know that?  Because after taking them for 3 days I had profound improvement and I continued to improve every day. Then I ran out of product. I VERY quickly began to sink fast and all of my old symptoms began to return. I ordered more product - Ambrotose, AO (antioxidant), Mannacleanse, Catalyst (the multi-vit) and Plus (for hormone balance).
Two days after starting back, I began to build back up and I am feeling like a NEW person, a person who has her life back. I cry when I think about how I felt two and three months ago. There really were days when I felt so defeated and hopeless and I could understand why people dealing with the same disease I was dealing with were committing suicide. I was very depressed. My depression has lifted and my joint pain is SO gone - I feel 25 years younger and that is no lie!
People can sling criticism, skepticism, doubt - whatever - all they want, but I agree with smilz - don't knock it until you have tried it. I am hearing far too many compelling testimonies from people whose lives have LITERALLY been restored, hope restored - to not believe there is something here in these Mannatech products that are a life giving force. No...the company is not perfect - but I sincerely believe there is far more good created by this company, Mannatech...than bad. I agree - go pick on somebody else!

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #69 on: 09/07/2005 21:45:22 »

I am so happy to finally hear some good input on the glyconutrients. I know it worked for me, and no amount of 'scientific' proof on paper will convince me that it doesn't. I have had a strip torn off me for approaching one person who has a baby with CF, that person yelling at me that Mannatech's products are "Nothin but a bunch of sugar pills." Unfortunately, some people are just not open to anything that has suffered from bad publicity.

I especially appreciate Kiwi Boy's response, I think you have some extremely valid and well said points.

KittyKat, I hope I meet you someday. It's nice to meet others who know.

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #70 on: 11/07/2005 06:01:28 »
wow have things heated up a bit here!

to all that are considering glyconutrients, you have nothing to lose! Our son was dying! My husband was a mess and I can say that all is well in my house! There are many people that are right on the money...this is a good company...Mannatech. For those of you that have nothing good to say....remember what your mother said. Trying to help others is a good thing. Trying to bash a company that is helping countless people for personal reasons ( I am assuming that some here failed at MLM) is a crime! If your Ford was no good, don't buy another....don't try to keep everyone else away!

Our health care is a JOKE in this country. I can say that. My son is the perfect example of being chronically ill and in the system for 13 years. He came out a mess and dying. He is now FINE. I don't hate docs...without them my son would not be here. But the system has failed him.

We prayed for an answer, as many people do every day. We were just able to see it when an angel showed it to us!

Anyone out there that is POSITIVE is welcome to contact me....and I welcome those of you that are new to this site...hang in there!


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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #71 on: 11/07/2005 18:23:52 »
The original reserach can be accessed through Mannatech at newbielink: [nonactive]  or newbielink: [nonactive]
The second address has excellent videos with the original research. At present it seems results are more from testamonials, but the theory discussed would point to very basic healing potential allowing the body to heal itself from the alphabet contained in Glycoproteins derived from the Aloe verae plant know from ancient times as a healing plant. It hasa been associated with amazing results such as Down's Syndrome, blindness, and Alzheimer's improvements so well worth watching, though I'd like more controlled studies from testamonaials, particularly how many helped from how many tried?

Have a great day!United in the search for healing,
Sincerely, Sylvia

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
« Reply #72 on: 13/07/2005 04:34:50 »
I too am pleased to be hearing some more positive remarks regarding glyconutrients. I just heard tonight that Business Week just posted the top 100 companies in America in their June issue and Mannatech is #6! They must be doing SOMETHING right. I would like to post my testimony (that was in the form of an email to some friends and family) regarding glyconutrients here for those interested:

Hello to all,
There are some people I am sending this email too that I have not written to in a very long time. Basically this is a summary of what I have gone through for the past 6 months and where I am today!  It has been a WILD ride, but I can honestly say I believe God took me through this for a reason...and I believe the reason was so that I could help other people who may have a similar health issue, but even in a much broader realm. I think you will understand what I am saying, if you will read this email through to the end.

