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Author Topic: Would sending a number sequence into space be better evidence of intelligence?  (Read 7765 times)


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But, unfortunately, you don't just question. You make assertions with little stated justification and then you get incredibly upset when someone disagrees with you. I cannot understand why you interpret this as 'anger'. I think you would rather take offense than think about the implications of any opposing views; it offloads the responsibility onto the other person. That's emotional laziness, I'm afraid.
If you want to prove the Establishment wrong you have to Prove it by demonstration. Can you? Have you? (No anger here, just curiosity)

My reason for tending to believe the standard view is that, as an Engineer, I have so often seen it to work so well in practical Technology. The equipment you are using to read this is a fair justification for my confidence. Solid state Physics, em propagation, laser optics, information theory, power a/c theory and many others go toward bringing you this information. And, I think you must grant, they do a fairly good job. So where do you begin to part company with what I believe?

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