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true twins
« on: 08/10/2004 14:32:54 »
hello ,question about true twins and their degree of similarities,do they have the same prints or no?,their behaviour is it the same if they were living in the same house and the same treatment and the same school?

hello all


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Re: true twins
« Reply #1 on: 11/10/2004 22:20:45 »
Fingerprints are based on foetal development, not soley on genetics.  Therefore, twins do not have the same fingerprints (though it may be possible that this happens at some point, just like someone found 2 identical snow flakes).

The behavior of twins wouldn't be exactly the same, since they wouldn't have exactly the same experiences.  Even if they did everything together, they can't occupy the same exact space at the same time, so different things will happen to them, and their behavior will differ.  However, many twins do exhibit similar behaviors, even those who are separated at birth.  But you can always find differences if you look hard enough.

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Re: true twins
« Reply #2 on: 25/01/2005 14:20:33 »
finger prints will not be the same but behaviour could be same but mainly the behaviour is adopted by children how their parents treat with them if both will get same attention then both of their behaviour will be same but in other cases one is very positive whereas other have negative thinking.

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Re: true twins
« Reply #2 on: 25/01/2005 14:20:33 »


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