Well, folks, here is my story in a nutshell:
In February of 2005 I realized there was something seriously wrong with the way I had been feeling lately. I was so tired all of the time and had an achy, flu-like feeling, but I kept pushing myself. We were very busy at work and I did not have the time to be sick! I had been seeing a doctor of internal medicine for my symptoms. He diagnosed me with depression and obesity. He prescribed Prozac and something to help me lose weight. I just kept telling myself that I was feeling so low and so lousy because I was FAT.
As I look back over my medical records covering the past two years of my life, I can now see the many symptoms that added up to Lyme. But I had no idea what Lyme was, what actually caused it or what the symptoms were, until I became so sick. Skin lesions also began appearing on my left thigh and right shoulder that looked like giant infected mosquito bites. They would not heal. I showed them to the doctor. He took 2 punch biopsies. The tests went to 3 different labs. None were able to identify what it was. I was simply told I had an "unidentifiable bacterial skin infection." I was put on antibiotics, topical steroids, etc.
Nothing cleared it up and I began to feel worse and worse. I had extreme dizziness (vertigo) and had to quit driving. My thinking became very cloudy. I felt as if I were walking around with my head stuck in a big cotton ball all of the time. My joints ached severely and I had muscle spasms in my face and limbs. I also had awful floaters in my field of vision. It was like trying to look though a foggy windshield most of the time.
I itched constantly and felt as if I had "no- see-ums" crawling all over my skin. It was torture. I was extremely fatigued most of the time. Most days I did not feel like leaving the house and the slightest little thing I did - like taking a shower - was a major accomplishment.  Most of my time was spent in front of the computer researching what was wrong with me.
One doctor put me on antibiotics and I began to take everything under the sun that other people suffering the same symptoms recommended.
I was eventually tested for Lyme. I learned I had 3 coinfections of Lyme. I missed two months of work. (Here is a listing of my protocol that began back in February)
February - 2005
Cephalexin 500 mg - 2 caps 2 x day
United Medical (UM)Physicians Rx Daily Multiple Support 3x day
UM Liver Support 2 caps 2 x day
UM CoEnzyme Q-10 1 cap 3 x day
Buffered C - Crystals
Salt Tablets and Sea Salt on foods
Natural Flax Seed Oil - 1000 mg 1 cap 3 X day
Olive Leaf Extract - 1 cap 3 X day
Para Gone I and Para Gone II 15 day regimen/5 day rest/repeated 2 x
Omega 3 Fish oil -1000 mg 3 x daily
Evening Primrose Oil - 500 mg 1 cap 2 x day
Was also drinking Peppermint Tea
Also added ground Flaxseed to cereal for breakfast and salads.
Drank LOTS of filtered water and at one point began boiling my own tap water.
March 2005
Continued with above protocol and added:
Hulda Clark's "ParaZapper" and began zapping four days a week at recommended level.
Zithromax - 500 mg 1 tablet a day for 60 days
April/May 2005
Continued with all of the above protocol (but dropped the "zapping" down to once a week and also added:
Minocycline 100 mg 1 tablet 2 x daily for 3 weeks, but on the third week added:
Flagyl - 500 mg 1 tablet 2 x daily
On 4th week RESTED - NO MEDS, per the doctors instruction, but continued with nutriceuticals.
June 2005
Switched from Zithromax to SEPTRA - (SMZ-TWP DS 800-160) 1 tab 2 x day
Also adding back the Minocycline.
(I forgot to mention that I took a whole clove of garlic that I chopped up every day.)
I do believe the 4 different antibiotics began to attack the bacteria, but nothing was making me feel any better...
June/July 2005
At this point I was feeling AWFUL. I had really not experienced any great degree of improvement. I had returned to work and was STRUGGLING to get through each day.
My chronic fatigue was overwhelming and my joint pain excruciating to the point where it was so painful just to walk from my car into the building. I still had brain fog and dizziness.
At the end of that week I had decided I would not return to work the next week unless I felt better. I would just have to figure out how to do without a paycheck since my disability insurance claim was denied.

