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Author Topic: The Universal Vortical Singularity - A Theory of Everything  (Read 2365 times)

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The Universal Vortical Singularity (UVS) is a theory of everything, in a single model it has comprehensively explained many mysterious phenomena in the universe, and has also made numerous revolutionary discoveries.

The hypothetical model from cosmic proportion to atomic level scenario is on formations of universe in progressive paradigm of suspended spheroids and progressive paradigm of singular vortices that are interweaved homogeneously.

Through this single model it has comprehensively explained numerous mysterious phenomena in the universe in a unified manner, such as galaxy clusters, black holes, galaxies, satellite galaxies, dust disk of star, planetary nebulae, sunspots, corona loops, gas and dust tails of comet, planetary rings, spokes, spiral arms, planetary cloud bands, planetary storms, polar vortices, aurora, ozone hole, jet stream, bow echo, tropical cyclones, tornadoes, other cloud storms, dust storms, dust devils, clear air vortices, oceanic whirlpools, deep-ocean whirlpool cluster and vortices of molten matter. The list goes on....., see also the qualitative predictions of UVS.

This incubated concept is at infancy stage, humbly submitted for your appraisal and opened to all views, constructive suggestions and opinions.

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