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Author Topic: Why Is A Mushroom Cloud Mushroom Shaped ?  (Read 12152 times)


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Why Is A Mushroom Cloud Mushroom Shaped ?
« Reply #25 on: 06/03/2008 23:22:02 »
Any mention of convection involves an implication of gravity. Are we also required to include basic kinetic theory in order to justify the idea of expansion of a gas when the temperature is raised? We have to be allowed to talk in shorthand at times. Later, it may be necessary to  go in more deeply.

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Why Is A Mushroom Cloud Mushroom Shaped ?
« Reply #26 on: 09/03/2008 08:35:50 »
Talking in shorthand leads to dangerous assumptions, poor science and erroneous literature!

To ignore gravity as the force that provides us with the shape of the mushroom cloud could lead many people into believing that gravity is a weak force, when in fact if gravity was a more weaker force than the powerful explosion of a nuclear weapon, we might expect to see far more spectacular results from a detonation. When what we do see is a blast that is far weaker than a volcanic eruption, which of course, any such eruption is a direct result of the immense power of gravity providing us with instability at times and thankfully some stability on the Earth’s surface!

We cannot talk about the atmosphere providing us with the suppressing blanket over a nuclear explosion without first considering that it is gravity that provides us with every single event that occurs here on Earth, in space and on every single solar system out there! When we split the atom to cause the explosion we break the atoms away from the force of gravity, and as we can see this is fortunately but a temporary situation as the status quo is rapidly returned in the wake of the explosion. And as we can see by the shape of the cloud that forms we are presented with a spectacular example of how powerful gravity really is!

Without gravity the people that create the bomb would not even exist to begin with! Without gravity there would not be a nuclear force because there would be no atoms to split! There would be no minerals, chemicals, metals, machines, or even thoughts on how to build a nuclear weapon. Without gravity there is not even nothing!

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Why Is A Mushroom Cloud Mushroom Shaped ?
« Reply #27 on: 18/05/2011 17:47:10 »
sez mushroom but not nuclear?

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Why Is A Mushroom Cloud Mushroom Shaped ?
« Reply #27 on: 18/05/2011 17:47:10 »


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