It was at that point that a friend at work told me about something called glyconutrients. Her husband had learned of this major medical breakthrough and had begun taking them for his throat cancer.
He had learned of this from his sister-in-law who had been taking them for her terminal Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, (who has JUST been declared CANCER-FREE, I might add.)
This friend gave me some information about the discovery of glyconutrients and how and why these nutrients feed the cells of your body, allowing them to communiciate properly, which induces your body to HEAL ITSELF...of all number of diseases. Our immune systems are ALL OUT OF WHACK because we DON'T get what our bodies need from our modern day diets, even people who TRY to eat healthy.  Even by adding vitamins, minerals, herbs, etc., our bodies are left void of what our cells need to be in good health.
This technology was JUST discovered in 1996 and many doctors are just now studying glycobiology in their current textbooks. Glycobiology IS being taught in medical schools now, but doctors who graduated before 2002 more than likely don't have a clue what this is all about...UNLESS one of their patients tells them about this. Many doctors are being introduced to this by patients who have tried it along with their medicines and are seeing PROFOUND results. Many patients are then told by their doctors that they no longer need insulin, cholesterol medications, chemo, etc., etc., etc. The list goes on and on!
After reading and researching all of this...I was certainly willing to give them a try - I mean...
WHAT did I have to lose?  
I called my friend and said, "Audrey, if this stuff does what it says it does... I WANT SOME NOW!  She had her brother-in-law bring a bottle of the Ambrotose and AO (antioxidants) to my house that very night. I started taking the stuff sitting right there at my dining room table.

At that point I continued with my antibiotics, but discontinued all of the other stuff mentioned above and replaced them with the following from Mannatech:

I took a triple dose of Ambrotose - 3 X day
Also added:
AO (Antioxidant) 1 capsule 2 x day
Catalyst (Multi-Vitamin/Mineral) 2 tabs 2 X day
Mannacleanse (with Probiotics) - 2 tabs 2 X day
Plus (Endocrine system/hormonal support) 1 tab 2 x day

By the end of the 3rd day on the above I felt as if I had emerged from a dark cocoon. It was PROFOUND. Even my husband noticed a difference in my appearance and my behavior. I felt almost normal again and he said I was even "acting normal", like my "old self".
I was SO encouraged.

Since starting on glyconutrients about six weeks ago, I have felt a such a major difference!
The dizziness lifted, the brain fog - gone, the itching - gone, my sores - healed, the fatigue - GONE!
My energy level has increased daily. After about four weeks I ran out of product and I felt myself slipping back into the same awful feelings again - the fatigue - the joint pain - the vertigo, etc. I quickly reordered and once I got back on the stuff, I immediately began to feel better again and have continued to feel stronger and stronger each day.
As I was walking across the parking lot this past Thursday morning at work, I suddenly realized that I had NO MORE JOINT PAIN. I felt agile and light. I felt as if I could go play a game of tennis, or run on the beach, walk my big, strong dog! THAT was significant.  All of my sores have cleared up and I have no new ones as well.  People at work are noticing the difference and commenting on  it. They say I have the “sparkle back in my eyes!”
My youngest daughter said the other night, “Wow, Mom - you look ten years younger than you did a month ago.”  I told her, “Heidi, I FEEL ten years younger than I did a month ago…
a month ago I felt like I wanted to die!”
 I thank God for the friend who shared this technology with me  I am SO GLAD I listened and was willing to give the glyconutrients a try.  
Now I want to share it with every person I come in contact with in the hope these products will make the same difference in their lives. It is my sincere prayer people will recognize the importance of just giving this a try.

There are many testimonies across the country of other people who have had similar experience with the success of the glyconutrients and many with much more profound results. There are compelling death-bed situations that have been reversed and people who had NO HOPE before, that are regaining their health and their lives. THAT is very inspiring and promising.
If you or a loved one is dealing with a health issue(s), I beg of you to take a look at glyconutrients. If you want to know where to get the products, email me and I will be happy to share that with you. (
This is a good site to learn more too: newbielink: [nonactive]

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
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I had to add the results following my visit to the Lyme Specialist today:

I felt AS HIGH AS A KITE following my visit to the Jemsek Lyme Clinic today!!!!!!

