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« on: 22/01/2005 11:58:24 »
sad how you use that one to get attention. but really that is what i wanted to ask about. a friend of mine who is quite concerned about this has asked me to pop on and ask all you brains if you had any answers. she has had one child, after the pregnancy she breast fed for about 16 months, so far normal. after the baby was weened her breasts went back to normal size but she was always able to squeeze a little milk out. she continued to be able to do this for about 7 years until she go pregnant again. she had a miscarriage at 12 weeks that had to be medically aborted but the lactation then stopped. about a year later, out of the blue it started again. she showed me and though it is not much there is definitly little drops of milky liquid.

she is concerned because she also has very long gaps between her periods (av 35-7 days between) and very unusually light bleeding. i had heard that the long time between periods was due to high level of a hormone (cant remember the name of it) and that this can reduce the chances of getting pregnant. just recently she has been trying to get pregnant and is not having much luck, but this lactating thing has also started.

anyone have any ideas that i can pass on to her?



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« Reply #1 on: 24/01/2005 19:50:58 »
well what i can understand from this is that she is having hormonal problem which is the main cause of lactation and the long gaps b/w the periods the hormones including Follicular Stimulating hormone,Oestrogen and Progesteron imbalance a far complicated but is curable tell her not to get worried.

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