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Author Topic: Can anyone share why Relativistic Energy and particle physics clash?  (Read 1831 times)

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Why does Einstein share that mass is simply energy and yet to observe the math of particle physics, they represent all mass is simply energy but the 2 forms of math clash...

hence:   the standard model

the relativity model

who can offer a quality representation that maintains the truth; that point particles do no exist?

a hint

In particular, up until the shock wave comes into view, everything looks the same as in the Friedmann model. In this talk I will discuss the mathematical derivation of this solution, and point out a number of surprises that one could not have anticipated ahead of time -- including the unexpected emergence of the correct equation of state at the Big Bang, the breaking of the time symmetry by the entropy condition, and interesting mathematical consequences of the reversal of space and time inside the Black Hole


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Can anyone share why Relativistic Energy and particle physics clash?

They don't.  The standard model of particle physics, which combines special relativity and quantum mechanics, is one of the most accurate models we have for modeling the universe--experiments match predictions incredibly well.

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