This was to check my symptoms following all of the antibiotics I was prescribed. As most of you know, I took all of the antibiotics, but added the glyconutrients approximately 6 weeks ago.

Upon arrriving, the nurse took my blood pressure. When I was sick - at the highest my blood pressure was 160/98. Dr. Albright prescribed Norvasc. Even with that, the lowest it came down to was around 142/90.

When I started the glyconutrients I stopped the Norvasc. I wanted to see what kind of difference it would make because I had read that other people with high blood pressure had lowered it with the glycos!

My blood pressure today was 118/80! WOW! When Dr. Roeske came in and looked at that she commented on how much my blood pressure had improved. She asked if I was still taking the Norvasc and I told her no. I told her of my introduction and application of the glyconutrients. I asked if she was familiar with them and she said, "Not really."
I gave her a brochure regarding what Mannatech does for the children with HIV/Aids in the orphanages over in Africa. (MannaRelief) and the Manna Relief Hope program for sick children here in this country. She asked if she could keep them. I also gave her a CD - one by three top doctors regarding their use of glyconutrients on their patients.

Then she asked me how my sores were doing. I said - "Healed." She asked to see them, so I showed her. Her response was "OH MY GOD! That is SIGNIFICANT!" She said, "With other patients we are seeing with the same symptoms and same type of lesions - they are not responding like this - this is incredible! Then she asked about my "brain fog". I said, "Gone!" Then I told her about the joint pain being gone too, as well as my experience with no more hot and cold sensitivity from my teeth. (An added bonus I was not expecting from the use of the glycos!)

Dr. Roeske then said she did not want to put me on any more antibiotics - that she wanted to take blood work today - for me to keep doing whatever it was that I was doing with the glycos and she wants to recheck me again in 2 months to see where we are at that point and do labs again.

She also said she could see a marked physical difference in how I looked today. She said I seemed to have an energy and vibrance that just wasn't there two months ago. I said, "I know - and that is how I feel inside!" (PRAISE GOD!)

I was ecstatic when I left her office. I absolutely believe it is the glycos that are working on a cellular level to heal my immune system. Yes, I believe I needed the antibiotics - and who knows - I might need them again down the road, but we will just have to wait and see.

ON THE DOWNSIDE - When I got home today I had a letter regarding the appeal of my disability claim for the time I missed from work (10 weeks). It was DENIED again. What they stated in their letter of denial has statements that are NOT TRUE and although they said "CASE CLOSED" I still intend to write a letter refuting THEIR claims. The SYSTEM makes me SO MAD. I know this is NOT going to sound very nice (and I apologize upfront for this...)but I wish each person who sat in judgement of my claim would contract what I had for just ONE WEEK and then make a decision on whether or not I was capable of performing my job during that time. To say I am upset about that is an understatement. It is very unfair. Only God and my family and a few close friends know what I went through for those months I was so sick...and I guess that is all that matters, but I think about all the other people out there who are going through what I have been through and the ones that are yet to become sick - so to be denied coverage during a time when you really need it - is an outrage - very unfair!
The letter said I could file a civil claim based on the ERISA act and I may just consider doing that! If every one who has a similar experience just sits back in complacency and lets it "roll on by" then nothing will ever change. I may just keep fighting! (Now that I am feeling so much stronger and better!)

Well, I would like to offer the invitation again regarding looking into the glyconutrients. You only have renewed and better health to gain - nothing to lose. If interested in more info, just email me back. (


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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
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Hi Moore, Thanks for sharing your story. This is wonderful news.
Isn't it incredible what the body can do when we give it these food nutrients? I have experienced great health since I have been consuming these nutrients and I have seen some unbelievable recoveries. It is the body that heals and as we understand what stem cells do, it make so much sense they cause areas of our bodies to regenerate.  KC

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Re: Usefulness of Glyconutrients
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