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Author Topic: Don't Jews, Muslims, Christians.. All believe in the same God?  (Read 7689 times)

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Don't Jews, Muslims, Christians.. All believe in the same God?
« Reply #25 on: 07/04/2008 07:40:47 »
Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, Catholic, protestant and Orthodox, with roots of teachings linked to the twelve apostles.

Latter Day Saints and JWs are different.

Seventh Day Adventists faith is not linked back, but they discerned to believe in the Trinity.

Jews believe in the same God as Christians, but rejected Jesus totally, ie the ones among them who did not accord Jesus are called Jews, the others are Hebrew Christians. Jesus taught that if you reject Him, also you reject the Father, and do not receive the gift of the Spirit.

Jesus taught the Jews along with His apostles that Jesus is the Way to the Father.

Muslims say Jesus was just a prophet. They take a version of Jesus God and add ideas to Him and say He is their god.

Similar history, similar prophets, very different interpretation of their words, different natured god.

As a result of Mohamed saying the Jewish and Christian Bibles are corrupted, and by saying Jesus isn't God, they blaspheme Christian faith, and say we are blaspheming their god, by saying it is not the same one... Noting they started in the seventh century AD.

Allah, is a distant god, far from people, unlike YAHWEH  who is always near Israel and people. The Ark, The Angel of the Lord, the Spirit of prophecy...

Jesus is Immanuel, God with us, and Jesus means YHWH is salvation.

All of the Bible like 63 of 66 books is about God present with man. Not so in the Qu'ran.

Jesus with the Father and Spirit initiates activity between God and man, repentance, knowledge, He first loves and calls us, whereas Allah requires the person to hear of him and love him first. Then he will love you.

Jesus, the Trinity's nature is unconditional love, light, He is just and merciful. John's epistles say, God is love. His greatest commands are to love. So a different nature! And  a different history, different name, different god.

The Jews reject the Way to God.

Christianity an established old faith, is a blasphemy to Islam. They blaspheme us, there is an uneasy rest.

Blessing to Israel, Islam and Christendom, and the cults.
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Don't Jews, Muslims, Christians.. All believe in the same God?
« Reply #25 on: 07/04/2008 07:40:47 »


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