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Author Topic: What type of blood/genetic test can show the absence of alopecia in one's DNA?  (Read 46 times)


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And how can one go about doing the test themself? Instructions please.
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There are lots of causes of alopecia, not all of which are genetic.

The simplest genetic tests to conduct at home are:
(1) Are you a male? "Male pattern baldness" is far more common amongst males.
(2) Ask your mother: Were her brothers or father bald?

You can get a commercial genetic test, but analysis of SNPs is not a direct measure of the genes you have; and even then, it can at best indicate a probability of developing male-pattern baldness, since there are many factors involved.

The symptoms of male-pattern baldness start soon after puberty, where the hormonal changes put the hair follicles into overdrive, causing them to burn out early - but it only affects hair follicles on the front and top of the head.

There are apparently some treatments these days that have actually been demonstrated to change the progress of baldness - but there are far more treatments that make no difference. Indeed, this field has such a bad reputation that I understand that advertising of baldness cures in some countries was banned as a scam.

A visit to a hair loss clinic may be able to tell you if the process has started - or maybe they will just ask you spend a lot of money for no benefit...


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